Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate


Episodes – 12+1
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – pomf

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

…and I’m out of projects. O.o

68 Responses to Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

  1. DarkChaplain writes:

    Hell yeah, thanks a lot!
    Severely underappreciated yet great anime~

  2. 사랑해요 writes:

    Awesome PIck UP. Thanks.

  3. agitatedpsyche writes:

    omg!ty. great suprise

  4. IZEROII writes:

    At least rori has it finished and their release was fine.

  5. Modhesh writes:

    And I still can’t believe he chose that *** than ***. Will wait for batch. 😀

    Edited for potential spoilers

  6. Solaristics writes:

    Why not use Rori + FFF [Pomf?]

  7. phunixid writes:

    Thanks for the pick
    another fansub only do the 720p
    so I’m gratefull that you took this and release 1080p

    I rooted for Osananajimi route
    it’s so sad in many anime that Osananajimi always get the friend zone

  8. wahaha writes:

    nice ~

  9. DerpltonBanks writes:

    Thank you. Time to fire up the seedbox. This show is worth every GB and watt of electricity spent.

  10. kazuhikoaikawa writes:

    well. at least its still better than doki fansub . Thanks for the 1080p

  11. Dhruv writes:

    10-Bit i hope?

  12. JokerGist writes:

    Yup, a good english sub for Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas does not exist…please sub it XD.

  13. Victo writes:

    Can’t wait for the batch guys, thx for the hard work :). I’ll be seeding everything here once it done.

  14. Anon writes:

    Ep 3 (720 and 1080) has the wrong audio track. It currently has the one from ep 2.

  15. someone writes:

    I had Halloween on the actual, not when the lard-ass governor decided.

    everyone who either supported or endorsed the Republican nominee, look really stupid today. He’s a loser!!

  16. coalgirl writes:

    Oh, oops. 3’s fixes are uploading.

  17. YuriAisling writes:

    After 2 years of non-stop blathering by politicians, I am sick to death of political comments and talk…

    But thats not what I came here for. Is this the uncensored version? Or do we have the Light Beams of Doom still?

  18. Paul Li writes:

    Has 3 finished uploading?

  19. Vladimir writes:

    So is the 1080p version any better than the TV-Rip?
    Moar Satsuki needed.

  20. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    For those of you wondering how this differs from the TV version:
    Short answer: GIGANTIC LIGHT BEAMS are gone and a few scenes were redrawn.

  21. Sandy Wich's Boy writes:

    Any ETA on ep4-5?

  22. Derpsteak writes:

    So… I guess this is all dead?

    Other groups on volume 4 already… this stalled? At least update so we can live with LOLDOKI versions for archiving while crying that there was no proper CGi version. 🙂

  23. John978 writes:

    So I’m guessing this is stalled? I’d love to see it done 🙂

  24. Uruk writes:

    Shame to see you giving up on m33w especially since there releasespeed has increased recently.
    Pompf subs are decent so I’ll guess I’ll just take your version anywayz.

  25. stgmefly writes:

    FFF said they would be doing episode 13 and if I’m not mistaken they took care of episode 12 as well

  26. Aru writes:

    Yeah, FFF has relased blu-rays for nearly all episodes.12+13 should be comming soon.

  27. narukami writes:

    please reseed it again

  28. stgmefly writes:
  29. duck writes:

    If your are out of projects you could do Cowboy Bebop Blu-rays nobody seems to do that. Thank you.

  30. pepperoni writes:

    You aren’t checking at all. OCZ has been doing them.

  31. CoalGirlsRulE writes:

    Would you consider doing Ergo Proxy BD? Some posters have sent out the BD Rips but no one is doing any fansubs on it. The last group to do it was Anime-Kraze, they have been defunct for a while now.

  32. Origine writes:

    What about Macross Plus in BR ? Released soon.

  33. Origine writes:

    Whoops, nope, it’s in June, not May.

  34. Dhruv writes:

    Good that you are finally out of projects. I still need to download 5 of your weekly specials so take a break… for a while though. 😉

  35. duck writes:

    I trust coalgirls more than any suber out there thats why I would like to see a Cowboy Bebop realise from them and @CoalGirlsRulE I agree it would be nice to see that show in good blu-ray quality.

  36. poto writes:

    Out of Projects?

    No problem!

    May i suggest “Natsu no Arashi” and its second season “Natsu no Arashi Akinai-chuu!” ?

    Please give it some love 🙂

  37. kokoro writes:

    maybe out of topic, but please do ergo proxy bds 🙁

  38. Shobobo writes:

    New Project suggestion:

    To LOVE-Ru BD 1080 (1st season if nothing else)

    Thanks for this series btw 😀

  39. AT writes:

    As I commented earlier, Shinsekai Yori is one that desperately needs to be done since there’s only one episode of BD released so far when the BD is up to Vol.6.

    Macross Plus will probably be done by a fansub group when it’s released (OZC most likely) but nobody seems to be doing the best anime series of the past few years—Shinsekai Yori. Just sayin’.

  40. Azuri writes:

    Girls Und Panzer preassee..

  41. Gertaku writes:

    or how about: Berserk movies

  42. Tatsujin writes:

    Doesn’t matter which project you do. Just -dew ett!- and I shall collect your big clogged large files!

  43. Nice Guy writes:

    Just a suggestion. Can you guys put the size of the file next to the torrent link so for those of us that like to choose between 720p and 1080p download the size that best suits us?

  44. ferg writes:

    Maria†Holic S2 needs some BDs

  45. Bloodios writes:

    How about Hellsing Ultimate? Or maybe Psycho-Pass?
    Or perhaps a good movie like Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki?

  46. Jay writes:

    Can you please do Time Travel Todekeman?

  47. Dhruv writes:

    @Bloodios: Final8 did hellsing ultimate.

    @ferg: Kuroi is doing it although it’s very very very slow.