Eureka Seven

Episodes – 50
Video – 960×720 @ ~2400 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – G_P

TV Series – Torrent


Video – 1920×1080, 1280×720  @CRF 13
Audio – Japanese 5.1 FLAC 16bit, English 5.1 FLAC 16bit
Subs – Nanashi

1080p Movie – Torrent
720p Movie – Torrent

Notice: Due to the recent BakaBT offer for the Eureka Seven Movie and the comments on audio discrepancy I re-examined the audio encode.   It seems the BDMV raw that I used has a missing audio channel in the Japanese track. I have have place an order for the Blu-Ray disk of the movie and will do a re-rip of the Japanese audio. Apologies for not catching it earlier. The torrents will be corrected and the corrected audio track will be available for direct download.

It seems like the North American version of the E7 movie is just pure fail, in terms of the Japanese audio track. Its actually missing said channel on the original disk. 🙁 Audio is actually only 16bit, sorry for that mistake.  Mediainfo reads the converted flac file as 24bit for some reason. Not much more I can do about it.

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  1. Codesterz writes:

    For the series are the subs fansubs or subs for the english dubs? I strongly dislike subs for english dubs. May just have to rewatch Nanashi release if that turns out to be the case.