Occult Academy

Type: Series (13 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 18
1280×720   @ crf 18
Audio: FLAC 2.0
Subs: Pakuru, Harth (SP02-05, restyled)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

88 Responses to Occult Academy

  1. Nyanko writes:

    370mb with Flac? LOL size…

  2. LMN writes:

    First some people complain that files are too big. Like me.
    Now we have people who complain that the files are too small. What’ll become of this world?

  3. sadf writes:

    @LMN: Lol

  4. anihvl writes:

    Any difference in animation between airing and BD? Also, why this choice of subs?

  5. Mjk- writes:

    i’ve got a silly question. how do you reproduce the 3d version of sp01? with zoomplayer and mpc-hc get to see a split image, but honestly i suppose it is made to use one frame from each side interleaved. i’m wrong?

  6. Imouto writes:

    It’s a stereogram, think with your brains for once.

  7. Nyanko writes:

    files are too small => quality are too

  8. Ice writes:

    Same question as Anihvl had “Any difference in animation between airing and BD” whats new in the BD verison beside the video ofc.

  9. tormaid writes:

    Haha, it’s true no size is just right for people. I’m not sure I like that Coalgirls is so disparate in their encoding policy.

  10. Iron Sand G writes:

    Chris,would you consider continuing Baka to Test? 🙂

    Maybe later.

  11. Tg writes:

    nice to see this released and crf 18 is fine too. no need to overblow filesizes with crf values higher than 16. Even crf 16 can lead to troubles with heavy noised parts (see seitokai yakuindomo ep 1 and 6) and occult acadamy doesn’t have the most detailed picture to begin with.

  12. Tg writes:

    noticed some slowdowns during the opening because of the subtitles (1080p).
    everyone else who has this problem:

    – get mkvtoolnix and mkvextract
    – extract subtitles
    – delete all the {\blur2} in front of the op lyrics (and maybe ed too)
    – save and remux

    works smooth now

  13. herp writes:

    do want

  14. RoadSign writes:



  15. loler writes:


    Small file sizes don’t have to mean low quality.
    Just like with upscales, you can take a 480p video and upscale to 1080, the size will increase a lot, quality will stay the same. as far as you know the BD’s aren’t so great to justify anything more than the current file size anyway, I honestly thought people would be happier with smaller files rather than bloated files.. what has the world come to…

  16. tormaid writes:

    It’s just that Coalgirls has always done shows at the highest quality possible without caring about the size of people’s hdds.

  17. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    Maybe its just me but I rather have a bloted oversized file that I can downsample to taste rather than a undersized file that I cant work with. This is also partly the reason i oversize stuff.

  18. Ruffian writes:

    I’m wondering, has it romance?

  19. Safarudin4 writes:

    wait, no ordered chapter?

  20. GbitOptServerline writes:

    For those who would like to see the depth of the 3D video on a 2D screen, you can use my pixel shader to interleave the halves. This does not blur or lower the resolution, but it is of course quite ugly. It turns out that some parts of the video are only 2D. By the way, I thought that 3D-blu-ray had a transport stream with two parallel 1080p H.264 video tracks, one marked ‘left’ and the other ‘right’. Is this video re-encoded to include both of them in one video track, or is the source also with the video frame split in half?
    I used this shader by making an entry in MPC-HC under ‘View’->’Shader Editor’.

    sampler s0 : register(s0);
    float p0 : register(c0);
    float4 main(float2 tex : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR {
    float ux = tex.x*p0.x/2;
    float wx = ceil(ux)-ux;
    float vx = .5;
    if(wx > .5) {vx = 0;}
    return tex2D(s0,float2(tex.x*.5+vx,tex.y));

    The source was already “split-screen”. A “real” 3D-Blu-ray has one H.264 video track and a second “delta”-track, which only contains the differences to the other track to save space.

  21. OniSamurai writes:

    @Tenshi: Agreed. People can always just downsize later if it’s such a problem for them.

  22. Iron Sand G writes:

    Thanks for considering Chris 🙂

  23. Sapphi writes:

    Use GWs subs lol. you have permission.

  24. reply-kun writes:

    Wow.. so you’re now officially a Coalgirls? lol 😀 I guess you’re replacing anon-chan. And yeah pls use GW’s, or at least as the 2nd sub track.

  25. hselassi writes:

    ANN had a news item that starting with BD#2 there would be a 4 ep spin off OVA. Was there such a thing, is a sub not available for it, or are you guys just not bothering with it?

    There was just the 3 minute special which is included (currently unsubbed).

  26. waleedtg writes:

    I haven’t seen the tv version of this show yet

    can anyone tell me what the difference between the bluray and tv airing is please?

    much appreciated

    Better quality.

