Accel World

Type: Series (24 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: Track 1: UTW
Track 2: Retail
1080p: 01-03
720p: 01-03

Release by bane. Next volumes will be delayed while scripts are re-QC’d by the fansub group in order to bring highest quality releases to the table.
bane went MIA. Dropped for now.

43 Responses to Accel World

  1. bane writes:

    I hope that everyone enjoys this show as much as I did! If you find a mistake let me know via IRC and I’ll make note of it for the final batch.

  2. Seraph writes:

    Thank you so much for doing this show! I’ve been waiting a long time!

    All the other groups that I know of have stalled on this show =(

  3. Johnny5 writes:

    Simply put, I love you Coalgirls! (and bane for this!) Keep up the good work, and thank you for the great pastimes!

  4. xeon_1 writes:

    Thx for doing this.

    Now lets hope they make a season 2

  5. darkflash writes:

    THANKS! 🙂 everyone else seems to have stalled this series.

  6. Petrushka writes:

    Don’t worry! I enjoyed this show so much!

  7. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    Just curious, why didn’t you use Commie’s subs for the second track? IIRC they used the retail subs as their base, so they’d probably be better quality, wouldn’t they?

  8. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    Sorry for the double post, but I have a couple suggestions. Firstly, I’d still suggest Commie or WhatStory instead of retail subs, but that’s your choice in the end. Secondly, if you insist on keeping the R1 subs, try styling them so that they match the styling on the UTW track. Not just the dialog, though. Copy over the OP and ED styling (and romaji) too. And maybe copy over their typesetting as well. That’s all for now. Thanks for doing this with more than just UTW’s script, it’s nice to see a release that gives us options.

  9. elmaton04 writes:

    I’ve been waiting for this, thanks!

  10. jameshriz writes:

    Great show, definitely getting this.

  11. Mrameez writes:

    YEs!!, you guys are doing Accel World thanks going to enjoy your releases.

  12. K' writes:

    Yes you guys are not just doing SAO but also Accel World Damn I love you Coalgirls this could easily be my perfect Xmas Presento!!!!!

    PD: Thx a lot!!!!! ^_^

  13. Hoax writes:

    Lol at OP and ED subs. Even the details.

  14. Zettabyte writes:

    Do you have an ETA of when we will get more?

  15. Luizk writes:

    Arigato minna

  16. pepperoni writes:

    @HeavenlyArmed – Scroll all the way down the page, what does it say? Yea… 🙁

  17. Alter Zero writes:

    Great story, I can’t wait to have in my hands, my hard drives I mean!… ^_^

  18. Shichibukai writes:

    that was fast, thank you CG

  19. Zettabyte writes:


  20. deathstrike writes:

    please finish this

  21. Dhruv writes:

    Are you going to do the OVA as well? I’ll be downloading your release for this since i don’t want UTW.

  22. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    >Doesn’t want UTW
    >Is watching BD release with UTW’s subs
    Excuse me?

  23. Dhruv writes:

    I prefer Coalgirls over UTW because of encoding not because of the subs.

  24. D-JPois0n writes:

    Still no updates on next vol’s? 🙁

  25. Akgoh writes:

    uh…i thought that this season 1 has already finished?
    Thinking that season 2 is coming out in this year.
    Any mistakes?

  26. useless_fag writes:

    So, new episodes when…?

  27. Pedro writes:

    Tlacatlc6 completed this. Any plans to abort this project now?

  28. 1xx7 writes:

    Tlactlc6’s version is garbage no offense…either get FFF’s or wait for coalgirls.

  29. Drakmore writes:

    Don’t drop this just cause tlacatlc6 released it… tlacatlc6 ‘s version is terrible. Timing errors/no typesetting/Americanized translations etc.

  30. TheXeons writes:

    This torrent is almost died, it began to slow down from 300+ kbps at 65% .. Please kindly seed, i’m struggling to download it at 0.1kbps 🙁

  31. Soukyuu writes:

    720p torrent desperately needs seeds. There is only one there and it almost never does anything, it seems. I’m already at 5.x ratio and haven’t even completed ep1 u_u

  32. Kittens writes:

    ChrisK hasn’t made a post since Dec 27th, 2012. He’s probably dead or something.

  33. Mega writes:

    Nah, that fellow responded to my laziness the on the 16th. I consider it a huge pain to actually release quality stuff, so I’ll wait patiently for Coalgirls work on Accel World.

  34. RMarco writes:

    Ummm…Is this 8bit or 10bit?

  35. Ambush writes:

    MediaInfo reports 10-bit.

  36. kotelo writes:

    Looks like another dropped project by Coalshits.

    Nothing new to see here, I don’t even download, I just wanted to tell you how shit you girls are.

  37. Underpaidfoot writes:

    Hey now, other people may have more interesting lives than your own, don’t go kicking people down because they have other obligations than providing you a free source of quality anime.

  38. Play writes:

    I really don’t see why some people complain about something without ANY apparent reason. If you don’t like Coalgirls for what reason you may ever have – fine, don’t bother visiting their site. If you dislike the release schedule for some shows – cool, check out another group which is faster and go ahead download their release. However, please get some common sense and don’t trashtalk a subgroup on their own site with no reason. And if you have a legit reason which you might want to tell them, you can do so by commenting in a respectful manner. Like really…

  39. hurr writes:

    It’s propably stalled at UTWs end

  40. ferg writes:

    bane got my hopes up on this one

  41. BattousaiX26 writes:

    Is there any chance that this project will be revived?

  42. Namikaze writes:

    I was just gonna ask when will accel world be finished? Excited to get HD copies ^_^! T.Y.!

  43. Are_The_MaDNess writes:

    such a great series, too bad its dropped from my fav release group (you guys)