Gakusen Toshi Asterisk


Episodes – 24
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – FFF

720p – Episode 01-02 – Episode 03-04 – Episode 05-06

1080p – Episode 01-02 – Episode 03-04 – Episode 05-06

Apparently this is a 2-cour show, so there’ll be a 01-12 batch in a few months never. I just hope I’ll have time to do everything I want in the summer with Monogatari, Asterisk, and Macross. >.<

41 Responses to Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

  1. drakexkanye writes:

    wish u do rakudai instead of this,since rakudai is so much better…but thanks anyways

  2. Ravenlock17 writes:

    Thanks for this. I know that you dont do requests, and that from what i’ve seen you are the only one uploading currently, which I appreciate. What are the odds of coalgirls picking up Gakkougurashi! (School-live)? Thanks again for all your work.

  3. nx6 writes:

    “I’ve resolved to stop knowingly causing drama from this point out.”

    Doesn’t FFF now have a policy of not wanting their subs used by third-parties for blu-ray releases, and as a result they have vowed to do their own BD releases of pretty much all their shows from now on?

    Unless they have given an exemption to you (because you’re… you), this seems like it would be stepping on their toes. The no-using-our-subs policy was really about shitty no-name rippers posting torrents on Nyaa that used FFF subs, but SallySubs has also said they are no longer able to use FFF for script now.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Two things.

      First, regardless of a group’s specific wishes, we will do what we want and do not care about your opinion.

      Second, I did actually receive explicit permission to continue to use FFF subs on October the 16th 2015.

      The drama means no more picking up shows for reasons outside of wanting to do them, no more fighting with groups publicly, and no more long posts explaining situations. They can have their opinions on our stuff, and we can have opinions on theirs. But you won’t be hearing it from me.

      Sidebar: Drama means between groups. If you post a stupid comment, you will get a nasty reply. If you post a comment insulting to us or praising other groups, you may get a ban depending on my mood. This is the same as it always has been.

  4. Ravenlock17 writes:

    I’ll take that as the odds being zero, I do appreciate the quick response. Thanks again.

  5. Eien writes:

    >Second, I did actually receive explicit permission to continue to use FFF subs on October the 16th 2015.
    Pretty sure that was just for Nisekoi S2.
    >First, regardless of a group’s specific wishes, we will do what we want and do not care about your opinion.
    Enjoy your remake.

    • coalgirl writes:

      -MemoServ- Memo 7 from Eien (Oct 16 12:40:01 2015 MDT). To delete, type: /msg MemoServ DEL 7

      -MemoServ- You can ignore the recent post re: TV subs and BDs, it’s mostly directed at stupid ohys/zero remux groups, go ahead with nisekoi

      Yes, you did mention Nisekoi, but you told me to completely ignore it, not just to ignore it for Nisekoi. Anyways, I’ll just consider that permission rescinded.

      As for remake, it’s starting to just become a whatever thing. Red, green, blue, they’re just colors and really don’t mean anything to me in the long scheme of things. Heck, red matches our site’s color theme, so it’s not like it’s a bad thing.

  6. no-table writes:

    If gg is back it’s going to be harder to seem controversial.

    Thanks for all.

  7. fewqa writes:

    never heard of Shentel before, google them, down for maintenance. they must
    just wondering why use that shade of red for the banner?

  8. Person writes:

    The opening’s subtitles aren’t working for me. Can you fix it or am I the only one having this issue?

  9. drakexkanye writes:

    Prob just you lol

  10. Person writes:

    I found it doesn’t work for vlc but works for mpc-hc

  11. rip writes:

    tbh i don’t see a point in this release except this’ll be released faster than FFF’s version.

  12. Nyann writes:

    Thanks for the release.
    There are typos in 720 file names: “Gakusen” instead of “Gakuen”.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Sheesh, I thought I squelched out all of those. It was an error that was noticed very early on and resulted in several remuxes and stuff – just habit from Grisai no Rakuen. But I guess I missed one area. This’ll be fixed for batch.

  13. Seravee writes:

    I will never understand some groups whining. I for one will stick with Coalgirls for BDs regardless of what subs they use. Time and time again you have proved yourself a reliable group. Whether it takes a year or 2 I will always wait for a Coalgirls release. I wish the other groups would just work together as i see many other groups do. When I see a group get all uppity I tend to start ignoring them.

  14. Seravee writes:

    Though I must admit I was looking forward to you releasing Hidan no Aria.

  15. Helvetica Standard writes:

    Thanks for this! you’re awesome :3

  16. paul writes:

    Thanks 🙂

  17. Kirito writes:

    When can i download the complete 1080p BD batch of this anime and Rakudai??? 🙂

  18. Leviathan13 writes:

    When all the BluRays will be released in Japan, so a few months.

  19. Phuah98 writes:

    Can you upload BD Special CD?

  20. Klawdij writes:

    Welp, most of the time, FFF just takes official subs and “edit” it. I don’t think these subs rly belong to them, so it’s not like Eien has any right to complain unless he ask Aniplex directly for their TL.

    Anyway, thank you. FFF is still kind of bad at encoding, so I’ll just wait for your releases.

  21. ichigo writes:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  22. Naine writes:

    No, he’s not agreeing with her. That doesn’t even make sense because he already knew that to be the case but he brought up the argument anyway. It’s a kind of eye-rolling “Yeah, of course you’d be like this about it” response.

    Uh, what? She’s not asking him for the answer. She’s surprised at the notion of being protected herself, since she thought she was trying to protect others.

    Okay, I laughed. In case it wasn’t obvious, everything about this TS was intentional. The unreadable line at the top was not just me having fun. It’s to make it clearer that the message went on for a while before the part which is visible. Also, the last word on every line is kinda made up and only the first half a letter or so was intended to be seen, so it doesn’t appear to cut off. By scaling it back, you’ve made it seem as though we understand the details of the message more than we actually do. Finally, “come alone or else”. That last bit in particular certainly isn’t meant to be seen. It’s more likely the message contains a real threat.

