Kara no Kyoukai

Type: Movie (7 Parts + Epilogue + Remix)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 16
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 5.1 (24 Bit)
Subs: Track 1: gg-TakaJun (restyled)
Track 2: Retail (restyled)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent


  • I watched it in 1080p, but I can’t really tell if it’s worth the extra space. You decide.
  • If you watch this at normal distance to your TV, you shouldn’t notice most of the crappy parts. Looks quite good actually.
  • Part 5 is a bit huge because the entire movie was plastered with grain.
  • The chronological order of the parts is: 2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 6, (Remix,) 7, Epilogue. Watch it in this order if you want to have an easier understanding of the story. Or just watch the Remix after Part 6.

405 Responses to Kara no Kyoukai

  1. Cosmico writes:

    Okay here is the Epilogue comparison.


    720p Upscaled – Using Spline/Lanzcos (CPU intense)

    720p Upscaled – Using Nearest Neighbour (Simplest Method possible/ Fewest CPU usage)

    The epilogue has a better quality than the movies but if you have enough CPU power for advanced resize methods the difference is also trivial. But as already stated by Chris you decide.

    Oh and for everyone interested, I just reencoded the oversized 720p version of part 5 with a degrain/denoise filter and the new video is less than 5Gb in size with a in my opinion slightly better video quality. I don’t know if the noise was intented by Ufotable as a stylistic device but for me thats a great Win – Win method to save space.

  2. G. writes:

    Thanks for the (fast!) help, Cosmico – looks like I’m heading for the 720p.

    ChrisK – thank you very much for your hard work! Now to free some space for these beauties. 🙂

  3. Tsubasaki writes:

    when you guys talk about cpu usage is there like an option where you can choose to use more or less cpu to load a video? So.. are you guys talking about the rendering option where you can optimize it for best or just use default or something? o_o

  4. dane writes:

    Don’t know if its just me but the downloading of kara no kyoukai 1080p has been excruciating slow for me i.e. <1kBps/sec. Anyone facing this problem as well?
    Is it because of the immense file size + leechers and the somewhat small pool of seeders?

    Don't get me wrong, not trying to bitch here or anything, just trying to clarify my doubts 🙂

    Anyway, thank you for all the hard work thus far! Looking forward to your future releases as well 😀


  5. nx6 writes:

    It was nice for you to include both the gg-TakaJun sub track and the retail subs for comparison, but why were the retail subs made the secondary subtitle track instead of the default? Just curious.

    Also, silly but would have been cool: If you’d linked the movies with their cinematic intro files as ordered chapters so they’d play together if they’re in the same folder.

    • ChrisK writes:

      Because the gg-TakaJun subs are technically better (timing, etc.) and are the ones I watched the movies with, so I know that they work properly. The Retail subs only got a quick check since I didn’t want to watch every movie twice. They should work fine too, but it’s possible that they have some minor errors.

  6. Cosmico writes:


    No there is not an option to use the cpu more or less. We have talked about the resizing of videos.
    In this case from 720p up to 1080p. And for this you can choose between several methods for the resizing. It depends on the renderer and decoder you use which one are available. Some methods are really simple and don’t stress the cpu much but they often produce a low quality picture. Then there are methods which uses complex math algorithms to produce the best possible picture and therefore they have a high CPU usage. You can find some comparison pictures here:


    • ChrisK writes:

      Of course you can always filter the shit out of something, but you might end up with other problems, like lines that weren’t there in the beginning:

  7. tormaid writes:

    There must be a compromise with filtering though. Just a tad of AA would have helped a ton with the edges and wouldn’t cause problems like extra lines appearing (lol, I’ve never seen that before but that’s just bad). Granted, this source is pretty terrible to begin with.

  8. hurf writes:

    sorry ChrisK, but leaving shit unfiltered is fail.
    because you can clearly see that it looks like dongs. but you will never notice those _minor_ filtering fuckups on playback.

  9. hurf writes:

    aliasing is not the main problem here. the lines are just too thick.

  10. Swaps4 writes:

    http://puu.sh/15kB , i’ll seed for a little while longer.

  11. banger writes:

    i like it unfiltered myself…rather not deal with mistakes. i woulda preferred something done to ep 5 to reduce that sick file size even if it sacrificed a little quality tho. but beggers can’t be choosers

  12. Mh... writes:

    I can’t seem to get the 1080p version of Movie 7 (DLed from FS) to run properly. It’s fine for the first ~20mins but the video then starts to enter a mix of slowmotion and getting stuck every few frames, while the audio is going on smoothly. I’ve encountered this on 5 different media players, tried remuxing it already – no change.

    All the other movies are running without a problem.

    Any ideas?

  13. Mh... writes:

    I somehow fixed it after cleaning and reinstalling the whole pack 3 times.

  14. Arthur writes:


    What is ANE? Where I can download this rip?

  15. anonymous writes:

    yay, one of the movie that in my worth-to-die for is completed IN BLU RAY xD thank you

    @chris : what is CRC? combined comunity pack? havent finish download yet but probably need to know in future reference

  16. IZEROII writes:

    @ anon how does CRC somehow equal combined community pack (CCP)….which fyi should be CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack )

    Just needed to be said. Thanks for the release though ChrisK

  17. WeeblE writes:

    could someone rip the retail subs for 1-7/epilogue and upload them somewhere please? i’m looking to mux them in with a 12gb raw i have and i’d like to avoid wasting 25gigs of bandwidth just to rip some subs. 🙁

  18. IZEROII writes:

    Also I’m watching this 1080 and it looks pretty damn impressive. Nice job ChrisK. I mean there are a few parts where you kinda are like “ehhhhhh” but overall it’s pretty damn pretty

  19. >donwloading 1080p torrent
    >around 15~45kbps
    >my face

  20. Skree writes:

    I downloaded 1080p version, but I can’t run it with Windows Media Center. As soon as MCE starts playback, it crashes. All other 1080p releases work fine

    I have Sahrk007 codec pack installed and made no adjustments so far. Please help me out 🙁

    Also, you guys rock! Keep up the good work

  21. Anonymous writes:

    @slow download is slow
    >not on private trackers
    >doesn’t leech on initial swarm

  22. IZEROII writes:

    This is why ddl links are provided. Torrent for people who get it while it’s hot and ddl for the late comers….this shouldn’t be news to anyone.

