Hanasaku Iroha

Type: Series (26 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (24 Bit) – Japanese
Subs: Hatsuyuki-Tsuki (Main Dialogue)
Underwater-Commie (OP/ED/Various Typesettings)
Torrent: 1080p – 720p

Final batch is here.

130 Responses to Hanasaku Iroha

  1. skyhack writes:

    Keep it up. Like the new banner, I really thought I’d hate Yuri Yuri, but it’s really pretty damn funny.

  2. Raux writes:

    Thanks for your work. Girls, do you intend to have Hellsing OVAs edited by you or that project is not on your list?

  3. corocoro writes:

    1080p DDL, now behind a short redirector to keep them from getting deleted. Reuploading 2GB files once a week is somehow not really much fun. :p

    EP04 WU: http://0rz.ca/r/co and http://0rz.ca/r/cp
    EP05 WU: http://0rz.ca/r/cq
    EP06 WU: http://0rz.ca/r/cr

    EP04 FS: http://0rz.ca/r/b0 and http://0rz.ca/r/b1
    EP05 FS: http://0rz.ca/r/b2
    EP06 FS: http://0rz.ca/r/b3

    Single files except for episodes 04, which was over 2GB. Mirrors are compatible with each other.

  4. mtwini09 writes:

    @corocoro Excellent job with the DDL! I always check animesharing.com for your uploads 😀 Thanks for that and thanks Tenshi for the new BD.

  5. Ninja writes:

    Hello. the torrent for episode 3 1080p isn’t working. I did a hash check and everything. Even though its 100% complete, its staying as a .bc! file

  6. XiThau writes:

    While I worry about file size, I only do it now because I have like 250 GB left on my Internal.
    Extra HD space isn’t hard to get, nor is it that expensive. What’s expensive is if you want top-quality drives, then you’d be in my position.

    Though, I’ll just keep on piling up on my Anime. “The bigger the better” is usually how it works, so I’ll just have to live with it. Thanks!

  7. Spearit writes:

    I am a bit curious as to how the blu-ray are released for anime show. On your page it’s written that you are waiting for cd3. Is it because it’s still not out or you just don’t have it? And do they release the blu-ray in Japan during the season or after?

    thanks for your answers

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      They release Blu-Rays with 3 episodes each once per month or so for this series. Hence I am waiting for disk3 as is hasn’t been released yet.

  8. sandoe41 writes:

    Just as a suggestion, you may want to look at subtitling from Doki. In my personal opinion, their subs are a little bit better than Hatsuyuki and Underwater. Thank you.

  9. Spearit writes:

    Finaly!!! I’ve been waiting it for so long. And it’s my birthday. Thank you so much.

  10. Zalis writes:

    @Sandoe41 — Also, see here for a translation and editing comparison between Doki/CR/Shin-GX:


  11. ShadowVlican writes:

    can’t wait for bluray archive! just finished watching it.. very emotional last 2 episodes!

  12. nwt writes:

    Roughly 1.5 MiB/s — why not just put the untouched streams of the Blu-Ray online, then?

  13. corocoro writes:

    1080p DDLs:



    I’ve given up on protecting the files since, no matter what, they’ll get deleted. So, it’s just reuploading things every-so-often.
    Also: Storage is no longer cheap. 30% price hike today. ~_~

  14. Verix writes:

    Thanks for the DDL’s, corocoro!

  15. murderprincess writes:

    thanks for the release, anyway any news for Macross Frontier Movie 2 ? 😀

  16. Gyzome writes:

    I’m gonna lay off Coalgirls for a while. I only have 10GB left on my 2TB anime drive and with the current situation, upgrading isn’t viable. Especially you’re like me and want to upgrade to a 6TB RAID5 solution :/

  17. corocoro writes:

    And the next portion ;):



    DLC protected files (2000MB parts, all episodes):

  18. Spearit writes:

    thank you again for those episodes

  19. afuckinghipster writes:

    pa works makes me jizz

  20. Your Future writes:

    No eps. 16-18 on the DDL…

  21. corocoro writes:

    Filesonic, Fileserve, Filepost, and Filejungle in a simple DLC – download here. 800MB Parts, 3 parts per episode.

    Due to the amount of stuff I need to transfer at the moment, I can only put up the DLC for the 1080p this time around. Hosts are compatible with each other and given that there are four of them, everyone should be able to get decent speeds. ^^

  22. mascthemoney writes:


  23. blueday writes:

    video format is Hi 10 p or 8bit?

  24. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha writes:

    I miss Fileserve, but I’ll need to learn to survive using only torrents.

  25. ocko writes:

    Guys we can download again from uploadstation & fileserve

  26. ZBeast writes:

    Can more people please seed the torrents? The 1-12 went by fast, but the others are going by at 10-20 kbs.

