Serial Experiments Lain

Comparison – DVDBlu-Ray

Episodes – 13
Video – 1520×1080 @ ~4100 kbps, 1008×720 @ ~2500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (Japanese, English)
Subs – R1 (Re-styled, Modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

190 Responses to Serial Experiments Lain

  1. Henry writes:

    I’m downloading the 1080p episodes to watch on my Macbook. Does anyone know it it runs without problems?
    I’m kind of noob about video players, formats, etc… Is it .mkv, .avi, .mp4? Could I insert another subtitle if I want to?

  2. l3enjamin writes:

    I’m also downloading the 1080p episodes, I don’t really know how do Macbooks work, cause I use a notebook with Windows 7, but I installed the K-lite Codec Pack and work with the Media Player Classic. The videos are in the .mkv format. I think it’s possible to change the subtitles if you grab a different script in an .ass format.

  3. Lurkningen writes:

    Thank you, I was waiting this for AGES!
    But this is my favorite anime, so I will not be satisfied until I can put my hands on the BDMV. Any news on that?

  4. Milky writes:

    1080p! Holy shit, this is going to be epic…

    Coalgirls FTW!

  5. trexx writes:

    I was pretty excited to see this and the difference is great. But while watching episode one the image jumps and warps around. Flickering in corners occurs too. This doesn’t occur on the DVD version.

  6. anon writes:

    Awesome, just awesome ^_^

  7. Vinslet writes:

    I have to say after losing my DVDs of this series that I think I’m in love, found someone who has the BD rips and can finally get rid of the KAA rips for actual quality rips of my long time favorite series.
    Thank you so much for the excellent work you do Coalgirls, I will be coming here from now on for all my anime needs. 🙂

  8. TomoyaX writes:

    Where can I get the patches to V2 of 720p?

  9. deets writes:

    any chance you can put the 1080p encode back up for DDL? or is it gone for good?

  10. Mikado writes:

    Thank you so much for this great upload!
    this my favorite show ever created!

  11. robopanda333 writes:

    This is awesome. SEL is my favorite, but i hate watching the DVD box set i bought… interlace sucks… this will hold me over till i can buy a used bluray box set, or untill they come out with a new Blu ray release.

  12. raymart writes:

    i don’t understand the message of this anime….. i know that its related in philosophy and psychology but i really don’t understand…. i watch match of anime and some of them is philosophically but this is the one i really don’t understand….

  13. Fireye writes:

    Lain is a complex series, so don’t feel bad that you don’t understand it at your first glance. Without getting in to too many spoilers, Lain deals with how the real world may not be as “real” as a virtual world (the wired). What defines you, what does consciousness mean, and how can the virtual world take precedence over the real?

    Lawrence Eng’s Thought Experiments Lain website contains a lot of analysis over various aspects of the show. I highly recommend taking a look, because there’s a LOT of minutia in the series that helps flesh out the overall theme.

  14. Dave writes:

    Thanks SO MUCH for this, I’ve been waiting for the RESTORE version; I haven’t seen this series yet.


  15. Bilbin writes:

    Torrents are so bad in my country and I barely manage 100kb/s but with Fileserve I get 700~kb/s

    Thank you so much for re-upping the DDLs.

  16. Alex writes:

    Lain has been my absolute favorite anime ever since i saw it back years ago. I already own the videos, but they’re kind of old.

    I had found out that there was Blu-Ray release of it, and i almost died of excitement. But to my dismay, the BDs were all sold out and i couldn’t have afforded them anyway.

    Thank you so much, Coalgirls for subbing the Blu-Rays of this amazing show.

  17. Salbastro writes:

    Hey, I’m having some problems with the subtitles for this. I know its a dual audio, so I could watch it in English, but I like being able to have both. I’m running it with the latest Media Player Classic, and whichever subtitle setting I set it to, it doesn’t display subtitles for the when the characters speak. Thanks for any help

  18. Zarroc writes:

    The link for episode 3 1080p is dead because the FS server the file was on is dead.
    Could you reupload it, please?

