Dance in The Vampire Bund

Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @~3100 kbps, 1920×1080 @~6000 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Koharubi

720p – Episode 01-02

1080p – Episode 01-02

This is the second part of the “hi-mi-tsu~” project, there’s at least one more to follow.

47 Responses to Dance in The Vampire Bund

  1. pikapika writes:

    If you send me the RAW i’ll glady will help you with my Q6600. 🙂

  2. bualeminkrali writes:

    is there any plan on true tears?(srry i know u guys hate these type of questions) otherwise ill start to download RAWS :/

  3. soldiershin writes:

    u guys r simply the best..

  4. ken writes:

    So awesome, loving these ‘secret’ projects <3

  5. Fade writes:

    Well, it would be nice to see this with good quality and uncensored, but the font is HUGE, on multiple rows and no typesetting at all for signs 🙁

  6. Fade writes:

    Ops, I was seeing it before it finished downloading.

    The font is alright, but there’s still the lack of typesetting.

  7. anon writes:

    Hmm I’d take yuurisan subs over koharubi…

  8. Persephone writes:

    Wee ~ Best Non-April Fool Gift
    Glad to see more

  9. anon-chan writes:

    Fade, lack of typesetting where? Show some timecodes so we can know, in order to fix is possible, on the v2 batch.

    Anon, as far as I know, Yuurisan is going to release their Vampire Bund BDs, so using their subs wouldn’t be a good choice.

  10. anon writes:

    Wow, your “himitsu” project are awesome you guys keep suprising us first with Seiken non Blacksmith and now this!!! Well better grab this files quick cuz far as I know Jap release will be the only true uncensored version out, unlike other regions…..

  11. anon writes:

    Hey guys liking your himitsu releases, glad you guys are also uploading to DDL as well keep it up!!!

  12. jake writes:

    thanks for the release!

  13. hunter writes:

    A nice part 2, waiting for 3. Thanks a lot.

  14. aradvanced writes:

    downloaded the 720p version and was skimming through it to see if shaft really did make it so that the colors clash and i noticed in episode 2 where the spider guys says “chi no ichizoku” (around 20:44) does not translate to “death clan” don’t know whose translation you guys/girls are using but the phrase translates to “earth clan”

  15. pringer writes:

    Yeah, same as aradvanced. I’ve been watching this using SFW/CoalGuys’s subs, and the translation of some terms seems kind of off.

    Thanks for the release though, nice to see an uncensored version, finally 🙂

  16. 2332312 writes:

    iam confused is this BD

  17. Fade writes:

    Some titles are translated, what’s missing is the signs on the TV right at the start and the names of participants whey they appear.

    @ 2:46
    “Now, let’s HERE from our judges.”

    Duh. I also think Chihiro or Yuurisan subs seem better overall.

    Also some big discrepancies:
    “Then why would you reveal yourselves now?
    And on such a shitty program at that!”

    Compared to Yuurisan:
    “How long are you going to keep this up?!
    You’re probably some gimmick dreamed up by this show!”

    Compared to Chihiro:
    “How long are you going to put up this act?
    You’re just an actor hired by the studio, aren’t you?”

  18. hemivision writes:

    Thank you! 🙂

  19. Bisou writes:

    Are Koharubi subs better than Chihiro ones ?

  20. anon writes:

    i say yuurisan subs are better than both

  21. Southrop writes:

    As the translation checker for Chihiro, I’d like to say that SFW’s translator has made many errors which I have literally spent hours fixing and retranslating. While I’m not going to say anything to suggest that we are the best, I will say that Koharubi mistranslated a lot of terms.

  22. Gaarara writes:

    Wow!! 😀 I never expected this and Blacksmith but I’m interested both shows (Like All but 2 Coalgirls releases XD)

    I haven’t looked at the anime besides The Episode Where Mina Shows Her True Form,since the tv version pretty much seemed incomplete.

    Any Ways Do Check Out The Manga 😀 😀

  23. sharm writes:

    I heard there’s supposed to be audio commenteries on the episodes, are you guys gonna put them up too? It doesn’t have to be translated, I just want to hear them

  24. iSlinger writes:

    I have an i7 thats not doing much. Lemme know if you want any help. (Email me if you want more specs of my machine)

  25. Jimmie writes:

    I have a home pc that has a quad core if u need help with encoding i maybe able to help

    win 7 64 bit
    5gb of ram
    amd 965 BE @3.77 ghz

  26. Hyperlight writes:

    I have a few servers that could be tasked up for encoding. Right now they are just running Folding@home.