  27. anonymous writes:

    can someone please reseed episode 1-12 1080p??? my speed only reach 10-20kbps

  28. Anonymous writes:

    WE NEED MORE SEEDS AND PEERS! Ugh, this is why torrent suck. If it’s not brand new or super popular, there’s no way it’s going to get downloaded.

  29. Tatsujin writes:

    Next volume will have all 5 episodes or 3 episodes, then another volume with 2 episodes?

  30. Ultimoblaze writes:

    I noticed a few typographical errors in episode 20 hopefully you can fix for the batch.

    5:43 – tat>that
    9:53 – I’ve already have>I already have
    11:15 – space after comma

    Keep up the good work! Coalgirls releases always take priority in my archive.

  31. nya writes:

    looks like volume 8 already came out ^^

  32. Anonymous writes:

    Please seed more, or at least give direct download options for 16+.

  33. mascthemoney writes:

    on a totally, non-related note, i just find it hilarious how these companies divide up the episodes into volumes. lol, two episode volume? i wonder how they keep a straight face when they make these decisions. <insert :it prints money:

  34. Yue writes:

    Yaaaay! 😀 I’m really loving this show! :3 Please finish it soon <3

  35. chronos02 writes:

    @masscthemoney: You’d be surprised how many otaku like these kind of releases. Having more volumes means you get more extras, besides the small helping hand of the payments being smaller than 3ep. volumes or whole series boxes. In this way, the otaku is satisfied, as many can’t buy a very expensive box in one go, or buy more expensive volumes. They get to collect the whole series and some extras.
    On the other hand, the company does get some more money (not much more though, maybe a 15%~20% more than selling 3ep. volumes or a box set). This way they also manage to get a steady monthly income that won’t stop during at least a whole year. Keep in mind anime is very expensive to produce, so they must reflect that on sales price. It’d help much if they sold anime worldwide by themselves, the prices would probably drop by 50% or more, but that’s not going to happen just yet. For now, Japan market gets expensive individual volume releases with a very good quality, while we get shitty releases with 24 episodes box sets for 30$ (some Japanese import them though).

    Anyway, it may be a steal here, but in Japan that’s a normal way to finance the next show (keep in mind they finance them when buying, while we just engross the wallets of some smart guys that have managed to licence some series), even 2ep. volumes are good, as they get a slightly lower price, but come with juicy extras for the fans, while they help finance other series for a long period of time. Haruhi also had this sort of release policy, 2 ep. per DVD.

  36. Julio writes:

    I’ve been waiting to watch this show for over a year now. I have two questions:

    1. We will get a batch right?
    2. Is it 10-bit?

  37. Nitroxide writes:

    No worries about the delay! Providing all these quality encodings for free? Hearing about moving a encoding farm and setting up your internet lines makes me realize how much of an investment this must be, especially with your growing plate of series to do. Keep on fighting the good fight! Ill do my part by seeding where I can!

  38. Verix writes:

    @ Julio: Tenshi sticks with 8-bit for the time being.
    A should always come unless the series gets dropped.

  39. Verix writes:

    *A batch should always come unless the series gets dropped.

  40. ocko writes:


  41. Zalis writes:

    @mascthemoney: They pretty much have to charge these prices per disc/episode on the R2J market to be able to make a profit or break even on their costs. There have been experiments with lowering the costs, but sales didn’t increase enough to make the price drops worthwhile. And yet people complain about R1 discs being too expensive when they represent an 80-90% discount off the Japanese prices…

  42. Julio writes:

    Is there a reason why each episode in 1080p is around 2GB? It should be around 1GB unless the show uses a lot of high bitrate scenes.

  43. Julio writes:


  44. mascthemoney writes:


  45. mascthemoney writes:

    never watched this series with hatsuyuki, but they’re so OFF! even i can tell the translation is off.
    don’t know why they chose these subs, coalgirls usually get this sort of thing right.

    i lol’d in the episode 1 preview when it said, “call out the wolf!”
    even i can tell that the “ookami” in that line refers to the landlady and not the wolf.

    the subs i watched for the tv version was doki, simply because i was watching alot of their shows at the time (they do alot of shows that other groups won’t touch). they’re not exactly known for their accuracy but they sure do have a hand or two over this… this…. whatever it is.

    encodes are beautiful though.

  46. Ultima writes:

    I love you guys.

  47. Julio writes:

    Well time to watch this show, finally! I hope hatsuyuki subs are good.

  48. bluesam20 writes:

    Hey Tenshi stupid question, are there any major changes to the eps? Should I re-download all of it?
    And thanks for all the hard work you do I love your releases.

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Actually there are no changes from the 1-12 batch and the 13-24. Your files will hash fine. All you need are the final 2.

  49. t writes:

    mascthemoney: You’re an idiot. If they refer to the landlady as a wolf, then of course the translation has to refer to her as a wolf as well.