Code Geass R2

Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: gg
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

67 Responses to Code Geass R2

  1. dymitr writes:

    Can I ask why you used gg instead of Eclipse?

  2. IzumiTaka writes:

    Already got THORA’s
    but maybe I’ll DL this one as well, who knows..

  3. Tiago writes:

    OMG! Thank you so much Cyras!
    I was really wanted a good version of 1080p to archive and now I have a perfect one, and it even has gg’s subs.
    Thanks for both seasons, you’re awesome!

  4. zen writes:

    If your work on this is at good as your other projects than this will definitily replace my current versions?

  5. alfred writes:


  6. Rev writes:

    Thank you!! This season had one of the best endings ever!!

  7. jindo90 writes:

    eclipse is superior imo, especially in emotional scenes

  8. Waters writes:

    It’s a shame you didn’t add an additional subtrack 2 with Eclipse subs.
    That would have made this in to a perfect release.

  9. Myuzaki writes:


  10. Emad writes:

    1080p upscale or not ?

  11. Lelouchx14 writes:

    i’ll try to put better screenshots later

  12. 1Logic writes:

    which episode is that? i want to do a comparison with the Thora release.
    or will you also do a comparison with Thora.

  13. Lelouchx14 writes:

    thats the opening, not a great screenshot, im in the process of getting the Thora one up soon, give me about half an hour and i should have them, i’ll be using episode 8 screenshots since i just randomly downloaded that from from cyras DDL

  14. Lelouchx14 writes:

    those are Thora’s and Cyras screenshots

    i’ll do OZC next

  15. AlpacasLoveDancing writes:

    Is 1080p an upscale?

  16. Lelouchx14 writes:

    @ AlpacasLoveDancing : yes all anime are upscaled to 1080p into the Blurays, but are actually made in 720p. you really can’t tell the difference.

  17. Sayer writes:

    This release has less Banding than THOAR’s. OCZ for DA fans though.

  18. 1Logic writes:

    thanks for the screenshot comparison. to be honest, i can’t really tell which one looks better.

  19. Zalis writes:

    @Jindo90: Does your definition of Eclipse being “superior, especially in emotional scenes” include adding exaggerated, unnecessarily-subbed screams that turn dramatic deaths into comedic moments?

    Dialogue: 0,0:22:34.81,0:22:39.25,Default,Lelouch,0000,0000,0000,,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    (From the end of ep 13)

  20. Coyote writes:

    its not working well on my laptop 🙁 what do i need in order to play these?

  21. comparison writes:

    Comparison Code Geass Ep01: Coalgirls vs. gg-THORA
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Comparison Code Geass R2 Ep01: Coalgirls vs. THORA
    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  22. AlpacasLoveDancing writes:

    @LelouchX14: Thanks for the info.

    @ Comparison: Are those screenshots taken with madVR + MPC-HC?

  23. xxx writes:

    simple question: which is better?
    CG or THORA?

  24. Tiago writes:

    CG of course…

  25. Deyes writes:

    Thank you. I’m glad you made a BD rip of R2 with gg’s subs, I also appreciate consistency and THORA’s R2 lacked that (while purely aesthetics, the constant use of italics, with a font that doesn’t have italics, was an eye sore).
    Just 1 (probably rhetorical) question: gg’s R2 subs had some naming inconsistencies due to fixing them later (i.e., Lakshata – Rakshata, Tian Zi – Tianzi, Freya – FLEIA, which the anime showed as FLEIJA even) and they had this thing where Japanese characters used -san etc., but sometimes they forgot to use those so the whole honorifics thing was a mess, making it better (and easier for anyone using their subs) to just remove all honorifics all-together. They’re easy to fix myself, but since laziness prevails… Did you fix those?


    • Cyras writes:

      I fixed Freya+FLEIA -> FLEIJA. Also Xing Ke -> Xingke and some other stuff. But the other problems you stated I actually missed. I will probably fix these, so if there is anything else like this, tell me.

