Type: Series (24 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 17
1280×720 @ crf 17
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Track 1: Commie
Track 2: Steins;Sub
1080p: 01-13
720p: 01-13
Volume 6: Episodes 14-16 – 2011/11/25

148 Responses to Steins;Gate

  1. nodame-kun writes:

    Cyras: Volume 5: Episodes 11-13 – 2011/10/26 !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kinoko writes:

    I’m assuming 10/26 was the release date for the BD. Does anyone know about how long after that they upload their encodes?

  3. XiThau writes:

    However long they want to take.

  4. waqasj writes:


  5. Shamans09 writes:

    yes !
    01-10 episodes -> 8bit
    10-26 episodes -> 10bit ergo Hi-10p !!

    • coalgirl writes:

      Thank God we aren’t doing Moshidora then. I don’t know what we’d do! 10-bit or 8-bit! OMG! Paradox!

  6. waqasj writes:

    Will the 1-10 will be redone in 10bit?
    Please do them in 10bit too. Half in 8bit and half in 10bit, doesn’t sound good.

  7. DonAchraf writes:

    Can You Re-Upload in Others Sites except PLZ.

  8. Shamans09 writes:

    @coalgirl – I apologize for predicting near future, but it’s choise of Stains Gate !! However, I’ve come here from the beta world line (where I was trying to enforce Hi-10p worldwide – I failed… many died…) so there’s a possibility that you all will be affected by the Attractor Field, and this series in this alpha world line will ends at 8bit quality. (deja vu) So I came to the conclusion: It’s not important if you release 10bit or 8bit versions, because we – people of this distopian world, will always accept (!!) everything that is named [Coalgirls]… with respect, pleasure & love.

    @waqasj – I don’t think so.. There is no chance to be redone half series, just because of 8bit/10bit issue..

  9. randomfaggot writes:

    >Volume 5: Episodes 11-13 – 2011/10/26

    where the fuck is my animu?

  10. Shamans09 writes:

    @ randomfaggot -> go to youtube..

  11. kakash1hatake writes:

    Shamans09 says:
    @ randomfaggot -> go to youtube..

    BD 1080p on youtube? lold hard xDDD

  12. redcat writes:

    @coalgirl Are you going to drop Steins;Gate?
    If not, when will actually the episode 11-13 be released?
    I don’t mind either 8 bit or 10 bit. I’m more worried about bad subs.
    And thank you for all of your hard work. You are awesome! >_<

  13. endragon writes:

    Give Cryas a break, jeez. It’ll be done when it’s done. We should be glad that it’s getting done at all, and I’m sure it’ll get done. That said, I ‘hope’ it gets done sooner rather than later, but I’m not going to complain, as these are my archival releases anyways. Only reason I want it done sooner rather than later is so I can get started on a Steins;Gate amv for next year.

  14. Adam writes:

    1. Commie
    Do you intentionally make poor decisions just to piss off people who complain about you? If so, bravo.

  15. Shamans09 writes:

    @redcat – Steins;Gate will not be dropped !! we must be patient !! Volume 09 will be released on february 22, (so Cryas and coalgirl have enough time for what ever) with 1 special episode (source: AniDB). but this special is not special at all.(source: Hamasaki Hiroshi) It’s 25 episode – the big end of story line, and will be released only on last blu ray disc. after that (22.02.12) we will be waiting for Gekijouban Steins;Gate MOOVIE (!!) 2013? (last big “the end” of hole story).

    el psy congroo..

  16. wmp writes:

    Yes! 11-13 is out! Thanks so much. 🙂 Have some patience, guys! Don’t bitch about release dates!

  17. redcat writes:

    Thanks for the latest Steins;Gate release, Coalgirls. You’re the great!

  18. dude writes:

    finally.. been waiting for a long time for ep 11 to 13. thanks coalgirls 😀

  19. kakash1hatake writes:

    new episodes! fuck yeah!

  20. Bill_star000 writes:

    Thank you so much Coalgirls for the next few episodes 🙂

  21. overhigh writes:

    can somebody help me with playing these files. the quality is very choppy while playing with vlc media player. get distortions here and there i tried redownloading.

  22. redcat writes:

    If the playback is choppy, please make sure your file wasn’t corrupted/broken (check the hash first).
    Then try playing it with different software. I use CCCP and it works just fine – even for a mediocre PC.

  23. Spiller writes:

    The quality of this release is far from what I expected, many of the dark scenes simply looks terrible because of the banding. : \

    This is clearly a 8-bit issue, as 8-bit can’t represent dark tones precisely enough. So you dither, but this clearly isn’t dithered enough. So I’m wondering if this is because the RAW isn’t dithered properly, or because of the compression? Does anyone have some screenshots from the RAW so I can compare? (Not just to compare to this encode, but also to see how close I can get this encode to look like the original by applying some filters.)

    (I’m not saying a 10-bit encode would solve these issues btw, but I definitively believe that it has the potential.)

  24. Nettosama writes:

    Yeah would love 10bit release for this show.

  25. waiting waiting writes:

    lazy bitches!!!

  26. Kyousuke writes:

    ^Don’t complain. They work off their own schedules, not yours. It’ll be done when it’s done.

  27. Ruthenium writes:

    Any chance you’ll do Chaos;Head after this Cyras?
    (It’s kind of the prequel to Steins;Gate and it too was one hell of an anime)

  28. kyuzo writes:

    Looking forward to the update for this one.. :X
    Btw, where can I get a hold of projects your want to re-encode in 10bit if any?

  29. BoLaRy writes:

    Were are the new Episodes ?


  30. waiting waiting writes:

    next time, don’t put a deadline =_=

  31. wmp writes:

    Don’t listen to the whiners, Cyras. Just take your time and release it when it’s ready 🙂

  32. Laziruba writes:

    where is volume-6??

  33. Furby writes:

    Ohh, can’t wait until you finish the next Volume.

    Please take your time, you guys; People that want it early can go grab it off the myriad of quick release sites, but I want it done right.

  34. kyuzo writes:

    I was so planning on showing off this series with ur quality to another anime freak friend of mine. Any updates? Believe it or not I haven’t watched it despite being threatened to be fed cookies to death by those who have, sounded like a nice I’m impatient.

  35. triggerr writes:

    i kinda feeling like kyuzo

  36. Ruthenium writes:

    Any chance you will do the Bluray of the predecessor i.o.w. Chaos;Head after finishing Steins;Gate?