  23. jMa writes:

    But damn 25 GiB for one movies is huge even for me, think I’ll have to do with 720p this time 🙁

  24. Anonymous writes:

    Any chance of a ddl mirror? I have a lot of problems using Fileserve and I’d rather not wait weeks to download the 720p torrent.

  25. Anon2 writes:

    This release seems to be incompatible with ffdshow, at least on 64 bit systems. Crashes my Win7 Media Center every time I start playback. Anyone have an idea as to why this is happening? All other CoalGirl releases play just fine.

  26. Myuzaki writes:

    Uhm, Is it just me, or is one of the movies 25GB while the others are all ~2GB

  27. kathy025 writes:

    Hey Coalgirls,

    Missing line at 00:22:21 (when Shiki is differentiating about her dual personality) in Movie 2.

  28. kathy025 writes:

    For the retail subs I mean.

  29. ka0zfate writes:

    Hi. someone can upload movies : 3 and 7 (1080p I forget put it) to another servers? ‘coz anytime I tried to download always broke around 80%. it’s a nightmare.

    by the way Great Job I love it ^^ cya

    PD. hope somebody can delete the other post

  30. Deathagon writes:

    The 5 GB conversion…How do you do it?
    It’d be really helpful.Don’t want a 9 GB 720p file 🙁

  31. 06152433 writes:

    @ Cosmico

    Since you mentioned that you were able to ” re – encoded the over sized 720p version of part 5 with a degrain/denoise filter and the new video is less than 5Gb in size ” Would you please mind uploading it via torrent @ MU

  32. Kol33 writes:

    I have one file to download now plzz someone seed!

  33. Kol33 writes:

    (1080p) vesion

  34. Cosmico writes:

    @ Deathagon & 06152433

    Sorry I haven’t replied for so long, I am not often on this site. I have uploded my reencode to Nyaa, just search for Cosmico. I also reencoded the audio now the whole video is 1.8Gb.

    I hope you don’t mind my rerelease and it would be great to hear the opinion of an experienced encoder like you on my work.

    Greets Cosmico

  35. Deathagonzero writes:


    Thanks a million times and a half. DLing as of now.


    It seems the dual audio of all the kara no kyoukai movies are out. will you be doing this DA?


  36. Deathagonzero writes:

    Tough luck. Alright. Thanks for answering anyways.

  37. kache writes:

    Thank you very much.
    For the episodes, for not being dicks and for not trolling.

  38. 5ushi writes:

    Can someone (ChrisK if around) confirm one of the DDLs? For the 1080 variant, I’ve been trying to DL part 2 of the Epilogue. But there’s an error; tried probably 4 times today.

    The error is basically your standard “Cannot display the webpage” message. I’ve tried Opera, Chrome, and even IE9 with no avail. The file seems to exist so that’s fine. And I tried DLing another KnK file (anything but the part 2 of Epilogue), and those work fine. Just THIS.

    Would sincerely appreicate someone look into this… I’ve (sucessfully) DLed part 1 and would hate to think that was in vain, considering the bandwidth limits where I live…

    Cheers in advance for your help.

  39. 5ushi writes:

    Tried again, and once more at a mate’s place (so a different IP). And it’s still a no go for both cases… So got another mate to try some other file from the KnK DDL folder by CG (specifically the part 1 of the file, again). And that worked fine.

    File in question is part 2 of the Epilogue video:

    I wouldn’t think Fileserve would be banning specific countries but hmm. And not being too revealing, I reside in the Oceania region (so that’s Australia or New Zealand for you). Not sure what to make of this issue as a result.

    Thanks for the help regardless though.

    • ChrisK writes:

      Maybe shitty routing to certain servers of fileserve’s cluster at your ISP … nothing I can help with.

  40. random writes:

    sorry to bother, i’m tring whit the ddl 720p but each download i try it stops after 4/5 mb every time someone can help?

  41. 3t3rnity writes:

    I was just wondering what do you guys think is the best viewing order for these movies? Should I watch it as stated above in a chronological order or the way the movies came out? I imagine the original novel is written the same way as the movies came out?

    And thank you for this release!

  42. SouLSLayeR writes:

    No DXVA.
    Wooden PC.

    /ouaip ._.

  43. nighttimeprime writes:

    Thanks! please seed…. I’ll return the favor @_@

  44. Sigh writes:

    CG, are you in the mood for 10 bit version of KNK? Just asking

  45. JookSing writes:


    Hello, any chance of getting a reseed on your torrent of KnK 05? There are a bunch of people stuck at about 50% on it.

    Or if anyone else has Cosmico’s version can seed for a little while it would be greatly appreciated.


  46. gandalfaaron writes:

    does anyone have Cosmico part 5 down size ver in DDL the torrent seems to be out of seed for a long time……..

  47. arb writes:

    i find it odd, that 60+% of the files size is the FLAC audio, come on really 7mbit bitrate flac?

  48. Labyrinthus writes:

    Why is there only retail subs for the remix and epilogue? But thanks for the hard works regardless.

  49. person writes:


    Hi, can you please reseed your KnK5 torrent? I don’t know why, but it seems nobody is seeding it, and there are around 10 people trying to download right now. Thanks in advance.

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