    I mean, I personally don’t have anything against you guys myself. If you want to release these BDs because you enjoy it and because some prefer your encodes, that’s fair enough and I can respect it. But please stop trying to “improve” my scripts.

    Please address the above issues for batch.

    • coalgirl writes:

      “I figured you’d say that.” -> “Da yo ne” Is more literally “That’s so, eh?” and would probably work as something like “Yeah, I guess.” I’m not sure if it fits this context, but “I expected that answer” is a bit too meaningful to come out of nowhere.

      The literal line is “Who would?” The difference in meaning is important – she accepts that someone will protect her, and instead focuses on who it happens to be. Leaving it as “Who would protect?” might work, but the minimalistic tendency of Japanese sounds good to me here.

      And yeah, the last TS was pretty obvious. But I have a zero tolerance policy to anything that could be perceived as trolling, so the first line had to go. After that point, it was a matter of fixing the TS to retain the cut off look you had going. It’s a change to the TS that produces an acceptable TS, but not the same. It’s similar to the change I made in episode 2 – the only thing Eien could present as anything close to an error. It had an error in the FFF script (“wore hoods a wield a battleaxe” -> “wore hoods and wielded a battleaxe”) so needed to be changed. So I had to redo that entire TS because some of the alignment was based on the length.

      That said, you might want to fix a few of your own issues for your batch before you come at us pretending that our changes somehow make the script worse, such as “Dialogue: 10,0:10:37.53,0:10:42.24,Default,,0,0,0,,Show them some money and hoodlums like these guy will take on just about anything.”, “Dialogue: 10,0:03:02.87,0:03:06.74,Default,,0,0,0,,They told me that neither of the two have an alibi for the time of yesterday’s attack.” as well as awkward lines like “Dialogue: 10,0:05:43.69,0:05:48.45,Default,,0,0,0,,B-Besides, this is just something I threw together\N from clothes I was sent from my country!”

      Anyways, you can feel free to continue to post perceived errors if you wish, so long as they are respectful and don’t mention anything about not downloading us. But don’t try and pretend that any changes I make are, in your eyes, a negative.

  23. Klawdij writes:

    Uhh, but you can take Heroine’s TS instead. Ryuu is much better TS than Naine. Well, FFF actually doesn’t have any good TS or encoders.

    Just take a look:

  24. vong writes:


    Don’t start a shit war you idiot.
    FFF’s font choice looks nicer in that comparison btw.

  25. Klawdij writes:

    It’s only dialogue font. Overall, Heroine’s TS is much better.

  26. vong writes:

    Just keep your opinion to yourself. People have their preferences and it’s better to keep quiet about it otherwise they cause shit between sub groups.

  27. Naine writes:

    I didn’t mean to come across as hostile, but okay. And yes I will fix those, so thank you for pointing them out.

    One more thing. I see now how you got the “Who would?” line, but I’m afraid you’ve misheard it. The line is “dare ga”, not “dare ka” and she’s actually repeating a segment of Ayato’s previous line. That’s why she says it the way she does.

    • Dabor writes:

      I’m the one who offered those changes (coalgirl just pasted my notes) so I’ll respond.

      The “her repeating in disbelief” line, I may well have misheard, although I still think “Protect… me?” is a bit overemphasizing something ambiguous. At that point, she’s clearly on her way to accepting the idea of being protected, and is just processing it.

      The first one I’m a bit more confident in. “Da yo ne” isn’t confrontational. If in English someone says “Of course you’d say that.” or “I expected you to be like them.” the expected response would be something like “What are you trying to say?” or “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Da yo ne” is more like “Yeah, whatever.” or “Sure, sure…” in that it doesn’t express much agreement, but it’s also clear you’re letting the conversation end there without taking any shots.

      In general, I seem to make some tweaks, here and elsewhere, that involve a more minimalist and literal translation, and let the tone fill in the implications. If there’s a reason I should stop, feel free to enlighten me.

  28. Naine writes:

    Before you go comparing other typesetters to me personally, I’ve never claimed to be a typesetter and Eien was the main typesetter for this show.

    I did insist on doing that particular sign I mentioned, only because it had to be edited and typeset simultaneously to be able to know exactly what text would be visible/how much would fit. Only a few words out of the middle of some sentences were visible in the japanese, so care had to be taken to depict as much of it as we could without portraying that was just conjecture.

  29. Klawdij writes:

    Why opinion? FFF doesn’t have good TS. It’s pretty obvious.

  30. Barnahadnagy writes:

    Why can’t we all be friends here…
    As for FFF and TS, they did some of the most ridiculous TS before (for example, Non Non Biyori has a manga fully translated in it, shown for like 2 seconds, or Nisekoi S2 had some too), so saying that they don’t have good TS is pushing it a bit.

    So yeah, as mentioned above it’d be nice not to start hating here. We have enough of that anyways.

    All in all, I personally think FFF is one of the best fansub groups as of now, with coalgirls being one of the best BD groups.

  31. panda writes:

    link for eps 5-6 for 1080 has wrong shortcut…shortcut is for eps 3-4

  32. Z4ST1N writes:

    “…everything I want in the summer with Monogatari, Asterisk, and Macross”

    So you’re doing Macross Delta? I certainly hope that’s what you mean. I appreciate gg’s speed and all, but the video source is too poor for a show with so much going on. I’d much rather wait and grab the BDs from you

  33. Tennouji writes:

    Just to be sure: May I ask if this release uses “ordered chapters” for the OP/ED themes? I just have to ask it.