Mirai Nikki

Type: Series (26 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: GotWoot
1080p: Torrent – 01-08
720p: Torrent – 01-08

236 Responses to Mirai Nikki

  1. Wyvernrider writes:

    Any idea when the next episodes will be updated? Is the bluray edition different enough to care for, or should I just continue with the regular version episodes?

  2. Katsu writes:

    if you hate censorship as much as i do you will go with the BD’s 🙂 by the way when is the next update? (its been a while:P )

  3. An enthusiastic anime viewer writes:

    god damn is there another fansub who is doing the BD?

  4. Hyu writes:

    He died in a tragic car accident R.I.P.

  5. Okiya writes:

    R.I.P Cyras

    Its very sad when someone die out of the blue like that. Thank you for all your effort put into BD rips.

  6. Marko writes:

    hi thank u for ur work in subs, can i ask u when will other parts of this show be released in blu ray ?

  7. Kakime writes:

    ^ Wtf?

    Cyras just died from an accident mate, you should be praying for him instead of nagging a dead person for your entertainment. Have some morals.

    Anyways, RIP Cyras, you were awesome. Very depressing that you had to die so young.

  8. Eva-Aug writes:

    so this project dropped ?

    well i am sorry to hear that hope his life got a good place at god

  9. Random Fan writes:

    Yeah… I’ll believe Cyras is dead when one of the actual moderators from the website informs us that he’s died. Not when a troll pretending to be multiple people or just coordinating with others claims he’s dead.

  10. Wolf Pack writes:

    Would be nice to see them finish asap with this project but i know the project won’t be finished until a little later than august even if they speed on it.

  11. waqasj writes:

    Cyras -san any update on this and Guilty Crown??

  12. Suiran writes:

    Don’t you feel foolish to ask someone who hasn’t seen the lights of the internet for god knows how long?

    There was even rumors saying he died (lol).

  13. Eva-Aug writes:

    just for this time i hope Coal girls want tell us something, so we not like a stupid people here 😀

  14. Another16 writes:

    I read the manga for this not long ago and it was really superb. I checked in on the anime and they’re pretty faithful to the manga, but I’ve been looking for a high quality version with no luck. Coalgirls does good work and what they have produced of this series so far is pretty impeccable. I’d love nothing more than to finish this series at an appropriate level of quality without nasty censors. Here’s hoping Coalgirls can see this one through soon. 🙂

  15. jbwzrd213 writes:

    God, I hope this hasn’t been dropped!
    My friend introduced this to me and really wants me to watch it. I, however, really hate censores. Here’s to hoping this makes progress!

  16. reltk writes:

    Cyras has forsaken us.

  17. jvmunhoz writes:

    What do you mean “Cyras has forsaken us”?

  18. Suiran writes:

    He means that Cyras has abandoned us.

  19. h. writes:

    There were no “official” statement about that… -and perhaps that’s what’s worse.

  20. Another16 writes:

    God I hope this won’t get dropped. What a huge shame it would be. I doubt this series is necessarily very popular, but it’s a quality series all the same. Letting it slip through the cracks would be an outrage. I desperately want this series in an enjoyable quality without censors and I would be heartbroken if this was dropped.

  21. triggerr writes:

    you can´t toss out mirai nikki i just started watching it ^^, well already at episode 8 though
    I LOVE Coalgirls :), hope that helped xD

  22. Another16 writes:

    Hopefully Cyras will finish this up now that he’s back. I’m very eager to see this particular series at high quality.

  23. Tiago writes:

    Yeah, me too.
    Especially because it’s bluray quality and it’s uncensored. Please don’t give up on this Cyras 😉

  24. oni77 writes:

    Oh please please please Cyras don’t drop this!!! I know this series is filed under “undecided”, but I know myself and tons of other people, including some of my personal friends, all would love to see this show uncensored! This show, while not TOO popular, does have a lot of support behind it. I know I probably won’t make any sort of impact on the final decision for the fate of Mirai Nikki, but this show struck me hard and got me right back into anime and I would love to get the full experience.

    Either way, I wholly acknowledge any decision you may make and will accept it with dignity and grace. Thanks so much for all of your contributions to the community! 🙂

  25. ANIMEMASTER 200000000000 writes:

    last update on this was 1 year ago

    and i haven’t watched any other episode since then

    so disapointing

  26. oni77 writes:

    Ah so now we have to convince GotWoot. Hopefully they’ll respond!!!

  27. Tszadek writes:

    Uhm last time i checked GotWoot site was dead 🙁

  28. Another16 writes:

    Actually, I just checked GotWoot and they’re active. It would also appear that they have a finished version of Mirai Nikki subbed and ready for download.

  29. Alex writes:

    Take your time with this one and do better shows instead.

  30. sandoe41 writes:

    @Another16; so sad the t/s on their batch is hardsubbed, can’t extract it easily.

  31. xxcx writes:

    Do you know of any other group that are doing this in Bluray?

  32. Suzume writes:

    Final8, don’t recommend though because they use Static Subs’ script.

  33. oni77 writes:

    @ Suzume,
    Unfortunately, that may be the only option we have if GotWoot doesn’t respond soon………. 🙁

  34. jbwzrd213 writes:

    What’s wrong with Static Subs’ script?

  35. SaotomeRanma writes:

    Cyras, please don’t drop this. I’ll see what I can do about getting the communication lines opened between you and them.

  36. oni77 writes:

    Personally, I’m new to this type of subbing stuff, so either way, a long as it gets done, I’m happy. So I’ll check them out once new episodes are finally released. But I love the way CoalGirls handles everything so I’m still hoping they eventually are able to finish this. 🙂

  37. ruther4d writes:

    We’re still waiting for news about this.

  38. 4eqeq2 writes:


  39. Bebop writes:

    http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=340906 Here are the subtitle files 😮

  40. Bonbo d' Prdas writes:

    retards still believe R.I.P cyras shit – see posts
    i would like to start watching this
    i hope it get’s resumed so i can download it and watch at once

  41. Guy That's Still Waiting writes:

    The bluray is uncensored and is all in all the same other then the “black censors” or what not being revealed.

  42. Guy that wants to belive writes:

    Come on… I still have hopes… is there any other place where we can get the blu ray versions?… even without subs?

  43. Guy that knows someone else encoding it writes:

    Final8 is releasing Mirai Nikki, at ep 11 at the time of this comment, can’t vouch for quality though.

  44. okbro writes:

    Ok guys, the blu-rays are available for download currently at episode 20 ( Vol. 7) Then u guys simply use the subtitle files from the link that “Bebop” posted above (Nyaa.eu) from episode 9 and beyond. The last two volumes will be released within the next month or two )

  45. CG_Fan writes:

    Why Torrent not Work? Need Episode 2 and 7 Only. Found Other Torrents but not v2.

  46. GreenHornet writes:

    Final8 is a good alternative. They used Static-Subs with IB signs. I would have preferred GotWoot subs, but since CG stopped provided that to us. Final8 is a good pick up. Plus, there quality is good and uncensored… cant stress that last part… uncensored

  47. Archsage writes:

    but what about typesetting? Can’t watch without that.

  48. Tatsujin writes:

    if it wasn’t censored … i would have watched the TV version … BUUTTT!! … 🙁 it’s censored. Must watch this uncensored. MUST SEE THE BLOOODD!!

  49. Wolf Pack writes:

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been any progress yet.. I’ve been waiting for the past 2 months lol.. Oh well.. Most, if not all, the volumes are already out, so i guess it’s just the waiting game now?

  50. Archsage writes:

    I’ve been waiting since May. I’ll probably get it from Final8 because they’re gonna finish it sooner and I can’t wait anymore.