Infinite Stratos

Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13, 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 2.0 – Japanese
Subs: SS – Dialog
Stratos-Subs (Slight Restyling) – OP/ED
Ayako – OVA
1080p Torrent – OVA
720p: Torrent – OVA

I guess I can do the OVA ;).

152 Responses to Infinite Stratos

  1. Noko writes:

    Thanks Tenshi.

  2. martinez writes:

    finale! new episodes! 😀

  3. TK writes:

    as usual, waiting for DDL link for 720p… my connection not powerful enough to DL with torrent

  4. RandyEilte writes:

    When are you gonna have vol 4 with 7 & 8 up…

  5. Nettosama writes:

    Thanks once again.

  6. g0d writes:

    how long before ddl links are usually up?torrent too slow

  7. SerialGunner666 writes:

    Is something wrong with nyatorrents? Because everytime I try going to the site, I cannot get connected to it or when I try to download a torrent, the torrent doesn’t work

  8. corocoro writes:

    @g0d: They’re already up as far as I can see.

    @SerialGunner666: Seems like someone played with the DNS entries and site went puff.

  9. g0d writes:

    yea they are but for some reason they werent when i posted(the 1080p ones)

  10. LuckyAmber writes:

    @SerialGunner666 Depends on who you use for DNS lookup. come up with my default one, but when I use google’s DNS server, it does not work. So if its not working, and you really need to get to it now, try changing your DNS server.

  11. plague1ftw writes:

    I’m wondering why you didn’t use any chapters on this one?
    I also noticed a typo in episode 3 (1080p) at 1:30 nothngh instead of nothingh. Haven’t seen it reported yet so not sure if you allready know.
    Keep up the good work

  12. Animesetsuna writes:

    Whoa~~~ in episode 8, when Laura kissed Ichika, everyone shocked. What amazed me is that the scene change. (should called additional). See it for yourself.

  13. RandyEilte writes:

    Megaupload anyone!!!

  14. sweetiie writes:

    yes if anyone could upload them in megaupload that would be nice

  15. Kyo writes:

    Can you guys seed these episodes? im just coming to download them now and 1-2 3-4 etc except the newest episodes are all dling really slow because of no seeding x_X Ill promise to seed it myself once im finished downloading.

  16. faggot writes:

    Will you be doing a batch?

  17. Sean writes:

    Are you gals still gonna post more episodes? I can’t wait for 9-10 and 11-12!

  18. parkejeff writes:

    I am having some issues with 5,6,7, and 8. Getting a cannot render error. Tried VLC and Media player Classic. Any help would be great.

  19. Mr.Bushido writes:

    @parkejeff: remove MPC and get the latest version of CCCP.
    Make sure to select “reset settings” during installation.

  20. dron-6z writes:

    Vol.5 contained NCOP v2, your rips – not. Why?
    Change (Charlotte’s costume) visible on 01:02 of OP video.
    Picture compare (from TV version):

  21. Nettosama writes:

    The ED style in ED5 is missing the font used in the previous EDs, thus apearing as arial.

  22. Nettosama writes:

    Well, ep 10 itself too is missing the fonts for OP and ED.

  23. Bjørn writes:

    Hello Tenshi.
    Thank you for your good work.
    I hope that I am not too forward with this request.
    For the last two episodes and thereafter the full batch:
    For us that have already all episodes up to and including episode 10, and thus only need to download the last two episodes.
    Is it possible for you to have available a batch with just the two last episodes, just for a day or two, so that we can download the last two episodes without needing to download episodes one though twelve in a full batch?

  24. waebz0r writes:

    Bjørn, if you download a torrent, you can always choose which files inside it you want to download and which ones you dont 🙂 (at least with any decent torrent software)

  25. Bjørn writes:

    waebzor: I can? Mind blown. I`ll see if I am non-stupid enough to do that with Vuze. Thank you for the advice.

  26. hero writes:

    is this 8 bit ?

  27. wraithe writes:

    Thank you very very much. I’ve been looking forward to this.

  28. pika writes:

    Thanks! now time to wait for the ddl’s 🙂

  29. Tom writes:

    In addition to Ep 1 & 2; was there also a slight change to Ep 10? There seems to be a new version downloading.

  30. Nettosama writes:

    Ep10 was missing some fonts, i guess those were added

  31. someguy writes:

    for some reason im in shock you didnt re-encode it to 10-bit like the others

  32. Clannad_92 writes:

    is 1080p an upscale?
    coz in one site im in there is no 1080p, just 720p is available…

  33. odip11 writes:

    hi, whats the different between the old version n new version? (01v2, 02v2, 10v2)

  34. Animesetsuna writes:

    Why not put the patch V2 as well for Ep 1,2,10?

  35. Nero writes:

    will you guys be doing the OVA that is coming out soon as well? thanks in advance…..

  36. Tri_Edge writes:

    It’s done, finally.

    Thanks Tenshi.

  37. Mokuton writes:

    no ddl for 1080p?

  38. miracles writes:

    Any chance you re-encoding this show in 10-bit??

  39. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    No 10bit. The benifit of CRF13 is that there’s so much extra bitrate, 10bit wont make it any better.

  40. Tri_Edge writes:

    Maybe not, but it will reduce file size by half and the video will still look great with no noticeable difference.

  41. folycoly writes:

    can you please add filesonic links for 1080p if it is not too much trouble? filesonic is a mean to poorman’s downloading needs. 🙂

  42. Shirayuki writes:

    Could you please make patches for episode 1, 2, and 10?

  43. Alhuin writes:

    Is “Dunoa” the correct form of Charlotte’s last name? Everywhere else I’ve looked has it listed as “Dunois”.

  44. Iron Sand-G writes:

    ^That’s how “Dunois” is read in french.
    Like Francois.

  45. Anonymous writes:

    Maybe not, but it will reduce file size by half and the video will still look great with no noticeable difference.

    >reduce file size


  46. orcaz writes:

    Can someone upload eps 10 which is fixed I believe to fileserve or something? having issues with torrent speed here.