  27. DmonHiro writes:

    1st: at least you finally admit you oversize, Tenshi.
    2nd: you want a translation for the special?

    2nd: Sure 😀

  28. DmonHiro please TL the specials. I save Coalgirls 1080p releases of everything but to start watching the special and see there’s no subs…you’ve gotta do it bro. Maybe a joint [CoalGirls-DmonHiro] could be in the works???

  29. DmonHiro writes:

    Nah, I’ll just sent the .txt file after I finish it tonight. I have no need/desire to have my name in the thing.

    Please time it if you can ^^ I have no experience in timing, so if you do, it’s probably better (if not I’ll figure it out somehow).

  30. Trinity writes:

    What are the system the requirements for the video files. Although the OP,ED and the specials work, the episodes 1-4 don’t seem to work with my player, which just seems to hang while trying to play them. I have installed the latest k-lite codec pack wich has never failed me before.
    My setup : Intel Core 2 Duo 2,66 GHz, 2Gigs of RAM and GPU is an ATI Sapphire 4670 with 512 MB memory.
    Any thoughts are welcomed.

    See comments here.

  31. Trinity writes:

    Thanks for the pointer, 1080p works now like a charm. Cheers.

  32. BK201 writes:

    @Tg: Thanks. I remuxed the videos after deleting {/blur2}. There’s practically no reason for it anyways. I see no visible difference. Now it’s super smooth.

  33. Buffaloman writes:

    um, I think you forgot to put subs on the 2nd volume’s special?

    There are no subs for that special.

  34. Buffaloman writes:

    720p that is

  35. Buffaloman writes:

    oh ok, that would explain it lol.

  36. banger writes:

    i am glad you are releasing the specials even if they are unsubbed…this is one of my favorite series so i wanna watch every bit of it even if its raw

  37. DmonHiro writes:

    Sorry, forgot about this. I’ll try and time/tl it tonight. Where should I send it though?

  38. coalgirls writes:

    To me would be fine.

  39. ChrisK writes:

    Or meet me in our IRC-Channel.

  40. Buffaloman writes:

    I would love you if you did ~_^

  41. SvenVolfeid writes:

    im probably missing something really obvious but how do i watch the 3d special in 3d? i just got a new laptop and it has nvidia 3d vision…

  42. qaz writes:

    Can you re-encode 3D special with swapped images so it would be convenient to watch it without any 3D hardware? I have to do it with Avisynth now…

    No. That’s how it is on the Blu-ray.

  43. Gordon Shumway writes:

    Yes, PLEASE send in the TL and timing for the specials, DmonHiro! Arigatou! Waiting for this is worse than waiting for Santa Claus! 😉

  44. qaz writes:

    ChrisK, great answer… Have you tried to watch it as 3D yourself? Any sane reason why order should be this and not reversed?

    Left side left eye, right side right eye. That’s how 3D TVs expect it. And since I don’t have a 3D TV I couldn’t watch it properly.

  45. qaz writes:

    ChrisK, i don’t think that 3D TV will show you 3D out of plain picture without special signaling, so ‘optimizing’ it for 3D TV is completely useless here, not mentioning that like no one has 3D TV now. On the other hand you can watch it in 3D on plain monitor if you know what to do with your eyes but for this big distance between images for different eyes they should be reversed. I can watch it properly in 3D with reversed images and asking for the sake of other people who know what to do with stereo images but not friendly with Avisynth.

    -> http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/07/espn-3d-review-college-football-kickoff/

  46. qaz writes:

    ChrisK, have you bothered to actually read that or just thrown random link? Article not only says they had to use special converter to make TV recognize 3D but also you can clearly see on screenshot option to switch left and right images so it can display both orders.
    Ignoring the rest of my post was also very nice. I think i’ll stop here as you obviously don’t want to do it regardless of any reasoning, saying so from the beginning would be more honest though.

    Then I wonder, which part of “No.” you didn’t understand in my first reply.

  47. Gordon Shumway writes:

    So did Dmonhiro deliver the time/tl for the specials yet? Still hoping it’s SOON. >;-)

    And just out of curiosity, does anyone know when the last two specials come out? Thanks!

    No and no.

  48. Gordon Shumway writes:

    It would appear that Dmonhiro forgot again. Would it help if we leeches out here in Otakuland got down on our knees and begged? (Or if someone knows how to contact him, perhaps a gentle reminder would be in order? Then again, maybe it would be better to wait until the last two parts of the special were also available so that we could get it all at once.)

    Merry Christmas, Coalgirls!

  49. klaymore writes:

    thx for 7 and 8, cant wait to watch SP 4

    and why does Ami look like a guy in that pic?

  50. IZEROII writes: