Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1700 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~4300 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24 bit)
Subs – Mazui (Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

234 Responses to Katanagatari

  1. Mayhem writes:

    I can’t RSS it with µTorrent. If I double click on the Tokyo Tosho RSS list in µTorrent I get this error: “[Coalgirls]_Katanagatari_09_(1920×1080…: Invalid torrent file!”
    Other releases from Coalgirls works fine though.

  2. suiton writes:

    …almost the complete batch

  3. phro writes:

    @paul for episode 9 part 18 for 1080p, it doesn’t work… is it possible to reupload that D:? thanks!

  4. Andrey writes:

    @phro It works, the checksums match.

  5. phro writes:

    my bad ehe

  6. Xelphi writes:

    how come my video would freeze and close divx player when the OP theme starts =[ (dled 720 btw)

  7. Nyaamomo writes:

    There’s sections in episodes 1 and 2 which cause the video to start over, and trying to skip into these sections causes it to skip to an earlier scene. They happen in both 1080p and 720p

  8. Nyaamomo writes:

    oh, it’s the OP. I’m guessing that it’s somehow supposed to play the OP file included, but it hasn’t with the players i’ve tried it on. What do I do?

  9. Comp1337 writes:

    This question probably has been asked 100 times already, but has anyone a quick way of putting the OP back in the episodes so I can actually watch them?

  10. Havanacus writes:

    Comp1337, you’re problem goes by the name “Ordered Chapters.”
    If you use windows, you can solve the problem by using a media player that supports this feature such as Combined Community Codec. http://www.cccp-project.net/

  11. Whelk writes:

    I had a problem with ordered chapters too a little while ago. Solution for me: uninstall CCCP and media player classic, reinstall newest version from their site. I also unchecked everything related to keeping old settings.

    Make sure to watch stuff in media player classic.

  12. Comp1337 writes:

    Thanks Havanacus, but I don’t use windows, and mplayer support for ordered chapters is completely bugged. Thats why I asked for a way to put them back together.

    It would be kinda sad if I have to stick with the TV recordings because of this…

  13. suiton writes:

    omg!! i’ve been waiting for more episodes!!!


  14. RoadSign writes:

    This episode looks so gorgeous!! Thanks! Btw, what happened to the line “People die when they’re killed” ? xP

  15. windwindwind writes:

    “Episode 11 – 2/2” ??
    does that mean the ep is ready?
    will You release it soon?

  16. PiriPiri writes:

    Any ideas on release date of episode 12 for blu-ray? (actual release of dvd with the episode in blu-ray)

  17. ihcTactics writes:

    It looks like Vol.12 DVD/Blu-ray will be released on March 2nd:

    Katanagatari Vol.12 Ento Ju [Limited Release]
    Release: 2011/03/02 | Blu-ray

    Taken from CDJapan

  18. Sven writes:

    Episode 7 1080p doesnt play the op when they are in the same folder, im not sure why but this was posted a while ago so this could be why it doesnt play

    arba says:

    Just a bit of QA: episode 7 in 1080p has 720p version of OP1 specified as external chapter.

    + Segment, size 2259674189
    |+ Segment information
    | + Segment UID: 0xa9 0×78 0xb0 0×20 0xa0 0×41 0×87 0x5d 0xaf 0xaf 0×57 0xee 0x4c 0×28 0×64 0xfc
    |+ Segment tracks
    | + ChapterSegmentUID: length 16, data: 0×86 0x3d 0x6d 0xce 0×03 0×01 0xd7 0×84 0xb5 0×55…

    + Segment, size 60587193
    |+ Segment information
    | + Segment UID: 0×86 0x3d 0x6d 0xce 0×03 0×01 0xd7 0×84 0xb5 0×55 0×88 0×13 0×56 0xd1 0xfc 0x0a

    any chance you could add that to the list of things to fix

  19. E writes:

    Wait, what’s wrong with 1080p’s episode 9?

  20. bikar writes:

    😀 ep.12 on my birthday

  21. tormaid writes:

    Can’t wait for the final batch!

  22. dane writes:

    Yeah I would like to know what is wrong with episode 9 as well 😀

  23. coalgirl writes:

    Oh, it may’ve been 7. It was a linking issue with an episode. I thought it was 9, but guess I was 7.

  24. Mr Lucipher writes:

    Two weeks before I finally get to watch this? Sounds good to me.

  25. DmonHiro writes:

    I don’t have a problem with it, but why do you always release the last episode in a a batch? It’s not something I usually see.

    • coalgirl writes:

      There is little sense for me to release them singularly. We have the philosophy that individual torrents are worthless once a series is completed and everybody should download the batch. As such there is more focused seeding. All our torrents which are superseded by batches are deleted due to this. So there’s no point in releasing an individual last episode that’d be deleted 2-3 days later.

      Now, why do we do individual episodes at all? It helps the seeding of the final batch and brings attention to our group.

  26. dane writes:

    Will you guys upload the patch for the known problems?

    Don’t want to redownload the whole episode just because of some small errors 😉

  27. aniluv writes:

    Someone compile the ddls? Thanks for doing this show. =D

  28. Iron Sand-G writes:

    Are all the -gatari shows gonna take forever for the studios to complete?

  29. Nettosama writes:

    Anyone else getting some wierd font/subtitle issue for example on episode 9, min 2:30, where the episode name appears, I get “Saw[] the King”, that rectangle apparently replacing some character. Can anyone check? Using haali media splitter + ffdshow rev3740 + MPC HC.

  30. ss writes:

    Thanks for the episode 11. There’s an error on , hope this helps.

  31. Stheere writes:

    Thank you very much Coalgirls for the sub (and also the amazing HD video quality) of this series!

    I’d like to leave a note regarding the Ep11 1080p MegaUpload Part 12 rar. file — I have been trying to download it for two days now, and it keeps telling me “katana11.1080.part12.rar.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read”.

    This is not a huge issue for me, as I have enough bandwidth left this month to attempt downloading it via the torrent, but I’m just leaving this note to warn those who don’t!

  32. paul writes:

    The download worked fine for me. Use a download manager like jdownloader.

  33. Gaka writes:

    Used jdownloader, got “file not found” message for part 12 too. Used folder link manually few hours later, clicked on p12, MU counter launched. It worked, copyied p12 link to jdownloader, works.

  34. Gaka writes:

    Of course, I’ve meant using your MU folder link at the first time (ctrl&c on link so jD could grab it).

  35. Gaka writes:

    Oh, and the old link for p12 (the one from MU folder) still shows “file not found”.

  36. paul writes:

    i tried again. this is the result

    Try to force the download. Right click on the file in jdownloader and then enable/resume.

  37. Kaz writes:

    Episode 2 is not working for me!!! Help! The sound isn’t working but the video is! What should I do!?

  38. Kaz writes:

    How Do I use a patch?! Please help!!

  39. ychao writes:

    S.J., would you be kind enough to post the links for 1080p episodes (1-9) on MU pretty please?

    I’ve just started watching this series and I’m really digging it especially coming from a Bakemonogatari fan!

    Thanks again in advance!

  40. ychao writes:

    ^^ Never mind, I saw the links in one of the previous posts (my bad) – thanks anyway!

  41. Ftesx writes:

    how is the quality in the 1080p release upscale or since the bit rate says 4300 kbps aren,t 1080p supposed
    to have bit rates over 10000 kbps and 720p around 6000

  42. ddmit writes:

    what about episode 12? it’s been 3 days already??!!!

  43. Nettosama writes:

    I’m also impatiently waiting 😀

  44. Sards writes:

    *only* 3 days.
    They need time to turn the rip into a finished product…