Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 12 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: Underwater
Torrent: 1080p720p

It’s PA Works …

This project is now done 😀 BD-Muxes are live.

Since there were questions regarding the OVA, I will not be doing it unless it comes to Blu-Ray. I have no interest in DVD rips.

Tenshi BD Mux

121 Responses to Another

  1. Petrushka writes:

    Yes for another episodes!

  2. Prime writes:

    “♦Tenshi♦ says:
    Blu-Rays are released once every month. Hence theres only going to be 1 update per month.”

    does this mean that this is it for the month of july?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      I suppose I was a bit unclear. 1 update per month is on a per show basis. So yes for “Another” this is the July update.

  3. rowri writes:

    is there a difference between the bluray version and the TV version? (like uncut scenes..etc) or they are the same? thank you

  4. Dr. Pepper writes:

    This is such a good show.

  5. 岡部 writes:


  6. Kuroi writes:

    Thanks for doing such an amazing show.

  7. HaiiYuki writes:

    Thank you so much for subbing this anime ^_^
    Can’t wait for the final 2 episodes to be released.

  8. aria writes:

    The font for the main episode is not correct (or not included). Underwater had “Raleigh LT St”, but what shows up on my player is Arial or something. OP and ED are correct though, it’s just the main episode font that has issues. I have this problem with episode 1 (720 p). Not sure about the other epsiodes, as I haven’t dl’ed them yet.

  9. Korki writes:


  10. Bongo d' Prdas writes:

    well , good job i guess
    finished it looong ago and had to use tv version because i got too tired of waiting
    but will download 1080p

  11. Someone writes:

    Whats the difference between the actual release, and the BD mux?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      A BD-Mux is just that, the raw original video files from the BD disc unaltered muxed in with subs.

  12. elmaton04 writes:

    The OVA was never release on BD and only on DVD?

  13. AFK writes:

    What about episode 0?

  14. MarinerBert writes:

    Sweet! Thanks so much! This will tie me over until the official BD release in the US.

  15. wfn writes:


  16. joshs1331 writes:

    just wondering if you were gonna do the ova. thanks for these

  17. DevilRanger writes:

    Firstly thanks for your working but isn’t 21 GB too much? Could you please make it less?

  18. DevilRanger writes:

    720P is okay but 1080 P is really too much. Shouldn’t it be 15-16 GB at the most?

  19. Noko writes:

    Maybe you should encode it yourself if you don’t like the size. Otherwise you would do well to not complain about free things.

  20. 238497 writes:

    About the BD Mux, I tried downloading the 1st episode but I always get stuck at 43.9% of the progress…. the speed just drops to 0 after reaching 43.9%, I have retried 2 times already and the result is the same. Any idea as to why?

  21. Watching writes:

    Thanks for finishing this Tenshi!! Appreciate your hard work so much

  22. wfn writes:

    3 days ago there were 60 seeds and 260 leechers. Today there are 63 seeds and 150 leechers. What’s wrong with you, people 😐

  23. 238497 writes:

    Has anyone actually finished downloading the BD mux episodes? because I can’t seem to get past 43.9%.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      The full BD-mux was just released, please re-download the new torrent.

  24. wahaha writes:

    Th-thank you so much TT^TT

  25. newvelaric writes:

    Guys, can anyone explain to me the difference between the Coalgirls version and the Tenshi version? Other than the difference in size, I mean. Is there a difference in quality?

  26. Daybe writes:

    @ Newvelaric
    If I’m not mistaking, the [Tenshi] is the full BD uncompressed. Coalgirls compresses the video to obtain the same quality in smaller file size (audio in FLAC -> uncompressed).

    Am I right ?
    This is going straight to the seedbox btw.

    XxX Daybe

  27. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    The CGi version is 10-bit and encoded at CRF12.

    The BD-Remux is 8bit and is a direct rip from the BD. Both use lossless flac audio.

  28. newvelaric writes:

    Thanks guys!

  29. 238497 writes:

    Is it just me or the difference between coalgirls and BD mux isn’t noticable?

  30. Tra!n1305 writes:

    How about upscaling of the DVD rips?? You guys are pro in doing upscale.

  31. Schluft writes:

    Massive thanks for this, and all other releases, quality is spot on! appreciate the time you have spent!

  32. Soriano writes:

    I’m never going to stop seeding until the end of the world. Best anime upload ever!

  33. neocode writes:

    I downloaded the first episode from 1080p [Flep] and 1080p [CoalGirls].
    Flep’s file size is around 400mb, and coalgirls’ is 1.5gb, but honestly i didn’t see any difference regarding quality.
    Could someone do the same to verify that?

  34. Azza writes:

    Coalgirls is usually the bees-knees
    dont talk shit or you’re gonna get hit

  35. SirAsdfghjkl writes:

    Man I honestly did NOT like this show! It had a great start but it just kept dragging ooooonn!

  36. SirAsdfghjkl writes:

    I still seeded though. It’s the least i could do for great quality rips like these 😀

  37. mafu writes:

    Is this uncensored?

  38. aMON81 writes:

    Thanks alot for this!

    I’ve been meaning to see it in 1080p uncensored, if your other stuff is to go by then a 21gb 1080p will look fantastic!

    Loving the 4.6MB/s I’m getting too!

  39. Mike writes:

    I don’t know if it was what i’m using to encode it with, but this is the first time one of your videos have acted up for me but so far i’m on episode 5 and some times they screen turns green and pixelated and just bad, I’m still watching it nor am I complaining I was just curious if i’m using the wrong encoder or something :/

  40. DeadWood writes:

    crf 12 for 1080p is retarded, thats all i wanted to say

  41. DeadWood writes:

    my bad i was looking at the remux filesizes instead of the encode

  42. Cody writes:

    Do the live action movie please o_o

  43. armorking writes:

    It says on the post that you aren’t going to do the OVA unless it comes to Blu-Ray. I just found a torrent of it [Flep] that says it came from the BD. So are you going to do the OVA?? 😀

  44. Wario writes:

    I’ve made DDL mirrors for this release. Currently the files are on 1fichier, Uploaded and Share-Online. That might change in the future though. The crypter allowes me to update the links should they go down. No password, 1GB parts.


    @Tenshi: Please tell me should mirrors not be welcome.

  45. sds writes:

    What’s the song/tune in the opening medley from 00:52/53 – 00:59 (The section with Misaki Mei standing in a field against a blood-red sky, after the section with the eye)?

  46. Koby writes:

    ^ Here is the episode 00 m2ts thanks to fleppensteyn.

    It’s the same source Underwater recently used for their 1080p only release.

  47. Nignog writes:

    Are you cats going to do the OVA?

  48. MonkeyNuggets writes:

    Does it look like unicorn vomit for everyone? Or just me?
    (Is there a way to fix that? It gets really annoying when there is nothing but color on the screen :/ )

  49. Aoko writes:

    Tenshi, please seed
    Progress 0%