Episodes – 4
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Typesetting – CoalNadeko
Dialogue – R1 (Heavily Modified)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

92 Responses to Tsukimonogatari

  1. coalgirl writes:

    Big thanks shout out for the person who edited the horrible R1 script (who won’t be named since I don’t know his anonymity preferences).

    Also a big shout out to Dabor, Mashiro, Aurelius, and ChrisK for going through and finding 246 errors in the script! Hopefully none’s left. XD

  2. Ibi writes:

    YES! Thank you!

  3. lhdlovebooh writes:

    Thank a lot. I’ll seed that during a week à 10mb/s

  4. I writes:

    Thank you!!!!!

  5. nikolai131 writes:

    Thanks for the release ^^

  6. Anoni writes:

    Holy shit. Thank you so much. Was not expecting this til much later. I have never been so happy to be wrong.

  7. Xeiros writes:

    By R1 please don’t tell me you’re referring to Daisuki. Those are easily some of the worst subs I’ve ever encountered from this series. If those were actually used as the base, I sure do hope whatever “heavily modified” means in this context was enough to polish that piece of shit translation enough to make it archive worthy.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yes, it is unfortunately a Daisuki base, but as I said, this did go through a heavy edit and had close to 250 errors corrected in QC.

      I don’t use the “heavily modified” tag lightly. It’s only been used 3 times ever – Toradora CoalGuys, Cardcaptor Sakura (which was mostly for the 1st 20 episodes or so), and detrolling Kampfer by gg.

  8. Johnson writes:

    Will anyone ever do Hanamonogatari BDS 😐 Thanks for these tho

  9. poto writes:

    Thank you!

  10. Ryan Flare writes:

    Holy shit, this was unpredicted. Thank you so much to all of the person that was involved for making this release possible.

  11. tzole21 writes:

    God bless you Coalgirls. I knew you would eventually release this! That whole”drop” thing was because you just didn’t want anyone bothering you! Thank you again. My awaiting time was rewarded.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Actually, the whole drop thing is an ongoing joke. At various times I have dropped Bake, Nise, Neko, and Monogatari Season 2, only to pick them back up later. So to keep tradition alive, I am still dropping every Monogatari season.

  12. ars_y writes:

    although wouldn’t the typesetting be done by CoalYotsugi? sorry if i’m misinterpreting the codenames here.

  13. Zagafon writes:

    Thank You! This is one great DROPPED gift to all of us who benefit greatly from your beneficence! Your work is always appreciated.

  14. snakemgs3 writes:

    you’re simply the best

  15. wanwan writes:

    Thanks a lot! <3

  16. dan writes:

    I’m totally not thankful for your nonexistent Tsukimonogatari which I will totally not download.
    Nor to the other guys involved in this release.


  17. Weeaboo writes:

    No subs for commentary? That shit is great, Yotsugi and co talking over all 4 episodes. Made me smile when I played the first episode.
    Also, 720p subs look really big but that might just be me. http://puu.sh/gPzX2/aaba837f95.jpg

    Either way, thanks a ton.

    • coalgirl writes:

      That’s the size it’s supposed to be. Also, commentary subs don’t exist.

  18. ZENSX writes:

    My body is ready.

    Thank you and everybody else who contributed to the project.

    You guys da real MVP.

  19. Johnson writes:

    @Earlier comment which I can\’t reply directly to, I feel like I\’ve been cranked super hard about this waiting an extra 4 months for Hana BDs cause it was included with something that release wise…. it shouldn\’t really have been? At least in terms of anime. Even on bakabt\’s SS page where your guys BDs have been added the mods were like \’hey please remove Hana it doesn\’t belong with this\’ and it was removed (tho that being said they have yet to approve a torrent page just for Hana)

    And on top of that theres no indication anywhere on that SS release page that Hana was released with it, in your comment for the release or any sort of file list (which isn\’t even on the page), tho its mentioned once in the 300 comments by a random user if you think to check there. So there\’s no way to expect \’oh Hana did get BD releases geez thats swell\’ unless you download the torrent for a different season/whatever of the same overall series.

    I dunno. Just, maybe make a better notice of it next time you guys do something like that (IE combining two separate releases that were half a year apart into one batch without mentioning one was included even tho it wouldn\’t be expected to be and there was no separate release notice for it ever)

  20. Quince writes:

    Thank you so much!

  21. Jeff writes:

    Nice, earlier than expected. Glad to finally have watchable subs.

