Mirai Nikki

Type: Series (26 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: GotWoot
1080p: Torrent – 01-08
720p: Torrent – 01-08

236 Responses to Mirai Nikki

  1. Sowexly writes:

    Did Final8 finish it?

    I found the rest of the show in 720p but it’s censored…
    The subs were great but still felt weird seeing bars and blurs.

  2. oni77 writes:

    Final8 has only released one new volume (3 more episodes, I think) of the show so far, but they are still continuing it so they’ll for sure eventually finish it.

  3. Eden342 writes:

    Oh my god!! the waiting is killing me >.< finish it already!!!!!!

  4. oni77 writes:

    Final8 just released episodes 12-14. Get them while you wait for CG to do them.

  5. archsage50 writes:

    Cyras, are you even trying?

  6. Xenophobiac writes:

    God, I can’t wait.

    How long is it gonna take to finish this?

  7. archsage50 writes:

    It won’t be finished during my lifetime.

  8. dxultimate writes:

    No matter how long it will take, i will root for Coalgirls.

  9. Gar writes:

    People are being pretty harsh. Cyras said this was on hold because he couldn’t get the typesetting from GotWoot or something. It isn’t because he is just being lazy.

  10. attriggerr writes:

    just showing that there are more interrested in this show
    hope you don´t drop it -_-

  11. Cap'n Nishizono writes:

    I hope it’s finished soon >.<. I cant stand watching the censored shit

  12. ofirissmart writes:

    FTY, Final8 has released episodes 15-17.

  13. X-san writes:

    Looking forward to this.

  14. 私はかわいいです writes:

    final8 made to e17 been stuck there for a long time now =(

  15. Black writes:

    Please finish this CG! You guys are awesome.

  16. 9th MiNeNe writes:

    Pleaseeeee finish this <3 Need uncensored ver 🙂

  17. Homura Dawg writes:

    Have you seriously considered continuing using Final8’s subs? Like seriously considered it? They’re on ep 20 at this point. Or are their subs just bad?

  18. Omega_Weapon writes:

    @Homura Dawg – Final8 are using Static Subs and while most people would say GotWoot is better. The problem is that GotWoot, Static Subs and even Final8 hardcoded their signs and their are a shit load of signs in this series.

    The main reason why Cyras stopped/stalled this series is wasnt able to get GotWoot signs/scripts passed episode 8. Final8’s version is a solid version plus the most important part… its uncensored.

    For me, here is how I’d rank/grade the groups that did this series
    GotWoot: A
    StaticSubs: A-
    IB: B-

    So Final8’s subtitle selection aint all that bad, not ideal, but we’ll survive with the subs they are using.

  19. Fadeout4 writes:

    I was just wondering what the problem was with this project. GotWoot is certainly active, they have their new website up, so why has this project been on an indefinite hiatus for so long? Are they just ignoring you?


  20. death writes:

    Oh well Final8 has finished the BD´s so i guess we will have to stick with them.

  21. DeltaFOX 209 writes:

    “Cyras just died from an accident mate, you should be praying for him instead of nagging a dead person for your entertainment. Have some morals.

    Anyways, RIP Cyras, you were awesome. Very depressing that you had to die so young.”

    death isnt a joke… either show proof hes dead or stfu

  22. Jesus Alberto Armenta Olivares writes:

    If there are subs all the way down to 17, where are they?

  23. Sce writes:

    Is this still stalled because of TS, or has it been given up on entirely?

  24. z writes:

    any news regarding the mirai nikki ??

  25. Hans writes:

    Any Updates yet?
    Still waiting for the 1080p-Release of this show. Go CG!

  26. Daniel writes:

    Did GW deliver?

    It’ll be great to have the whole series!

  27. Daniel writes:


    Ok, this is dropped, it says so in Cyras project page


    It’s sad, but true. I’ts a shame.

    Anyway, thanks for the effrot Cyras!

  28. Devin writes:

    Are you planning on finishing it? This series is amazing and it would be a real shame if it went left uncompleted.

  29. Danny cho writes:

    Redone this shit PLS!