    Email me if you need the resources, I also have access to 100mbit dedicated FTP for file transfers.

    Inventory is as follows:
    1 x Q9550
    1 x Q6600
    3 x E6300
    2 x E6600

  27. Mike writes:

    Thanks for the 1080p release.

  28. sharm writes:

    Are there audio commenteries in this??

  29. StaR_xD writes:

    Out of curiosity, is the font positioning for the opening a bit mucked up? or is it intentional lol. 🙂

  30. sharm writes:

    Can you guys put up the audio commenteries for this please?

  31. anon-chan writes:

    StaR_xD, seems like *someone* forgot to fix them for the 1080p. Will be fixed on the final batch though.
    sharm, here you go:
    Ep01 –
    Ep02 –

  32. StaR_xD writes:

    Thanks anon-chan, looking forward to it 🙂

  33. sharm writes:

    Yay for audio commenteries! So I just have to have these in the same folder as the episodes and I can listen to them?

  34. sharm writes:

    Oh and will you guys be fixing the “death clan” mistake?? I know it was pointed out before that it is actually “Earth clan”. Thanks Coalgirls!!

  35. anon-chan writes:

    It will be fixed, sharm. Also to listen to those you’d have to mux them with the video– Use
    Should be simple enough. 😉

  36. Cheri writes:

    The audio and subs are quite delayed. I have tried Media Player Classic, VLC and Zoom Player. Is there something I need before will run smoothly?

  37. Gaarara writes:

    ^maybe your computer?
    if it’s not slow then maybe your codecs.
    try making changes in MPC-HC’s output.
    when mine suddenly started to delay after putting something I made some changes (albeit randomly) to the settings and eventually it came back to normal without having to use haali renderer in output.

  38. F00 writes:

    Hmmm… 1080p version, 1ep, time 00:00:08sec-00:00:10sec – corrupted frames (blinking “green screen”) Can someone confirm or refute it (because 720p is ok)?

  39. Cheri writes:

    Thanks for helping.
    My computer should be able to handle this perfectly x( but after making some changes to the settings I have come to an acceptable result. The audio randomly disappears at times. though, but it’s better than laggy audio and delayed subtitles.

  40. tort writes:

    why not dxva compatible it 1080p encoding?

  41. Later writes:

    The timing seems to be a bit off. It’s not much but it seems that the timer didn’t use TPP correctly or did a rushed job. There was also a time when three lines were presented simultaneously. Not what I expect from this croup. It’s not bad bad but it’s nowhere near brilliant.

  42. aNon writes:

    Thanks for doing this. I ended up comparing Koharubi, Yuurisan, SFW-Chihiro and Hatsuyuki when I decided to make my own edited subs w/ the “missing” on screen text TL. Overall, SFW-Chihiro gets my vote followed by Koharubi & Hatsuyuki. Yuurisan was good, but at few times there was a big discrepancy in meaning compared to the other. Plus the “Old English” script did not work for me at all, and I usually prefer that if it’s a more accurate TL. As Fade mentioned, TL scrips can vary a surprising amount in places between the different groups – more than I had thought.

    @ Anon-chan/Coal Girls: I’m not sure if I should even ask (if not – sorry!), but in case anyone is interested, would it be okay to offer the subs I created for myself (which include on screen text subs) via a post here w/ a DL link? I will NOT offer elsewhere and only post here with Coal Girls permission. FWIW, originally I intended to use the edited subs only for my archives, but then figured might as well let other benefit. Please note that because I compared all 4 scripts, my version ended up being a “best of” compilation (SFW-Chihiro primarily). Maybe that kills the deal – I have no idea. Since I went line for line, everything is timed everything (WTF was I thinking? LOL). Fonts were changed as well (nothing extreme – just my preference).

    Thanks again for all work & great releases.

  43. Pisces writes:

    When the next episode, coalgirls?

  44. suiton writes:

    Why not use Chihiro and make change accordingly?

    When is the next episode? I assume you mean the next release? Well, the answer to that is simple. When they finish.


  45. Nidoran writes:

    @suiton … when they finish? more like when they start (refernce to anon-chan being m.i.a. and bds are at episode 8)

  46. Nidoran writes:

    episode 8 … duno why it made that smily face emote

  47. Mr.X writes:

    NO!! Why you guys dropped this one? 🙁