Type: Series (12 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: gg (Ep. 1-9), ggcaust (Ep. 10-12)
Torrent: 720p

68 Responses to Maria†Holic

  1. Hario writes:

    Will you do Maria Holic Alive?

  2. Vincere writes:

    *Bump* Any chance that you are gonna do Season 2?

  3. arunin writes:

    I would also like to ask that you do Maria Holic Alive. Currently, I know of no fansubbed BD version of it, including on BBT (they have some kind of hodge-podge TV-rip thing). I was actually fairly shocked when I found even that – until then, I had thought that only Commie or Horrible subbed it. Seems weird, since it is such a fun show. If you would need an extra typesetting or timing slave, I think my brother would volunteer 🙂

  4. Homura Dawg writes:

    I’ll just leave a comment here to let you know that I too would also enjoy seeing a release of the second season from CG. Just so you know there’s interest

  5. gagagaga writes:

    It would be nice if you guys do the second season too.

  6. FKI writes:

    Would also like to see Coalgirls do the second season of this.

  7. sam064 writes:

    Commie subbed the 2nd season, but no one did the BD version. They’ve been available for a while now, and we can only count on Coalgirls to do it. This is only the link for the BDMVs, so dont be upset:-

    We would really appreciate if you could at least give us a reply in regard to this, thank you in advance. I luv Shaft anime, and you’ve been providing us with the best quality anime so far so. Thank you again for your efforts.

  8. sam064 writes:

    Ah! sorry for this. Apparently, the link above have zero seeds, but here’s another link:-

    Its from RUELL-Raws, Thanks again.

  9. Daniel writes:

    Please kindly make Maria†Holic Alive BDs subs,i’ve downloaded the season 1 and i just happened to know that there is no subs for season 2,thx…I want to watch it so bad…TT

  10. Ryuko writes:

    Please do Maria Holic Alive BDs c: