Tari Tari

Type: Series (13 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 24bit – Japanese
Subs: AnimeTL-Broken
Torrent: 1080p – 720p


59 Responses to Tari Tari

  1. DerpMcFinnigan writes:

    Yay! Thanks 🙂

  2. Adrio writes:

    Sawa in Full HD. Nice!

  3. whiner writes:

    Why AnimeTL-Broken and not Underwater?

  4. donachraf writes:

    Good Choice… Thank You Tenshi

  5. slave writes:

    should’ve waited for the tv batch first… there will be a lot of stuff changed.

  6. Fyurie writes:

    Oh, cool. 😮

  7. AzoLto writes:

    lol @ animeTL-Broken

  8. Julio writes:

    Why AnimeTL-Broken? Well at least it’s better than Doki and Commie.

  9. Anonymous writes:

    Happy you choose AnimeTL-Broken! It’s simply the best subs out there for TariTari.
    I don’t even care if you would bloat this!

  10. gew writes:

    you should say more

  11. stfu writes:

    Plz use CRF12 again, I need the extra quality.

  12. zeb writes:

    >Praising choice of AnimeTL
    >Complaining about no Underwater
    Guys you do realise that they are all CR edits.
    I think Doki is the only original TL and nobody wants that.

  13. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Underwater was considered however due to their recent unreliability I have chosen not to go with them for this show.

  14. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    You’re aware that AnimeTL-Broken are going to do the BDs themselves, right?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      I will reevaluate the project when they release then. I hate to wait on things, so until there is a solid release I am proceeding.

  15. Fyurie writes:

    The sheep from Whiners are here in force, I see. ( ¬‿¬)

  16. Takoyaki-Dice writes:

    Yes! Tari Tari! Ask and ye shall receive…

  17. Petrushka writes:

    Underwater is starting to become a slowfuck

  18. MarukoM writes:

    I miss working for Kristen-poo… ;_; <3

    Hi Chris

  19. Sweet writes:

    Freaking sweet!

    I hope that you won’t decide to drop it. Because just like you said “Need I say more…..” is exactly my thoughts as well.

  20. Yes, you do writes:

    >Need I say more…..
    Yes, you do.
    Why the group choice?
    Why CRF13?

  21. No, he doesn't writes:

    @Yes, you do
    coz its Tenshi

  22. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Guess I will respond.
    I chose the group based on their nice KFX and Typesetting. Translations for all the groups doing this show are fairly similar.
    As for 13, you must be new here. I like overkill bit-rate.

  23. HeavenlyArmed writes:

    @sweet If he drops it, it’ll be because AnimeTL-Broken is putting even more effort into their BD release, and as a result he will no longer see the release as necessary. So you’ll have a good BD release of the show avaiable to you regardless.

  24. Solaristics writes:

    Hi, I was just wondering If I used ffdshow Auido/video filters and DirectVobSub instead of the MadVR/LAV in the FAQ’s guide, will I notice any quality drop in sound/video?

    Thank you for answering if you can ^^

  25. Verix writes:

    Solaristics, Lav Audio and video is actually faster and ffdshow, you can install LAV and set them to “prefer” in MPC-HC. You can skip MadVR if your pc isn’t good enough and use something like EVR Sync Bicubic A=-0.60 (PS 2.0) or whatever renderer you prefer

  26. Solaristics writes:

    Ah, I see thank you^^

  27. Bloodios writes:

    It’s always a lovely sight to see files encoded at CRF13 not going over 1GB.

  28. mtm writes:

    Just noticed that AnimeTL-Broken translates all the “engrish” parts directly except for episode 7’s “fall in love.” they say, “fallen in love.” they use “lost… love” and “i don’t… money” but they change “fall in love” to “fallen in love.” just wanted to put that out there.

  29. HF writes:

    Gimme a yell if you need vol 6 BDMV

  30. Proxy_one writes:

    So are ep 1&2 new or still with underwater subs?

  31. Derpsteak writes:

    Thanks Tenshi. Now if someone could take a pulse on coalgirl to check for signs of life.

    Great show by PA Works though.

  32. darkflash writes:


  33. Darkoulis writes:

    wow 2 episodes to go! Time to start downloading!

  34. minhgurluver writes:

    Just finish ep 2 and fell in love with the song.
    Translation seems correct. But there are too many errors in the romaji.
    2nd-4th lines: “doko made mo tooku sumiwataru yo
    ima karoyakani hikari wa mawaru
    subete wo yawarakaku terasu darou”
    8th line: “mirai wa soba ni aru yo”
    Chorus: “itsu no hi mo utaou”
    “soshite mata dokoka de
    kimi ni todoitara
    omoidashite hoshii
    kagayaku egao de sugoshita hibi wo
    kirameku hitomi de sogoshita hibi wo”

    Could you please fix this later in the batch? Thanks a lot for a lovely show.

  35. pepperoni writes:

    Hooray! For Tenshi!
    Thanks! Sawa in HD! (*¬*)

  36. QUICKSORT writes:

    It’s good to see another great update.
    Keep it up coalgirls.

    I know it’s hard giving your precious time and upload bandwidth to this work. But seriously we couldn’t do without you.

    Best BD release. If coalgirls version is available, that’s my first choice without considering

  37. Boo writes:

    A baker’s dozen.

  38. ToastedTriangles writes:

    Coalgirls should be renamed Tenshi… he’s the only one left doing BD releases.

    Thanks for finishing this. 🙂

  39. writes:

    Thank you so much!

  40. Slyer writes:


  41. Arno Nymus writes:

    In the description it says 12 episodes, but there are 13…

  42. ichigo_daisuki writes:

    Thank You!

  43. Rain writes:

    You guys don’t do XDCC either do you?

  44. miria233 writes:

    Thanks for this release coalgirls ^^

  45. Anoki writes:

    I know this isn’t the place to be asking/saying this but I was wondering if there would be a possibility of picking Eureka Seven Ao back up. [ReinForce] has released a batch with all 24 episodes + OVA & Specials over on Nyaa.
    Would be pretty cool if you could consider picking it back up now that Raws for 12-24 are at least available.

  46. Kago writes:

    Thank you very much for keeping up with this project until the end Tenshi!

  47. mtm writes:

    the chapters in episode 9 are a bit messed up. more specifically the intro/OP times.
    it doesn’t affect watchability one bit, but just thought i’d put it out there.

  48. rinasae2 writes:

    Thank you for this cute anime series. 🙂

  49. crismas writes:

    Thanks for this Tenshi =)

  50. bliz writes:

    can anyone help to seed this torrent again ?
    only 2 seeders and getting no download speed