Episodes – 11
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Primary Subs – CMS (R1, Re-styled)
Outside Sources – CoalHanekawa (PV TLs), CoalMayoi (PV TS), CoalSenjougahara (Extra TS), Shini-subs (Title cards), Commie (Title Card 7)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

Note – It is advised to use XY-VSFilter with these releases, as other filters may break certain typesets.

To watch the commentaries, go into the commentary folder, and double click Commentary.bat. This will extract the commentaries and mux them with the video. Then, choose the episode you wish to watch in the commentary folder and enjoy.

v2 changes – 01/02 font, 01 typeset mistime, 05 preview episode # mismatch, 07 title card # mismatch, 11 title card # mismatch. Episode 01 + 02 also had their commentary patches redone to create 2 files, lowering torrent size by about 600 MB.

223 Responses to Nisemonogatari

  1. Somebody writes:

    Found a subtitle error in ep 5

    also, in ep1 the intro text is near unreadable because there is no background like the other eps:

  2. Somebody writes:

    Another error: Title screen for ep 7 says ep 4.

  3. Knowie writes:

    This is absolutely one of my favorite series of all time.
    I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

  4. chrstphr writes:

    Thanks for reconsidering and doing this after The Big Stink. Noli illegitimi carborundum.

  5. Someone else writes:

    Do you guys plan on fixing the 5000 errors we have found on the subs any time soon?

    • coalgirl writes:

      You have pointed out 3 errors, and I am awaiting something before deciding.

  6. Duu writes:

    Ep 11’s episode title subs say “Episode 10, Tsukihi Phoenix Part 3”

    Loved the series and release btw. Thanks for the hard work!

  7. blah writes:

    Did this add anything new when compared to the TV broadcasts?

  8. Why writes:

    Why ordered chapter, why :((

  9. ObeseLobster writes:

    The OP and ED are buggin out when I play the episode. Everything else runs fine, loaded up another of your guys releases and OP and ED plays fine. Using MPC-HC with everything installed from Playback FAQ.

  10. ObeseLobster writes:

    Nevermind somehow it’s working now, weird.

  11. HairCream writes:

    Thanks alot on doing this ! Cant wait for Kizu Monogatari to be released !

    BTW: Can you guys please look into Yukikaze ? Its a good anime but cant find it anywhere, even those on nyatorrent are dead. Please ~


  12. Why writes:

    @ObeseLobster: Yeah, everything will still fine like you said if I just watch it normally on PC but since I have to encode with MeGUI for other device and MeGUI can not capture the audio so it hopeless to me :(. Thanks coalgirls anyway @@

  13. Koricz writes:

    Why are removing the OP and ED?, that’s the worst thing you can ever do… Especially for people like me, who watch anime just because of them.

  14. monmon writes:

    Sorry to cut the OP and ED.
    In particular, the real fun of the monogatari series is commentaries
    Cut the OP and ED, it does not fit with the video.

    Yousei the stopped state. The quality of the encoding is bad any other Release Group …
    prefer the good quality coal, but it’s a pity.

  15. CHiS writes:

    The OP/ED are not cut, you need to use a player like MPC-HC or VLC that can support chapters.

  16. Solaristics writes:

    Pretty sure the OP/ED are cut, as I’m using MPC-HC and don’t notice the OP/ED at all, but for other releases I can see it.

  17. Dott writes:

    The problem with the OP and ED is likely the use of LAV splitter. It doesn’t support linked segments yet.
    Status accepted, priority low.
    You’d likely have to use Haali splitter for those. Which I would use anyways until LAV catches up.

  18. Teremukasu writes:

    If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated! I don’t know why, but when i played the torrent it was not subbed?! And i’m not quite sure what a XY-VSFilter is, could that have something to do with that?

  19. korol writes:

    Aren’t there supposed to be two commentary tracks per episode?

  20. korol writes:

    Nevermind, only the first two episodes have two.

  21. Koutaro writes:

    Did I fuck something up? Is commentary subbed or not?

  22. gemini 93 writes:

    thx before but is can u make a sub for the commentatory for those who don’t know japanese ?
    anyway i just realise that there’s 2 different voice for each commentatory episode ( i use media player classic )

  23. necromanteion writes:

    Are the subs of the first OP supposed to look like this?

  24. Diemeow23 writes:

    Bzzzt! Actual Question! How old does your hardware have to be to not be able to play 10 bit
    Installing MPC and following the Playback Faq where the two only problems for me, I bought my PC about a year and a half ago, it couldn’t even handle SC2 properly but I was already watching full HDs, I seem to notice a lot of opposing questions when a group chooses neither 8bit or 10bit.

    For me at least, I appreciate coalgirls for having these releases in the first place.

