Phantom – Requiem for the Phantom

Type: Series (26 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
FLAC 2.0 (English)
Subs: Inferno
Torrent: 720p

61 Responses to Phantom – Requiem for the Phantom

  1. TexKlan-Z- writes:

    Yay!!! I have been hoping someone would do Phantom Blu-ray. ^_^

    Thank you so much, Cyras. 😀

    By the way, is 1080p really that bad? 😮

  2. manz writes:

    If not because of the ending, I would download this.

  3. B1 writes:

    Strange coincidence. I had the old inferno subs on HD for the last year or so, but just started watching it today – so I get to see it for the first time in 720p. Many thanks

  4. DmonHiro writes:

    This is a very dark show. No, really, it’s very dark. That’s why the episodes are over 600 MB.

  5. Impulsive writes:

    awesome release!

  6. BK201 writes:

    Thank you Cyras! This is one of the best shows ever.

  7. Eba writes:

    aw if only there was mu links D:

  8. Rasmus writes:

    Oh no, another one-click encode.

  9. tormaid writes:

    Did you use ordered chapters or spice in the creditless openings and endings? I know they are interlaced but you did do 720p only.

  10. Hark0n writes:

    Did you added karaoke? I think Inferno didn’t have one.

  11. Hark0n writes:

    I downloaded scripts and there were on karaoke so I guess it was hardsubed. Thanks for answer.

  12. nao writes:

    Could it be possible to add Nekomini subtitles in secondary track or provide them in rar with the correct timing?

  13. bikar writes:

    @cant you do that ?

  14. Peorth writes:

    The comparison pictures (720 versus 1080p) only show the dreaded ‘Domain unregistered’ frog of Imageshack

  15. Sayer writes:

    Woo! Thank you! =D

  16. Ma15 writes:

    @ Peorth –
    The screenshots from Cryas

  17. nao writes:

    btw, the colors on the tv-rips looks better than this bd but the bd has less censored.

  18. Bloodios writes:

    And the picture dramas remain DVD exclusive, damn it.
    Anyway, thank you, Cyras. You’re awesome.

  19. Rikku writes:

    @Bloodios, the picture dramas are present on the Blu-Rays.

  20. razer08 writes:

    wil you release the picture dramas too `??? it would be awesome guys^^

  21. AngelOfDeathMD writes:

    Thanks for the work!!!

  22. Bloodios writes:

    Is this compromised quality (link to image below) the result of using crf 18, or is the source that bad?

  23. bikar writes:

    source has much noise and removing it you will get that
    (I dont know if Cyras has done some denoising

  24. Bloodios writes:

    @Cyras: My God! Bad source indeed.

  25. amen665 writes:

    wow… 18 gigs. i better make some room. thx cyras (^_^)b

  26. Chalryn writes:

    Damn. Seems I’m having the same problem with this release as I’ve had with some others (from Chihiro). The entire file is straight-up not loading. (Upon opening with MPC, it just freezes at the ‘Opening…’ stage.)

    For the record, I’ve had no problems playing any previous releases from here, nor have I had any issues playing any other group’s releases other than two specific Blu-ray releases from Chihiro Fansubs. I’m using Media Player Classic Home Cinema with the latest K-Lite codec pack, and have pretty much default settings all around. The only issue I’ve seen solutions listed for concern disabling ffdshow’s FLAC decoder, which I already have done.

    Any ideas? :S

  27. bikar writes:

    I dont know how it works with this one
    but I have only installed MPC-HC with default setting (nothing more) and all videos work with no problems

    that codec packs are unnecessary

  28. Ma15 writes:

    @ Chalryn
    1. Uninstall all codecs using CCCP Insurgent
    2. Install CCCP, including MPC-HC

  29. Chalryn writes:

    *long sigh* Figures it’d be that easy. Sorry, was hesitant to revert to CCCP, ’cause I had issues with it in the past, hence my migration to K-Lite. Guess I may be bouncing back and forth between the two over the years to come, heh. Anyway, thanks.

    Kinda unrelated, but if anyone cares to answer: Isn’t there some way to limit or disable animated subtitles? Preferably skip frames, as I’d still like to have animated subs when available, but some of them are causing videos to lag for me. Any recommendations?

  30. DmonHiro writes:

    Prebuffer your subtitles. There’s an option in MPC.

  31. Chalryn writes:

    @Hiro: The ‘sub pictures to buffer’ and ‘allow animation when buffering’ options? I tried messing with them a bit, but had little to no results. (If anything, enabling the latter caused more lag.) Granted, I only set the former to 3 (which was the default when I first looked) and 0 when testing it out. Should I try any specific values there?

  32. DmonHiro writes:

    Set it to 0.

  33. Shichiseiken writes:

    I’m glad that you are done with this. I was going to get the BD rip and encode them myself. Since you are done with it, I can drop the plan and save my bandwidth.

  34. dragonslayer writes:

    will you also make the picture dramas?????

  35. Chalryn writes:

    @Hiro: No change. =\

    I guess… my computer just sucks? Don’t wanna stray off-topic here for too long, so if no other solutions come to mind, then no biggie. I guess I’ll just disable subs when they cause lag.

  36. Joe Bob writes:

    Is the dub any good?

  37. Spitfire writes:

    This anime is awsome! But the end was terrible! :<

  38. Tyler writes:

    No idea what it is about this particular series, but this is the only release from you guys that i cannot play without converting the audio first..

    If i don’t do that then MPC won’t even load it lol…

  39. chibi_kimi writes:

    Did anyone having problem playing the torrent files when it finish downloading? My torrent file wont open with classic window media player. I have problem with this torrent only , the others torrrent I download from here works fine.

  40. joker writes:

    What exactly was censored in the TV version that wasn’t in the blu-rays? Picture comparisons would be nice.

  41. joker writes:

    What exactly was censored in the TV version that wasn’t in the blu-rays? Picture comparisons would be nice.

  42. joker writes:

    Just finished downloading all the BD episodes and making the comparisons today. I dunno which dumbass said that the BD was uncensored compared to the TV, since the difference is minimal. THE most notable difference in censorship I noticed was Eren only wearing panties (in BD) instead of pants/skirt/shorts (in TV). And that’s really all there is, aside from a few shots that shows a somewhat more clear asscrack. Big whoop.

  43. roger writes:

    720p torrent link = dead.

  44. rtp2007 writes:

    fantastic. this and darker than black tie as my favorite animes right now. i will seed the hell out of this. any recommendations on other animes similar to these two series?

  45. Tiffany writes:

    In the release, episodes…

    8 [B8C1F93B]
    17 [88ECF076]
    22 [BCF555A5]
    26 [E5CC3DB8]

    The [FOR DUB] track is not actually a [FOR DUB] track but instead just a duplicate of the other sub track renamed incorrectly. That is, there are subs for everything rather than only text/signs.

    It’d be great for a fix for this.

  46. Asdfghjkl writes:

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but can someone please seed, I can still manage to download this with one seed, but it’ll be much faster with more. Again, I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I’ll seed if I can get some help over here!

  47. Anon12345 writes:

    is this torrent uncensored…?
    please reply i was really trying to find an uncensored version of Phantom ^_^
    yoroshiku onegai shimassu 🙂

  48. Anon12345 writes:

    edit: i plan to seed this torrent alot so please tell me so i cn start DL-ing it 🙂

  49. JCHOW writes:

    Hi, when I play episode 6 i get to about 17:30 and the video just stops and ends. Its the same for episode 7 but its at 14:00. I dont know about the episodes after that but the episodes before 6 was fine. Do you know how to fix this problem

  50. Curios writes:

    Hello i have a question, what’s the difference between this torrent and the one from Daman4life?

    I don’t get it, both are dual audio, both are 720p but his is around 8gb and yours is 21gb… whats the difference?