Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Episodes – 13

Video 1280×720 @~2300 kbps, 1920×1080 @~4100 kbps
Audio 2.0 FLAC
Subs – gg (first track), Mochi (second track)

720p torrent: 01-02
1080p torrent: 01-02

Hidamari and Ladies vs Butlers are encoded; shifting subs awaits and they’re ready to release, tomorrow though. No news about Ookami Kakushi yet, hope someone releases it on either PD or Share (or torrent).

37 Responses to Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

  1. itsmeMARIO writes:

    Thanks for your hard work! I’m sure this will be popular but it didn’t really suit my tastes well enough to watch again. =P

  2. MikeP writes:

    Are you literally subbing every good show coming out on BD from last season?

    Also, thanks

  3. anon-chan writes:

    I’d rather say the shows that I liked, instead of everything from last season.

  4. LMN writes:

    Why not take Mochi for the subs?

  5. Some random faggot writes:

    >Subs – gg

    Can I ask why? I watched their subs for all 13 episodes and honestly they were decent but it’s obvious they could be improved drastically, especially the places where it’s obvious that they were just trolling. I’m not sure about other groups sub quality but I was just wondering the reasoning was behind this.

  6. anon-chan writes:

    Mochi has hardsubbed typesetting, and gg wasn’t that horrible, so I chose gg over Mochi because of consistency. It’d be kind of inconvenient to have to get subs from both groups and having to “merge” the scripts.

  7. woo writes:

    episode 1 720p isn’t working

  8. woo writes:

    nevermind guess im on crack

  9. MagusHrist writes:

    That’s a shame… guess I’ll stick with my Mochi TV rips. Can’t stand gg’s trolling.

  10. DmonHiro writes:

    Guess I’ll keep my TV version then. gg’s subs were VERY bad. They trolled in almost every episode. The word “fag” is never used in the whole show, but it’s used at least twice in each gg episode. CoalGirls, you disappoint.

  11. anon-chan writes:

    Hmm… Seeing as a lot of you seem quite disappointed about it, I guess I’ll mux in gg’s as first track since it contains full TS and OP/ED translation, and second track Mochi’s cause they have no OP/ED lyrics and full TS, if I were to sit down and copy each sign it’d take ages and a lot of time, which is not worth it, unless someone else wants to do it for me 😉 . Then I hope no one complains about it anymore. Feel free to choose which one to watch.

  12. Some random faggot writes:

    Thanks Anon-chan, it’s much appreciated.

  13. philip writes:

    if this is the format you choose to release it in, then I will probably just take gg’s karaoke and put it in mochi’s subtitle track and just mux it all back together.

  14. Gar writes:

    You girls are doing so much, I love it! And thanks for doing this show.

  15. anon writes:

    I personally though gg’s “trolling” made BakaTest twice as funny. Oh well, some people take subs way too seriously and get butthurt about the smallest things. Not to mention Mochi’s subs were considerably worse.

  16. philip writes:

    Sorry, I want to actually know what the characters are saying in the anime. If i wanted to laugh at something that didn’t make sense, I’d watch some abridged version of the anime and mux in gg’s subs.

  17. Gaarara writes:

    so it’s gonna be dual subbed? 😀
    Ah,Another Show In My List,now I can’t watch the T.V. versions XD since I’m gonna be waiting for the Coalgirls B.D.
    even if it takes hafl a year for all the Volumes to come out 😀

  18. Persephone writes:

    Hell Yea!


  19. aniluv writes:

    may i ask what is PD and Share?

  20. minhtri writes:

    Japanese Peer-2-Peer Network

  21. Oliver writes:

    Nice idea with the dual subtitle tracks. I had been disappointed with the selection some recent subtitle selections (Dance in the Vampire Bund particularly) but giving the viewer a choice is a great way to avoid future disappointments. Excellent job!

  22. anon writes:


    gg’s subs weren’t wrong or anything, the editor just had a little fun with the show. All the meaning was still intact, not that a show like that has a ton of plot or really complicated lines.

  23. storageer writes:

    just out of curiosity, why don’t you use all available english subs, just as Retrofit does? (ignore this question if I already asked this)

  24. anon-chan writes:

    It takes a lot of effort to shift them… Especially shows that have a lot of typesetting, each sign must be checked in the begin and end. If anyone wants to shift them for me, then email them to me at and don’t forget that the group has to have finished subbing the anime.

  25. Gyzome writes:


    That’s the point, they changed the meaning. “I’m not lesbian” and “I’m not a dyke” are – like to most people – completely different things to me, even though their barebone is the same. The second is something I’d only expect to be used against incredible assholes by some kind of whore, the first however has no such denotation.

  26. Gaarara writes:

    I gotta agree with the gg thing,since I kinda found Akane’s lines in Kampfer to be a bit exaggerated.
    though I’m still Thanksful for G.G.’s work.

  27. anon writes:

    Ep 1 1080 seems to be missing the very first 2 lines from gg (till yoshi breaks his pencil the first time).

  28. james writes:

    Can we get some comparison shots to see if it is worth it?

  29. minhtri writes:

    I need to switch to gg subtitle track to read some typeset
    and switch to mochi to read another typesets

  30. zaockle writes:

    anon says:
    April 29, 2010 at 9:50 pm <<<< true, the first few lines are missing. i compared to gg's releases, which they are there. so….v2?

  31. anon-chan writes:

    Hmm.. Don’t know why those lines went missing, but they certainly were there. It’ll be fixed on the batch.
    minhtri, I did say that I wouldn’t merge scripts, viewers can choose what they want, full ts with ‘troll’ subs, or ‘good’ subs with a few signs here and there.

  32. minhtri writes:

    too bad that Mochi hardsubed their typesetting
    but why dont u contact them to get original file sub?

  33. anon-chan writes:

    1) I’m not interested in getting it; it’s more work for me.
    2) I don’t think they’d give it out, even if they still had it.
    3) The hardsubs are done in AFX; so they are lossless clips (if they still have them), but then again I’d have to make mine lossless first too, while I go m2ts->mkv, which would mean hardsubbing them, which I refuse to do because the viewers wouldn’t have a choice between typesettings. Hence more work for me, as mentioned on the 1st reason.

  34. Icex2 writes:

    so anyone notice a difference in quality between the 720p and 1080p?

  35. Daiz writes:

    You people complaining about gg’s subs are silly. Quoting someone else:

    “The only people who get their panties in a bunch over shit like this are anime newfags, or hardcore weeaboos like “I took Japanese in highschool for some reason so I’m fluent/You’re dealing with an expert here.”

    Japanese is honestly a boring language with only one or two ways to say the same thing, and anyone whose been watching anime long enough has heard basically every line and seen every lit. translation for them, and is pretty sick of it by now.

    The main thing for me is, gg isn’t just blatantly making shit up because they didn’t understand the real Japanese. It’s obvious they know what was really said, and they’re just having fun with the presentation.”

    Besides this, Mochi’s subs have quite a lot of translation errors plus their editing is fucking horrendous.

  36. LMN writes:

    Is this still going on? No progress in a while on this project…

  37. Ma15 writes:

    Could someone please seed