  25. atikabubu writes:

    So let’s get this straight – i don’t have to dl the seperate OP’s and ED’s, and if i have any problems, it is my fault and i have to shoot myself?

  26. Diemeow23 writes:

    Excluding the shooting part I think that’s pretty much it…this is free stuff after all

  27. atikabubu writes:

    Finished watching this version a few days ago.
    Compared to the 720p CMS tv-rip it’s like night and day.
    The resolution and bitrate itself make up a lot on their own, but Shaft did their shit as usual, and we got a directors cut on BD :3
    My only gripe is the size of OP3, i mean come on: 460 MB? The bitrate is OMFGLOLHAX for my poor system, and i usually get stutter at the beginning and the end.

    Othe than that: the Nekomonogatari Black BD is coming out in 5 day, and i have a question: will you treat it as 4 episodes or one whole file, because 4 episodes split would be about 4GB, and a merged file would be 11 :X

  28. Arony writes:

    Are there even plans to release the Nekomonogatari BDs?

  29. mtm writes:

    so if we download the new batch w/o the commentaries, it would equivalent to getting a refined-version of the previous batch, yes? Or do we absolutely need to download the commentary folder for this batch? i’m downloading everything except for the commentary folder, will that present a problem?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Nope. Commentaries are in a separate folder for exactly that reason – if you don’t want then, you don’t need to download them. However, I did have to update the commentary.bat file to go from the new files to the commentaries, and split 01 and 02 into 2 files, so if you want the commentaries, you will need to re-dl a lot in the commentary folder.

  30. NisemonogatariBD writes:

    nice thx, btw is there a reason why you didnt upload it to nyaa or will you do it sometime?

  31. mtm writes:

    Even better-better subs? Wonderpul!
    Quick response to my noob question? Mahvelous!
    Thanks for the release, as always.

  32. mtm writes:

    Double post + off-topic (please don’t kill me).
    I always thought you guys would change the banner to a Tari Tari-themed version once the batch was done. I just like PA Works’ art a lot, so it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

  33. Thanks! writes:

    Another great release! You are the best!

  34. Someone writes:

    We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.*

    *Except when it’s BakaBT and they force us to do a v2

    • coalgirl writes:

      Bakabt forcing a v2? I think you got it a little backwards. It’s called my using the v2 as something to get what I want over there.

  35. HaloGuy writes:

    So now you are telling me I’ll have to download all the 5 episodes again?? -_-

  36. F3n!X writes:

    So the v2 files are the episodes 1,2,5,7,11 ? (cause i already have the old ones renamed)

  37. QUICKSORT writes:

    Same question as F3n!X

  38. mtm writes:

    i’d reckon you can figure out the v2’s by comparing the CRC numbers.

  39. wat writes:

    At least the subtitle script for episode 9 doesn’t carry explicit colormatrix information, so it will render incorrectly with any playback setup that interprets the video as bt709 (as flagged) but assumes bt601 for the subtitles (which is the ASS default, so technically this behavior is correct). This mostly affects vsfilter-based setups, for example xy-vsfilter with colormatrix set to Auto.

  40. QUICKSORT writes:

    @mtm I rename all my files to keep them consistent. So I don’t have those anymore

  41. Archives writes:

    Just downloaded the new 720p v2 s and it looks like the font is different than the previous version. Also the opening and ending have been removed from the episodes.

  42. Archives writes:

    Ignore what I said about the fonts, just noticed the original 1 and 02 were the odd ones out in regards to that.

  43. mtm writes:

    You rename your files? You do realize that if you leave them alone to begin with, theyd remain consistent. Well, good luck finding the old crcs. I dont see what the problem with just downloading them over is though, unless you have limited data/bandwidth.

  44. kayserlein writes:

    Thanks, I assume this is to keep consistency with the neko release. Do you plan on releasing Bakemonogatari as well, cause I still have the old ANE version which is… sub-par, and having everything consistent would be great.

  45. Anon writes:

    Are the commentaries batches muxable with other group’s releases?

  46. AGENT writes:

    No subs for the commentary?

  47. urusai writes:

    I’m not sure if this has already been mentioned but Commentary 1 and 2 don’t link to the OP and ED because the OP and ED have 2 audio tracks while the episodes A and B each have one. Or alternatively how do I get Haali Media Splitter to link them? What I did to make it work was just MKVMerge A and B (undoing v2 change).

  48. techguru writes:

    here is the subs for ep1 commentary if anyone cares

  49. HaloGuy writes:

    Here is the v2 patches if anyone interested. I took my time in downloading the new files and then create the patches for old files. You’ll just have to drop the episodes in the corresponding folder and apply the patches.