Episodes – 13
Video – 1280×720 @ ~3200 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – Anbu-Menclave

This is without a doubt the 3rd best show we have ever done. I would only place Clannad and Kanon higher.


55 Responses to Canaan

  1. anon writes:

    Fixed episode 6?

  2. Mike writes:

    Awesome, thanks for the release.

  3. coalgirls writes:

    Episode 6 – Changed the title to read episode 6 instead of episode 5.

  4. anon writes:

    Awesome stuff, I look forward to rewatching this great series in 720p ^w^)b

  5. thk writes:

    Are episodes 11 – 13 available in direct download?

  6. John writes:

    So now that Canaan is finished the top priority is CCS, or Bakemonogatari?

  7. anon writes:

    Now that all of Canaan is done, can someone post DDL cuz I’m missing some eps especially 11-13!!!

  8. Bloodios writes:

    Let’s see…
    [QUOTE]coalgirls says:
    March 7, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    My priority list is:

    1. Canaan
    2. White Album
    3. Mai Hime
    4. CCS
    5. Bakemonogatari

    Kampfer and Nogizaka are not a priority until BDMVs appear again.[/QUOTE]
    1 & 3 is done so…
    1. White Album
    2. CCS
    3. Bakemonogatari

  9. thief_ac writes:

    Its finish! Great job guys, indeeda vregy good show 🙂

  10. aniluv writes:

    Wonderful… Watched the TV episodes and now u present us with BD. So much love. Megaupload is deeply appreciated.

  11. txtsd writes:

    This is without a doubt the 3rd best show we have ever done. I would only place Clannad and Kanon higher.

    WHY would you not place Mai HiME at the top? :O

  12. ChrisK writes:

    I’m currently downloading the CANAAN BDs on Share, but Vol. 3 seems to be completely missing, any ideas?

  13. Tiago writes:

    Wow, thanks a bunch coalgirls! I totally agree with Clannad and Kanon in 1st and 2nd place respectively, I’m going to start to watch Canaan and see if it deserves your 3rd place :P.

    Keep the great work :D.

  14. John writes:

    From the MaiHime post:
    “coalgirls says:
    March 10, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    Cardcaptor Sakura will be my main focus from here on out, except for Clannad BDs.”

  15. Tiago writes:

    Yey, I’m so happy that coalgirls are focused on Clannad BDs 😀

  16. anon writes:

    THX for the release, awesome work as usual.

    Clannad BD is gonna be awesome as well.

    BTW in the FAQ it says to disable FLAC in FFDshow – why is that so? I’m not having any problems at all. Or is that only for the people with shitty computers? :O

  17. Christopher Poole writes:

    You have bad taste.

  18. coalgirls writes:

    FLAC in FFDShow induces delay after ordered chapters in some releasses.

  19. John writes:

    Clannad BD in april 30!?
    I thought they were going to release it on summer!
    What a nice surprise =)

  20. Bloodios writes:

    Oh, in that case:
    1. CCS
    2. White Album
    3. Bakemonogatari

    -Since the last few episodes of White Album were already released, coalgirls’ll probably finish them along with some episodes of CCS.
    -As for Bakemonogatari:
    So, I think it’s going to take some time to finish that.

  21. coalgirls writes:

    No. White Album has priority over CCS.

  22. drago writes:

    Has anyone already gotten the files from torrent to put up DDL?!

  23. John writes:

    Oh ok, then I just can wait for coalgirls to finish White Album ^_^
    Sorry for giving so much pressure on CCS, but it’s one of my favorite animes of all time =)

  24. Samurai Pumpkin writes:

    Has anybody found the subtitles in episode 1 to be off? The intro appears to be fine. After that it’s off by around 5 seconds or so.

  25. ApaticMan08 writes:

    I’d like you to release CCS now that Cannad is done ’cause it’s my favorite childhood anime and i love your subs

  26. zer0future writes:

    Same thing happened to me with episode 1, episode 2 seemed fine but I went ahead and disabled flac in ffdshow and episode 1 audio plays fine after you do that.

  27. anon writes:

    Thank for doing my request, normally not everyone has patience for torrents that why I hope whoever those can make links for DDL would be nice, so again thanks for the upload!!! 😀

  28. EncoreZ writes:

    Glad to have found a group who did the Canaan BDs! Thank you so much!

    By the way, does your OP and ED have credits? I mean the OP and ED played within the show, not the separated OP and ED files from your releases.

  29. EncoreZ writes:

    T_T *sobs* I have tried downloading 1 episode of your Canaan release but the OP and ED don’t have credits that’s played within the show. T_T
    I would’ve love to have it with credits and I thought you wouldn’t follow the THORA trend. I know it’s just a personal preference though but I really would love that the OP and ED have credits, since that was how it was originally meant to be watched in the beginning. *sighs*

    I’m disappointed I admit but I’ll just continue downloading it for the sake of having an HD copy. ^^

  30. cking-sama writes:

    is there any way to fix the problem in episode 1 problem?

  31. is-it-just-me writes:

    Is the soundtrack supposed to be super overpowered compared to the vocals?

  32. Ajinator writes:

    so, this is the only release on which the subs aren’t appearing at all. i’m using CCCP/MPC-HC, haali renderer, disabled FLAC in FFDShow, but to no avail, though i used the direct download links available it hasn’t failed on the torrent that was given out.

    Any ideas?

  33. Ajinator writes:

    ironically, the subs work in VLC. i didn’t even have that installed, but thought i’d give it a try….

  34. meh writes:

    I’m also having the same problem where the soundtrack is overpowered in comparison to the vocals. It sounds alright if I use ffdshow to decode the audio but then it desyncs because of the ordered chapters. I’m in a lose lose situation.

  35. lilly_938 writes:

    Will you guys be doing the eng dub version?

  36. a_sniping_kitty writes:

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one or not, but so far both Ep. 1 and 2 only make it to about the 3-4 minute mark and then the file restarts, and plays from the beginning without subs… really hoping i didn’t waste a day or two on a 9Gb torrent thats corrupted :/

  37. go3001 writes:

    YES!!! FLAC!!!! Thank you VEEEERYYY MUCH!!!

  38. elja10 writes:

    please a dub version. nice vid.

  39. kamui writes:

    I am just wondering since you did clannad and kanon with a video size of 1080, would you do it with canaan?

  40. kaizora writes:

    Do you think it is worth the money to buy the Canaan Blu-ray discs or the DVDs? I read a review that said that the Canaan Blu-rays are just upscaled 1080i and someone said to just get the DVDs instead. What do you guys think?

  41. Animer writes:

    Can someone please seed this? (:
    I’m dying to try out this series coalgirls holds in such high regards!

  42. That Person writes:

    Where to start…
    I love the quality of the anime but to be honest the subtitles leave a lot to be desired; the size alone is far too large even with a higher resolution, a few mistranslations here and there nothing worth really mentioning on that front though.
    Not too difficult to demux the subs to fix and re-encode them in or have them load without re-encoding, just more effort than it’s worth to go about that way. And far more effort than I want to expend.
    Fixed with demuxing subs from The Chaos Legion who also did the bluray version.
    Audio was excellent, beyond excellent even.
    I’d give it 4/5 stars.

  43. wow4tr5 writes:

    can u give me the sub from TCL, pleasee. thank u

  44. Bashy writes:

    MPC crashes when tryin to play episode 9, all others worked flawlessly so far, some error message about codec or something shows up, but if others work fine it must be summet with the file itself?

  45. Bashy writes:

    redownloaded and seems to be working, however episode 9 does not seem to contain any opening sequence.
    i guess that was it…

  46. Crapini writes:

    umm i downloaded the series just now and episode 13 seems to show that it is 42 minutes and 9 seconds long (which is wrong). Both player and media info display that length…
    Is there something wrong from my end or is there a way to fix it?

  47. XSaskeX writes:

    For some reason this show worked fine about a month or so ago now after updates to mpc hc and the other programs on your playback set up page this show just causes my mpc to crash when I try to skip the intro or to any chapter and will crash if I pause and resume but it only does that on this show all of your other shows work perfectly. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated :D.

  48. XSaskeX writes:

    P.S. I would really rather not watch this in VLC 😉

  49. XSaskeX writes:

    The issue seems to be Haali for some reason. I disable the Haali Splitter in MPC and downloaded and ran LAV splitter instead and now everything works fine except that LAV does not yet support MKV Chapters although they say that it is one of the next things they are working on if you go to their page on doom9.

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