Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Type: Series (12 Episodes, 2 Specials)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Underwater
Torrent: 1080p720p

59 Responses to Shinryaku! Ika Musume

  1. Squid Girl writes:

    what a nice surprise

  2. Index writes:

    surprise! 😀

  3. Gar writes:

    Thank you so much!

  4. banger writes:

    aww underwater subs….aren’t they the ones that translated all the words to squid speak like “squidtastic” and stuff for every line ika musume says? burns my eyes lol

  5. anon writes:


    They’re unmodified CR subs with typesetting.

  6. Eri writes:


  7. jmaeshawn writes:

    Any chance of releasing the audio commentary for each episode, too?

    Polished released it with the commentary (in FLAC) for the first 4 episodes, but they stopped working on the show. 🙁

  8. banger writes:

    ahh ok so i guess crunchyroll is to blame for the horrible subs. i thought it was a rule to not use crunchyroll if there is another option tho (fffpeeps)….but i guess this is an exception to that rule.

  9. jmaeshawn writes:

    @banger: Coalgirls is probably using Underwater’s subs because they were chosen as the better subs at BakaBT.

    • coalgirl writes:

      We do not find bakabt to be particularly competent at choosing the best subs, so their opinion is quite meaningless.

  10. banger writes:

    why do u not consider fffpeeps an option? just wonderin because i watched their tv release and thought it was pretty good. im downloading this release anyways for the better vid/audio quality. i usually turn the subs off when i watch a show for the 2nd time anyways.

  11. anon writes:

    Because FFFpeeps are all around terrible? Plus, just ignoring the squid puns is fucking stupid.

  12. BoLo writes:

    You mom is all around terrible, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping her as an option…

  13. banger writes:

    are they even puns in japanese? i thought that was something they made up for that translation. thats why i find it annoying. i thought its just a made up version of desu she uses at the end of every sentence like naruto and his stupid dattebeyo thing

  14. Lude writes:

    ORGASM \O/

  15. Baka writes:

    You could just dl their bluray version, extract the subs. then compile it with this. or whichever has better video quality.

  16. sup writes:

    FFFpeeps is releasing BD versions (slowly) as well if you’d prefer their subs. They also changed the BD sub font to a normalfag font – I actually liked the font they used for the broadcast version, but I gather some people did not. My take on the squid ‘puns’ is that unless you’re deaf, you can get all the ~janaika and ~degeso you need by using your ears. In any case, after the novelty wears off, which is after episode 1, about 10% of the squid-related jokes are actually funny.

  17. MrNoName writes:

    thank you again for another video, in which i would later mux with a better script

  18. Yoitsu writes:

    Thank you for doing this anime Cyras.
    Really appreciated 🙂

  19. DmonHiro writes:

    @MrNoName: you are an idiot. The only other script is by FFFPeeps, and they have their own BD version.

  20. Ma15 writes:


    “We do not find bakabt to be particularly competent at choosing the best subs, so their opinion is quite meaningless.”

  21. degeso janaika? writes:


    I agree with you. Having text for the annoying “dattebayo” in naruto and the “degeso” in this show does not add to the translation i think. Geso does technically mean “squid tentacles” but it is really just there to replace desu and provide a unique way of talking. It really isn’t a joke or something amusing when translated so I would have chosen to leave it out if i was translating after one mention. There is the pun with “janaika” though. That is the same as the literal “janaika” sentence ending in japanese but with more emphasis on the “ika” part. Ika means squid of course so it is a pun but i still find it annoying translating something like that. For me personally, I think the uniqueness should stay in the sound of the voice, not the text in the translation for these. But whatever, everyone has their opinion and i can respect that. =P

  22. banger writes:

    hmm yeah so since they are translating pun to pun maybe its an accurate job on translation but its one of those things like name order and honorifics where it can be annoying to some people. i just hate reading that sort of corny dialogue in every other sentence. like you said i prefer just to recognize it in the audio and like you said its just a matter of opinion.

    and the fffpeeps bd job is stalled at ep4 is why i brought it up…so dmon you are wrong that its pointless for someone to make their own custom copy if they wanted since they are only half as far even tho they started a long time ago.

  23. iRoxxor writes:

    Thank you for doing this and using Underwater’s subs 🙂

  24. MrNoName writes:

    @DmonHiro: TY for informing this ‘idiot’ to a better alternative

  25. pink writes:

    if you want fffpeeps subs go to their site they’re doing their own BD releases

  26. blue writes:

    This subs are complete crap. Like 1/3 of all lines were made out of air, and it’s not just those stupid puns.
    First you start using FLAC (adding ppl job of remuxing it to formats with lesser bitrate), then utterly idiotic subs.. Seems like coalgirls awesomeness level goes down lately.

    P.S. Watch ep5.3 while imaging mini-Ika-chan saying “squii” instead of “geso” and bleed out of your ears to death!

