Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Video – 1280×720 @ ~3100 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~18000 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs –
Track 1 – UTW, no karaoke effects (Re-styled, Modified)
Track 2 – UTW, ED karaoke effect (May lag ED playback on slower machines)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

Post a picture of Rin if you want to express your thanks. Post a picture of Saber, get banned.

Modification and restyles were made to make this as consistent with Eclipse’s TV release as possible while applying modern ideology on font size and padding.

76 Responses to Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

  1. Iron Sand G writes:

    Things are starting to pick up again 😀
    I didn’t expect this to come this soon so that’s quite a pleasant surprise 😀


  2. Tiago writes:

    Thanks so much coalgirls, the series was awesome, I can’t wait to watch this 😀
    Can I ask you why you “hate” Saber? XD

    I don’t hate Saber. She’s just far too over rated, and steals too much popularity from Rin, the best character is the series.

  3. Tiago writes:

    Yeah, although I really like Saber, she is over rated and Rin is way cooler 😀

  4. zero writes:

    HAHAHA no pictures of Saber lol that is rough. She is my favorite but it’s your site so must respect the rules/requests 😀

  5. 5ushi writes:

    Aww crap… Though being a CG supporter, I’ll be forced to wait for a 1080p variant.

    […goes and SHIFT-DELs all existing RAWs and UTW’s AC3 encoded movie…]

  6. banger writes:

    they were all pissed in utw’s irc channel yesterday saying that you are stealing their script. anyways i am happy to have a higher quality release to archive, although i could not resist watching their 720p version already.

  7. Perfect Chas writes:

    What I did was remuxed UTW’s subs from their 720p release as soon as it came out with the 7.74GB 1080p Zero-Raws that I downloaded ahead of time, so I got to watch it in 1080p with FLAC goodness, which the movie’s animation deserves.
    But I’ll gladly redownload CoalGirl’s release of UBW if the video quality is better! =D

    PS: Right on! Rin > Archer > All other F/SN characters!

  8. Craggy writes:

    14 GB QQ
    Is there any notable video quality difference to yours and UTWs 720p release?

    It is 1080p native, so there should be. But between my 720p and UTW’s 720p release, they should look pretty similar, since the source was really good and required minimal to no filtering.

  9. Tsuki writes:

    A ton of screenshots of Rin that I posted up on a blog, straight from the movie (so beware of spoilers):


  10. zero writes:

    @banger I’m pretty sure the same source was used for both…I might be wrong. But in any case I think the visual quality of the releases are about if not spot on equivalent.

    In response to doing the tv series….if you have the time then ya you should do it. I mean it isn’t a perfect example of the fate route but I think fans of the VN or the series in general adore or at the very least enjoy the tv series. I know I did. Whatever you want lol I already have it in HD obviously 🙂

  11. zero writes:

    @coalgirls I’M JUST CURIOUS so please don’t yell at me lol. Why the hate towards Saber? AGAIN, JUST CURIOUS.

  12. BK201 writes:

    @zero: Read CoalGirl’s response to post #3.

  13. Rinfinite writes:

    Pool of scans from the Rin Portraits artbook.


  14. chris writes:

    Thank you for the 1080p

  15. 5ushi writes:

    Can you confirm, IF you do decide to do the TV series again (24 episodes), are you going to be using the RAWs from the box-set (the one being released this month)?

    If I recall correctly, that box-set was a 1080i; IF you do decide to go and release the TV series, would FSN be an exception like White Album was (that was a 1080i source as well)? I mean, heck, you already said it’d be breaking a policy… so one more might not hurt as much..?

  16. Joe4evr writes:

    What about a picture of Rin x Saber?*shot*

    Anyway, I already got UTW’s release and I don’t really want to wait that long again to download this version, so I’ll just wait for their 720p patch. Still, great work.

  17. Craggy writes:

    Thanks for the reply.
    I’ll be grabbing your 720p.
    Just the fact it’s revised and restyled.
    Also curious to see if there is a difference in quality.

  18. chibi209 writes:

    Anybody down 4 Rin’s younger Sister?

  19. Iron Sand G writes:

    Sakura and Rider are slso Underrated.
    And For me those 2 are the Most Beautiful,though I like all of the Girls 😀

  20. coalgirls writes:

    Craggy, 1080p is revised and restyled too.

    5ushi, if the BD looks anything like Anime-Supreme’s version I will definitely not be doing 1080p.

  21. 5ushi writes:

    Not bragging or anything, but I have the actual blu-ray for UBW. There is a promo for the REPRODUCTION I and II, and I have to say it is nowhere near the 1080p glory of the UBW movie. That said, it doesn’t even compare with Utawarerumono (Aquaplus’s 1080p remakes). It’s slightly worse than White Album 1080i.

    Though I think it is something people MAYBE able to live with. I’ve seen the 1080 versions of the FSN series for years now; all from DTV recordings so I’m hopeful the blu-ray box might give better results; though from the looks of things from the promo as mentioned above, I ain’t counting on it…

  22. ChrisK writes:

    The FSN BDs are 1080i and they look more or less like a 720p upscale.