  19. Schultzz writes:

    i cant seem to be able to download episode 3 (1080p) all other episodes are fine.

  20. Schultzz writes:

    sorry for the double post i mean the DDL links.

  21. CJAnti writes:

    all DDL links down except 720p ED and OP

  22. Ricardo writes:

    I am sorry I am downloading the episodes but everytime I play them i dont get the subtitles can I ask why? I am using the CCC pack or do i need something else it work with other Coalgirls anime I have watched… thabks and great job

  23. Ricardo writes:

    I also get fastforward like 3 minutes out of nothing at episode 1

  24. Bernd writes:

    Im the only one with audio problems in the 9th episode of the 720p release?

  25. mugi writes:

    Oh god, please seed.
    And please work!

  26. gridsleep writes:

    The Bluray disk images are still in the wild, but only disks 1 & 2 are complete. Disks 3 & 4 are stuck. Can these be reseeded any time in the foreseeable future? Thanks. Lovely work.

  27. 3island18 writes:

    Any chance that the DDL will be reup again? FileFactory would be great. Your SEL is still the best on the net. Love the fancy subtitles. Thanks.

  28. amp writes:

    Somebody mentioned that the disk images for the blu-ray are available. Where can these be obtained?

  29. TheVillain writes:

    so im guessing this is not funimations blu ray release… is there any difference between the two?

  30. Sadifn writes:

    OP and ED are skipping out on me. Anyone else have this problem? Other than that, the episodes runs fine. Only this series’s OP and ED are blacking out, I watched other 1080 series fine.

  31. tiook121 writes:

    Note: These comments relate to the 720p version:

    You would think, given their size, these would be pretty much archival quality. Well…they aren’t. They’re certainly not terrible, but they should be better. For example, in episode two, the nightclub scenes suffer from noticeable blockiness. Granted, these are very difficult scnes to encode; hazy and low contrast. But not impossible.

    What’s really baffling is the flac audio; the extra megabit+ of bitrate wasted on two 700-900kbps flac tracks vs two audibly identical 192kbps aac tracks could have helped alleviate some of these problems, but was instead wasted where it does no good at all.

    Bottom line: Flac is, almost always, a waste of space. Look at it this way: a 4:3, 8 bit, uncompressed 720p video stream is 253.3Mbits at 24fps. These encodes, according to coalgirls, are aprox. 2.5Mbits. That’s a reduction of over 100 to 1. Uncompressed, 16 bit stereo audio is 1.41Mbits. An aac stream at 128kbps is a reduction of 11:1. At 192 it’s only 7 to 1.

    Guess which stream benefits more from those added bits.


    Imagine if we actually compressed audio as much as video. Bluray has a maximum sustained video bitrate of 40Mbits. Raw 1080p at 24fps is 760Mbits. Even on bluray, at the maximum bitrate, and the lowest frame rate, we have a minimum compression ratio of 19 to 1. Translated to stereo audio, this would be 74kbps. Not bad for talk radio and casual listening, but pretty dicey for music and damn sure not ‘archival’. Food for thought…

  32. DjG545 writes:

    Man I seriously wanna see this but the video freezes up while audio keeps playing, cant watch intro at all, only hear audio here n there (intro song sounds awesome man). Any other video file works fine but not this one, Im using Media Player Classic and I’ve tried VLC media player aswell. Im downloadimg 1080p version.

  33. Jason writes:

    @DjG545: I use mplayer2.exe, which is a windows port of the open source mplayer. It has much lower resource requirements than VLC or MPC. It also has an absolute ton of config options to get more performance out of low-end hardware.

  34. Hytamo writes:

    In honor of Ryutaro Nakamura, you should all download and watch this! He passed away just recently.

  35. beselos writes:

    Awesome job!!! Thank you so much for sharing friend!

  36. tylrgamster14 writes:

    Thanks for the release!!!! BD looks awesome

  37. 2017 writes:


  38. Lain writes:

    episode 2 seems to have no subtitles

  39. Delgon writes:

    Both versions have subtitles.