  26. Deyes writes:

    Good to hear, thanks for replying Cyras.

    Um, from the top of my head…
    The ones I mentioned and Earl Pudding in S1 revision, Pudding Earl in R2, ep 1 had Rollo instead of Rolo, one episode (unfortunately I don’t remember which.. around 20) had Bismark instead of Bismarck. Pretty much every episode had honorifics, and I don’t remember where they forgot to put them when spoken by a Japanese person, so I just removed them all and added Lord instead of a -sama maybe once or twice (not to Zero though, forgot who).

    Can’t offer much more help until I rewatch it, which won’t be for a while, sorry.

  27. sunfizz98 writes:

    10bit yeah?

  28. MahaiOne writes:


  29. Anon writes:

    Based on the comparisons provided, THORA’s release still looks better to me. The only advantage I see about this release, is the use of Fansubs rather than the official subs.

  30. miracles writes:

    The download speed for Code geass and R2 it’s too slow why?

  31. blackheart2k7 writes:

    the first episode seem very bad

    am i using the mediaplayer classic


  32. Whocares writes:

    Thanks a lot for this series,
    KMplayer with LAV Filters and MadVR, works fine for me.

  33. Saber writes:

    I’ve only downloaded the Picture Dramas so far since they’re the only one that I still needed, but something really seems wrong with these. There’s not of graphical errors in the video when stuff moves, as if the files are not 100% complete or something.

  34. Saber writes:

    *a lot of graphical errors. Man I suck today…

  35. Tiago writes:

    Read the above comment from Cyras.

  36. Saber writes:

    So, what exactly is different from this encoding compared to all the other Coalgirls stuff that requires me to to completely redo my configurations that have worked fine thus far?

  37. Tiago writes:

    The difference is that this release and all future releases will use 10 bit encode technology and until now every release used 8 bit.
    This new feature is able to make the quality of the video better with smaller size files and has other advantages as well.

    So if you want to watch anime using 10 bit you have to use the configuration Coalgirls advice to ;).

  38. reply-kun writes:

    no separate op/ed?

  39. blah writes:

    1080p E04 is missing from Fileserve

  40. X-Drama writes:

    I have a problem playing the episodes since i started using LAV Filters and MadVR my CPU goes to 100% usage, i was using something that looked like the example of (thanks blackheart2k7, a previous post) with MPC-HC, now i downloaded everything and, without all the configurations, it looks smooth and keeps leeching 100% CPU (feels like watching pictures, sometimes audio stops too), can anyone help me?
    The problem is worse on episode 15, at the part with all the cogs and masks, i have not tried other episodes since i was just bearing the “bad quality” of an older K-lite pack.
    I have googled some and i can’t nail it.
    I got an Nvidia 1G 9400GT XFX, Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 @ 2.13GHz, 2GB RAM running Windows 7.
    Thanks in Advance!

  41. X-Drama writes:

    I’m double-posting since i didn’t say i tried the guide configuration as well as the “default” and many more, even with a different player, VCL gave me a green screen+perfect audio and UMPlayer uses all my CPU too.

  42. LuisX writes:

    thx downloading

  43. Redeye writes:

    What’s the difference between R2 and the “normal” version available here? Which one to get? :p

    • Cyras writes:

      This is season 2, and the other release is season 1.
      So you should get both and watch the Code Geass first and then Code Geass R2 😉

  44. anotherAzn writes:

    Not the biggest deal, but I noticed while I was remuxing with Eclipse subs (diehard Eclipse fan) that the first episode doesn’t have the C.C. intro bit (“There was a guy named Lelouch. He became Zero. He died. Or so history says.”) Was that on purpose?

  45. CJAnti writes:

    720p DDL EP10 offline

  46. CJAnti writes:

    sry, wrong tap, was meant to be post in Kämpfer ^^”

  47. kishagi writes:

    hi i am having the exact same problem that X-Drama was having earlier. is there a way to fix this or what?

  48. castor212 writes:

    will you subs the ova?