No Game No Life: Zero

Type: Movie (1 Episode)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 5.1 24-bit – Japanese
Subs: animeisdead (Restyled, minor edits) + Original Typesetting

The CRF 13 encodes return. The Anime series also done by us can be found here.

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54 Responses to No Game No Life: Zero

  1. HotBasio writes:

    yay coal is back
    thank you for all the sub and bd all this years.

  2. mizuryukei writes:

    welcome back!!

  3. pogchamp writes:

    wow just wow. always feels good to see new releases from old groups

  4. mircinus writes:

    thank you for returning! I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen! ^^

  5. asdf writes:


  6. John writes:

    Which edits have you guys made to the subs? AnimeIsDead’s subs were pretty bad. Are these better?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Only minor edits. We do not have a TL on staff. If a better script appears this release can be swapped out.

  7. Michal Zurkowski writes:

    Woooo. You are truly back yey!!!

  8. Rob writes:

    Holy shit! CG is back! AAAAHHHH!

  9. MT_Switch writes:


  10. firda_use writes:

    thank you for the encode and welcome back

  11. StardustHandshake writes:

    Welcome Back. Thanks a Lot!

  12. Xavier writes:

    Welcome back! I sincerely hope you are all well.

  13. kuro writes:

    You’ve been missed. Welcome back!

  14. Mayjun writes:


  15. kevinmlmw writes:

    This years is a nice years ^__^ , thanks

  16. a writes:

    hello there

  17. gaiar31 writes:

    Welcome back Coalgirls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \ = [] = / and Thank you!

  18. Tony writes:


  19. Dzjon writes:

    Thank you! 🙂 Very pleasant suprise to see this pop-up here! Hope everyone is doing all right in their lives.

  20. coalogfan writes:

    no way!!!! thank you!

  21. Mauricio Q writes:

    Just stopping by to Thank You, trully from my heart, for this release, I was w8ing for it since i saw it’s announcement. THX!!

  22. DarkAngel2224 writes:

    I’m still hoping for better sub thank you 🙂

  23. xenonzer writes:


  24. chiristian writes:

    Danke! 🙂

  25. Mustafa Asaad writes:

    welcome back :D!!

  26. dswjk writes:

    i must ask
    you still have a job right????????

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      Oh ya, I still have a day job. Its just my side job became less demanding, hence my extra time.

  27. Fire writes:

    Nice job
    And welcome back.

  28. niko writes:

    you are truly an angel

  29. heyy003 writes:

    OMG this means heaven for a lot of us!

  30. JSpaces writes:

    Awesome! \\(^^)//
    It was great to see your work again. I hope that you will be able to find time to continue and release some other titles.
    When you posted the pictures of all those high end CPUs*, I was hoping that we would see a release soon. I did not except one so quick. Thank you for your efforts.
    Take care.

    *Your multi-CPU system must be a joy to use. I would love to see it’s specs.

  31. Hatzu writes:

    Sweet, what an unexpected surprise.

  32. Haddaway writes:

    Welcome back! Totally forgot this movie existed, thanks!

  33. Formentera writes:

    Nice, thanks for your work.

  34. Tafoplaka writes:

    OMG! Your back! :’)

  35. flare writes:

    Welcome back! You were sorely missed! Thank you 😀

  36. Dan Munar writes:

    Please make a much accurate, translated version of the subtitle. Thank you ^_^

  37. skyhack writes:

    I’m not a huge WIXOSS fan, but I’m a huge Coalgirls fan. So, there’s a new WIXOSS series whispering in your ear… [i]”come back, come back, all will be well…”[/i]

  38. skyhack writes:

    Well, that didn’t work, but I think you get it.

  39. PurposelyCryptic writes:

    Just randomly decided to check the site, and, lo and behold, a new CG release! Many, many thanks! No idea if this is a one-time thing, or if CG is actually making a return in some form, but either way, this made me really happy – the top-tier archive-quality release space has largely been a void without CG around, and you’ve definitely been sorely missed. No matter what the future holds, I’ll always be grateful for your efforts.

  40. anon writes:

    What a nice surprise! Welcome back

  41. Pleppie writes:

    Yaaaay i’m late, but yaaay thanks!!

  42. Perfect writes:

    The CRF 13 encodes return…


  43. Perfect writes:

    Thanks a lot. Really miss you. What with those feeling

  44. Hasyidan Paramananda writes:

    Thanks a lot. Btw anybody know sub for this… sub animeisdead looks pretty bad for me…

  45. neo writes:

    WTF surprised seeing something from CG again… O.o

  46. Atrin writes:

    Does the fact that the “Not the End” announcement is removed mean that you are not coming back?

  47. Ferdinand writes:

    Are you by any chance planning on ever doing Owarimonogatari 2nd season?

  48. Tykee writes:

    please do Violet evergarden threatrical Edition and gekijoban version Ep1-3 🙂

  49. Brandon Kirisaki writes:

    Thank you so much for subbing this anime. You guys always do a good job and I look forward to your subbing.

    No idea if this is a one-off thing, but whatever you do is insanely appreciated.

  50. Saito writes:

    Wtf!! 11GB??? is this even possible???
    How to download this much big file!?