  22. Jonesy974 writes:

    So technically you were telling the truth in the future plans post about this not being on time :p

  23. andrewpmh writes:

    I wasn’t expecting it so early! Thank you so much <3

  24. dan writes:


    Actually, it would be incorrect to not bundle Suruga Devil’s arc (a.k.a. Hanamonogatari) with the rest of Second Season, because:
    – It IS a part of Monogatari Second Season (actually should be arc 3 of 6 of the SS going by the novels, but SHAFT decided to just to release it later)
    – It was sold as part of Monogatari Second Season (specifically as “Monogatari Series Second Season v11 (Suruga Devil Pt. 1)” and “Monogatari Series Second Season v12 (Suruga Devil Pt. 2)”.

    Also, mods on bakabt are just retarded.
    Furthermore, a separate release would spread the seed pool.

  25. R writes:

    Holy Shit! I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw this release
    I wasn’t expecting it this early
    Anyway Thanks to you guys that made this possible
    Arigato gozaimashita!!

  26. master bator writes:

    Thank you!

  27. thanks writes:

    Goddamn I love you.

  28. miner girls writes:

    Do UBW now please.

  29. Shadow writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls!

  30. pin writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls. Dropping it to my hdd now.

  31. stealthmomo writes:

    Initially I was going to write to point out a possible problem with Episode 3. However you have 36 comments and not one mention it, so it must be a problem on MY end. Maybe someone can help me to fix the problem.

    The file freezes and crashes at the 1:32 mark. It does it in VLC, MPlayerX and Quicktime 7. I’ve restarted the system twice (once because the whole system froze). If anyone has any suggestions for a fix (other than “use Windows”) I would appreciate it greatly.

    Also, thank you for all the wonderful work you guys do. You are quality translators with a capital “Q”.

    • coalgirl writes:

      The 1:32 mark is the ordered chapters mark. You can fix it by using MPC-HC with the right setup (download CCCP), or mplayer mpv with the right setup (check our playback guide). Deleting the OP file MIGHT fix it on a player of your choice, but I haven’t tried it.

  32. BakaHentai writes:

    I Love you CoalGirls. Thanks for all your hard work. VIVA COALGIRLS!

  33. Kenshin writes:

    Thanks all involved for this release!!

    Actually, I was expecting this to be one of the “surprise” releases in April. Does this mean there will still be surprises?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Yeah. The secret project isn’t going to cause much excitement, but it’s not this.

  34. Gotrys writes:

    Um… subs in EP 3 are bigger than subs in EP 1,2 & 4. Why?

  35. Valhalla writes:

    Thank you, I can now watch this show!

  36. Tontatta writes:

    Blah. Was having a rough week, but this makes up for it.
    Thank you!

  37. stealthmomo writes:

    Ah, so basically – use Windows

  38. stealthmomo writes:

    *sigh* Thanks anyway. At least this stuff rarely happens.

  39. Degel writes:

    Thank you Coalgirl (and team), it’s a really nice job. Now I can archive and enjoy this arc without the cancer inducing “bigdemo-ther” thingy.

  40. Blasphemor writes:

    Thank you very much!, luckily I have not seen the Horrible subs release I have laying around, gonna replace it with this one.

  41. stealthmomo writes:

    Thank you for the help ChrisK. It works perfectly. And thank you as well CoalGirl. You told me the same thing, but I was too stupid to read it properly.

  42. ichigo writes:

    Thank you~

  43. Hoshi writes:

    I didn’t know about dropping being a joke so having this release was a really joyful occasion
    Thanks Coalgirls for this and many other great releases.

  44. Yar writes:

    That’s a shame about the R1 subs. Commie did an excellent job subbing this series even though they were speed-subbing episode by episode. They have talented people with a real knack for speech flow and cadence. I wish I could find a BD copy of this series with their subs.

  45. aslan_zara writes:

    When i run the “Commentary.bat” it said that “the xdelta.exe is not compartible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer system information to see whether you need là x86 or x64 version of program”.

    My system is Win7 x86 (32-bit)

    Does the xdelta.exe require 64-bit OS?

  46. aslan_zara writes:

    #Update: I just replaced it with the xdelta.exe from the Nekomonogatari batch and it working just fine.

  47. SchRita writes:

    Thank you so much! I thought I’d have to watch this with HorribleSubs…

  48. Nettosama writes:

    Font is apparently too big, since I get at least 2 3-lined subtitles on EP3 @ ~5 minutes.

  49. Nettosama writes:

    At least for episode 3, since the first 2 didn’t have this issue.