    • Cyras writes:

      Well you can’t blame us for the subs. I only used what was avaible, and FFFpeeps subs are not good at all. They even try to make them better on their own BD releases. Though, since ur a weeaboo and ur japanese is so awesome, why do you complain about the subs?

      For FLAC, the source audio is LPCM, I see no reason to not use another smaller lossless audio codec. So there is nothing wrong with the quality on that part, maybe it’s time for you to get a new computer. Then you don’t have to waste yours, and my time.

  27. banger writes:

    not complaining about the sub choice, but can someone tell me what is so bad about the fffpeeps subs for this? i skimmed through the first ep just now for both underwater and fffpeeps and the accuracy on both was similar and fffpeeps wording seemed more natural (not the squid- stuff, but the other sentences too). just trying to figure out what i am missing

  28. Green writes:

    “Coalgirls – We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.”

  29. itsmeMARIO writes:


    There really isn’t anything bad. I think people just have strong opinions and like to make overarching statements. I was interested in why bakabt chose underwater though. It seems a lot of people over there disagree with the decision also. . They did provide some comparisons but in my opinion neither are bad translations. So whatever… 🙂 The squid jokes are the only thing that bothers me…

  30. blue writes:

    >Though, since ur a weeaboo and ur japanese is so awesome, why do you complain about the subs?
    Cuz hearing “kuro” (geso) and reading “white” (squii) while being a weeaboo makes me want to blame someone. Can do nothing about it, sorry.
    As for FLAC, it’s not a problem of making quality equal to the source or my PC being dead-old. It’s just that I don’t have a dog to impress with 1.5Mbps FLAC audio quality. And that makes me question the reason of wasting 1-1.5Gb per series for that sake. Srsly, man, it’s a size of 3 more episodes we’re talking here about.
    Well, as pretty much everyone, you’re free to do as you please. I’ll just choose the best. Well, if FFFpeeps won’t drop this series of course.
    And that is my opinion! Read the bottom line of this page and do what it says! MkvToolNix exist especially for that reason.

  31. bikar writes:

    hey can you post some 1080p screenshots ?

  32. trimyd writes:

    Would you mind telling me if 1080p is the native resolution or an upscale, thanks.

  33. MSOSB writes:

    >Would you mind telling me if 1080p is the native resolution or an upscale, thanks.

    I’m also very interested in this, so if it’s not too much trouble…

  34. Code537 writes:

    Thanks for the release… I personally enjoyed the extra squid talk from UnderWater’s release.

    Can you please help fix the link for 1080p, Ep4? It says that the file is no longer avail…

  35. lolrofl writes:

    Any idiot who thinks FLAC is overkill is a fucking idiot. You realize FLAC audio files are only like 100-200mb, right? It’s practically NOTHING. FLAC audio is NOT what makes the video’s size so large, it’s the fact that there is a lot of motion. That increases the file size a lot more than FLAC audio.

    I’m sorry, but 50-150mb for lossless audio is worth it, ESPECIALLY in 2011. Get out of your fucking hole and drop $100 for a 2TB external.

    Thanks, Cyras. Good job.

  36. Sum_of_Thunder writes:

    FS reports 720p ep 2 is no longer available. A replacement would be great, as I haven’t been able to find it elsewhere.

  37. cmrt writes:

    any eta on the final volume?

  38. boo writes:

    I was excited for a quality Ika release until I watched the first couple episodes… Why even bother rushing something out when the subs are this bad and some lines are completely made up to sound like a Saturday morning English dub? Is it really so hard to leave in (or add yourself) things like honorifics and geso, jinaika, etc. that don’t literally translate fluidly? It’s safe to assume people who DL anime understand these simple words and don’t need lines made up in their place, but it’s good to leave them in the subs for context.

  39. Nettosama writes:

    Any news on Vol. 6?

  40. Ikafag writes:


  41. Nettosama writes:

    You made my day. Ty.

  42. Havoc10K writes:

    Thank you very much 🙂

  43. nuc001 writes:

    Erm…I have a playback problem. It pixelates in VLC, crashes MPC and subs turn themselves off on MPlayer, and I can’t turn them back on. I don’t really need them but just wondering why. Anybody else have this problem?

  44. nuc001 writes:

    Sorry…fixed in MPlayer

  45. Shosen writes:

    Are you doing the “Mini Ika-Musume” side-story episodes? 2 specials, I think. 🙂

  46. Nettosama writes:

    Shosen: those are already included in the batch, check them out 🙂

  47. Falos writes:

    It sounds like coal worked with what was available, but oh my god these underwater subs. It’s not just the squid puns, or even all the marine flavor, they take some serious liberty with more than a few lines. Shit’s localized so hard you could cut diamonds. Oh well, I still want more Ika.

  48. Homura Dawg writes:

    I know this anime is old news at this point, but I’m working on my backlog, and I’d be really grateful and happy if a few more people seeded the 720p version of this for me. Thank you in advance, and of course, thanks to Cyras for making it available through Coalgirls

  49. Yu writes:

    seed please!

  50. lalalili writes:

    need seed for 1080p