Rinne no Lagrange

Rinne no Lagrange

Type: Series (24 Episodes + OVA + 12 Specials)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 16 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: Underwater
DmonHiro (Specials, OVA, & Misc ED)
Commie (19-24)
Torrent: 1080p720p

Ok so I have managed to finish my Nichijou ;). Lots of edits on scripts, no patches due to the nightmare of different versions I have released. 19-24 are commie script with minor consistency changes.

236 Responses to Rinne no Lagrange

  1. Kalegrim writes:

    When to expect the rest of the series?

  2. Anon writes:


  3. Lee-san writes:

    For real? Oh man Love your work but isn’t that a bit too long?

  4. Velociraptor Otaku writes:

    I hope you guys can continue with this project 🙂

  5. XII writes:

    Any updates? Been waiting to watch the whole thing in one go in 1080p lol.

  6. Stonykun writes:

    Are the episodes at least ready for a release?

  7. Amido writes:

    The last BD has already released

    As for the fan disc

  8. Anon1138 writes:

    Please reseed the 1080p torrents if possible!

  9. kz writes:

    Please coalgirls. Finish it.

  10. ars writes:

    Please finish this series, Tenshi. The only other BD version available is the DmonHiro one and it’s unwatchable. Only you can save anime.

  11. mithos writes:

    we need it

  12. Dan writes:

    Just get it done whenever. Awesome series and the sooner the better, but it’s not like I can’t wait or have any right to complain when you have no actual obligation to do this. I’ll bookmark this page and check back every now and then. Thanks for this, stay awesome!

  13. Hobiron writes:

    Hi Tenshi. Just get off your lazy ass already… >.>

  14. Hobiron writes:

    No, seriously, any updates on this?

  15. Gav writes:

    I assume the problem is the lack of subtitles since Underwater only subtitled up to episode 18.

    Beyond episode 18 the only options are Commie or the R1 subs by Viz. I was going to do it myself and use the Viz subs, but I can’t find them available to download.

    That means the only option for subs is Commie, and it’s better to have nothing at all than to have a release with Commie subs.

  16. Akeno writes:

    Any hopes on this being finished with dual audio? I’ve remuxed the first season with English audio but it’d be nice to have it in FLAC instead of AAC.

  17. maha writes:

    where is another episode 19,20,21,22,23,24 ?

    would you please add this episodes too ? please finish it !


  18. Alter Zero writes:

    Great, great, really awesome, don’t drop it again OK, I love Madoka and Lan and even Muginami!… ♥_♥

  19. Mikuru//X writes:

    Well, it’s official. Underwater has officially announced that Rinne no Lagrange S2 is dropped. I guess a lot of us will be waiting for that faithful day when Coalgirls will finish it. Here’s hoping that day will come and take your time (it’s been long already but I guess good things comes to those who wait).

  20. . writes:


  21. FRNZLove writes:

    Underwater dropped the second season after two years, Tenshi. I might hate you, but I hate Daiz just as much for doing that.
    You’re gonna have to finish it with Commie.

  22. Phoenix07 writes:

    Please, where I can download subtitles even if they are in English?
    I’m from Brazil, and I love animes, but it is difficult to find subtitles for anime unknown here.
    I will be very grateful if you leave a link for me!
    Thank you!

  23. Phoenix07 writes:

    Nevermind, i was downloaded the wrong version in nyaa.se… (Ohys-Raws)
    Thanks for the good job, and keep this way!!!

  24. . writes:

    nice bloat

  25. Jayce-kun writes:

    Do these subs include honorifics?

  26. deanzel writes:

    So if you mean no patches, we should download everything all over again?

  27. deanzel writes:

    OK I just checked and 6-7, 12-13, and 16-18 are the same.

  28. ars_y writes:

    i can die in peace. thank you.

  29. sb writes:

    “finish my Nichijou ;).”
    thanks for bringing my hype back. Now I can suffer even more.

  30. Pikminiman writes:

    Now if only ChrisK could finish HIS Nichiou, i.e. Nichijou!

  31. Anon writes:

    lol tenshi

  32. MPythonFC writes:

    Ah! I’d mostly given up hope that this would be finished, but I should have had more faith. Thanks very much.

    I’d finished off the series using Commie, so I assume you’ve changed ‘Sweats’ to ‘Jersey’ as part of that consistency bit?

    Thanks again!

  33. Anony writes:

    Wan’ks for this, Tenshi!

    Now where did I put them files you had done before…

  34. po writes:

    Mother of God.
    This release is the eponymous of Bloatgirls XD.
    Ordering a new hdd.

  35. Zohan writes:

    Finally 😀

  36. Hobiron writes:

    Great job, Tenshi. ( ¬‿¬)

  37. Anony writes:

    Tenshi, keep doing this. It’s good for the mass storage media sector, maybe we’ll have affordable 10tb drives by 2016. Superior quality is just a bonus.

  38. Akitsu writes:

    small mistake: on the main page it says 108p instead of 1080p 🙂

  39. Zagafon writes:

    God, all those individuals complaining about files sizes need to look at the original BD Raw. This is small in comparison. Better yet, stop complaining or go elsewhere. You do not have to download Coalgirls. Thanks Tenshii for all of your hard work without pay. Ignore the naysayers.

  40. klv12gcn writes:

    Thank you, Tenshi!
    @Zagafon: Haters gonna hate. So just ignore them.
    If Coalgirls cared about those comments, they wouldn’t be around until now.

  41. Tiago writes:

    When will Coalgirls be able to release x265 (hevc) encodes?

  42. Anon writes:

    @Tiago maybe when the encoder is optimized and has matured a bit? x264 is so good since it has come a long way, time is the essence.

  43. Tiago writes:

    Ok, thanks for the info.
    I thought by now it was matured enough, but it seems it’s still too soon.

  44. Shigidesu writes:

    @Tiago and Anon
    HVEC is pretty mature right now and very far along in it production cycle and is being implemented some places. I’ve been taking a step into the anime encoding game by doing HVEC rips of Attack of Titan, with each file being less than a gig and full blu-ray quality. The main issue with it is the lack of hardware decoders puts a hurt on HTPC’s, it takes FOREVER to encode (I’ve got a 4th gen I5 and i get 2.5 frames per second encode), and the community is pretty slow to switch (IE I’m the only one I’ve seen releasing in HVEC). HVEC is amazing though, it reduces files to about 1/10th the source with near losslesss quality.

  45. Shigidesu writes:

    Well ChrisK all I can say is Dyslexia is a bitch and I didn’t even notice that mistake 🙁 but I think the encodes will speak for themselves. If you would like, I’ll happily provide you with the AoT rips to compare to Cyras’s own encodes.

  46. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Cant speak for the other members of the group, but I may give it a go for when the 4k anime comes to Blu-ray.

  47. Zweeflol writes:

    @♦Tenshi♦ YES, bring it on. My internet and HDD’s are ready.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Well, my monitors are not. The one display that meets my needs happens to be crazy expensive, and I need 3 of them. The Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K.

  48. Anon writes:

    Not sure if it’s just me, but there is some encoding issue on Ep 24, 06:05 to 06:07

  49. TLB writes:

    hi, on Anidb there is for SP1 CRC 0031EA7E like this one in this batch and also CRC 7C21B915. both labeld as V2 can someone correct this? Those this batch have all of the “latest” files? both v2’s are labeld with red background on Anidb for some reason. The 720p v3 is green.