    Screenshots from BD-Reencodes (QTS, unfiltered):
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2

    I have the BDMVs here in case you decide to do and need them.

  23. Iron Sand G writes:

    ^It already has subs? what about english audio?

  24. ChrisK writes:

    No, the Blu-rays don’t have subs or english dub. The subs on the screenshots are a SRT-script OCR’d from the R1 DVD (The sub and dub fit on the Blu-ray with just a little bit of shifting).

  25. DragoZERO writes:

    Awesome, thanks.

    Here is a cool Rin wallpaper with the Reality Marble in the background. http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/5706/konachancom84146fatesta.png

    And I wouldn’t do the TV series, it’s already been done and other series deserve your love more.

  26. DmonHiro writes:

    I suppose a Sakura fan, like myself, would get stoned here?

    A Sakura is fine too

  27. fan writes:

    just to clarify on the fate stay night blu-rays. None of the Fate stay night (tv, reproduction, etc) are officially on american blu-ray, or even license for america. If Fate Stay does get license am pretty sure Funimation will have first debs on it.

  28. fan writes:

    oh and by the way thanks for release and can someone please make mu ddl links.

    p.s. funimation reminds of advfilms too many titles license and too many years to wait for 1 of those titles to come out.

  29. stormxhornet writes:

    The title for the 720p version says K-On!! ep 9 XDD
    Thanks for the release though 😀

  30. tatsujin writes:

    Do the TV series. I’m carrying junk Blu-ray versions. -sighs- 🙁

  31. 5ushi writes:

    Your screenshot. Those QTS encodes; they’ve been out since the middle of last year. They’re not really blu-ray sources (which leads me to believe they are upscale 720p DTV shows). I’ve got those QTS encodes (all 24 eps) and they’re not as good as White Album that CG here has released.

    That said, a 1080i still looks ok on screen. I’d be ever delighted if CG does them, though the choice is entirely their’s~~

  32. 5ushi writes:

    …wish we could edit our posts here…
    I’d say if you can, source a blu-ray disc source and try encoding those? Granted the blu-ray box is on the expensive side… You never know, the quality on those might be better. Though admittedly, I’ve never seen a blu-ray .iso for F/sn on the net…

  33. Iron Sand G writes:

    4+gigs on Fileserve? 😀
    how much data can you upload to Fileserve?
    Thanks for the ddl on FS by the way 😀

    ChrisK: Apparently there are ways to circumvent their limit 😀

  34. coalbitch writes:
  35. ChrisK writes:

    >Your screenshot. Those QTS encodes; they’ve been out since the middle of last year.
    So are the Blu-rays.
    >They’re not really blu-ray sources (which leads me to believe they are upscale 720p DTV shows).
    They are.
    >I’ve got those QTS encodes (all 24 eps) and they’re not as good as White Album that CG here has released.
    You can’t compare different shows from different companys from different years from different encoders just because their Blu-rays are both in 1080i.
    >Though admittedly, I’ve never seen a blu-ray .iso for F/sn on the net…
    Maybe because they were released as BDMV-Folders and not as ISOs. They were on Nyaa and I got them from there.

  36. 5ushi writes:

    Huh… I was wondering where 1080i variants were from then. Will lurk around then; hopefully your QTS encodes are better as mine are slightly grainy…


    Hopefully I’m excused for that little graffiti there…

  37. overkill373 writes:

    thanks for your work

    but i have a question, why does every video with FLAC audio i play seem to have lower volume than ones with AC3?

  38. baka writes:

    Any feedback from those who downloaded (1080p)this one and UTW’s official release? I’m interested in knowing which one looks better. thanks.

  39. daikama writes:

    @overkill – It depends upon how AC3 is encoded (or re-encoded). There are settings that you can use to raise the levels, particularly on speech. In other words, you can compress it. There’s also a setting (at least in MPC) to boost AC3 volume since usually it’s not as loud as other formats. FLAC should also have a greater dynamic range = more range in track volume. That’s a benefit of lossless audio.

    @baka – Still waiting for 1080p torrent to finish DL (long way to go). However, I’m confident CG will be better given CG’s track record and the fact the bit rate’s a little higher. I watched the UTW 720p version, and it was SO much better than the original TV series to the point it kind of ruins watching the TV series – even the BDMVs! I can only wish they would redo the TV series like UBW (sorry, but I’m in the Saber camp :D).

    Given the size (about 45% of the BDMVs I have)1080p versions should look outstanding unless the encode is utterly screwed up or too small (low bit rate). They did a great job visually on this IMO.

  40. blargo writes:

    UTW’s 1080p version also has some fixes (typo’s, typesetting, etc.) which weren’t present in the 720p version.

  41. tormaid writes:

    I think you should do the series!

  42. philip writes:

    I like Illya

  43. don writes:

    UTW’s 720p has release patch for v2.

  44. brandon writes:

    YES! the 1080p DDL is out! Thanks!! You were faster than UTW lol