Shakugan no Shana III (Final)

Type: Series (24 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: SS-Eclipse
720p: Torrent – 01-09, 10-12

81 Responses to Shakugan no Shana III (Final)

  1. Pisces writes:

    Enough is enough …
    Me already waste approx 14 GB only to compensate v2 w/ lack patch all CG series me take
    No desire again to dl CG now
    This is the end ….

  2. mangos writes:

    Your effort is highly appreciated, thanks but, why don’t you use patches???.

    Just curious.

  3. guest writes:

    why another release of 1 through 6? I alrdy redownloaded 1 to 3 from last time you patched them.

  4. LarpTarp writes:

    @Pisces: CG doesn’t give a crap about you or your opinion.

    @mangos: Because they don’t.

    @guest: you could just wait? Or untick the boxes in your torrent client if the files haven’t changed.

    I love when people complain over free stuff. If your bandwidth is limited, maybe you shouldn’t be downloading CG releases in the first place.

  5. DmonHiro writes:

    You can’t patch new encodes, guys. Well, you CAN, but it would be redundant.

  6. dymitr writes:

    Other than changing the styles to a very unoriginal and redundant form this release is pretty much perfect. Thanks Cyras.

  7. guest writes:

    @LadyTarp I did uncheck 1 – 6, what I was wondering about is if those have any differences in the encode from the previous versions. If they do then would it be worth redownloading them or just stick to the ones I have alrdy?

  8. banger writes:

    i don’t mind redownloading new versions. if possible i’d like to know what has changed first though so i can decide if its worthwhile

  9. Link2link8 writes:

    Just curious here, are you guys planning on doing the Shakugan no Shana Blu-ray Box for season 1 and 2? I know they might be blatant upscales, but just curious an all.

  10. Seba writes:

    Same as @banger, knowing what did change would help us know if downloading all over again is worth. Thanks.

  11. enion writes:

    “i don’t mind redownloading new versions. if possible i’d like to know what has changed first though so i can decide if its worthwhile”
    @banger +1
    “Same as @banger, knowing what did change would help us know if downloading all over again is worth. Thanks.”
    @Seba +1
    has anyone both versions?^^

  12. Verix writes:

    @Link2link8 you can find season 1 at elysium and season 2 at sapphire, but both look like total crap.
    A good season 1 dvd upscale looks better than the blurays, as for season 2 the hdtv rips look better to me, and again an R2J dvd upscale would have more detail, but the dvds seem unreleased for S2.

  13. BThirster writes:

    @Verix could you post the link from where i can find the torrent i doesn’t find them .

  14. Verix writes:

    Elysiumsubs dot com has season 1, sapphire dot animetosho dot org is partway season 2 blurays.

  15. Dave writes:

    Why is the OP and ED Creditless?

  16. Blood Fines writes:

    I tried watching this on my android phone but the frames seem to be lagging, the sound is fine but the scenes are just lagging like hellll, any idea why?

  17. AlexTo writes:

    There’s not hardware accelerator for 10bit videos also the resolution may be to big for an android unless is the new Samsung or Sony. I’ll recommend to re-encode to 8bit and and the screen resolution of your android. Almost all new releases if not all of CG are not able to run on smartphones.

  18. jon writes:

    seed more

  19. DRDC writes:

    When will you release Episodes 13 to 15??

  20. EternalRain writes:

    @Verix There are S2 DVD “Sheryl” raws out there. The torrent is really unstable though.

  21. ANIKI writes:

    Look forward to getting the batch once this is over, whenever the groups gets it done, as for 2nd season, no one is doin it any more, also Sapphire is doing a downscaling for the BDs to 576p Hi10p. Hope a group will pick it up and leave it at 720p, even if it is crap, I wants it (^_^)

  22. darkflash writes:

    I appreciate your efforts really, but I was wondering when this would get done/get updated? I see that all the Blu-ray volumes are out. Thank you for all your shows!

  23. Miyamoto writes:

    Just wanted to say thanks. You guys do great work.

  24. juanjo_94 writes:

    Hi, I want to ask you for the Shakugan no Shanatan final destruction specials, I’m member from a Spanish fan sub and we are translating it, we´re on volume seven and during this week we we’ll publish vol 8 to finish the season but we can´t found English subs, so we think that maybe if you translate the special would provide us the English subs in a closing future, thanks for read this and excuse me if mi English have so much wrongs, bye.

  25. ken writes:

    when will the final fully release it? thanks for sharing.

  26. Tom writes:

    newbie this BD?
    thanks or answering

  27. Seba writes:

    I was wondering if CG dropped this series. Any news?

  28. RudeEncodersSuck writes:

    You gotta love when stuck-up groups post fixes with no explanation why, and don’t finish a series either with no explanation why. I suppose they think everybody has nothing better to do than hang out in their IRC channel in order to get any news. People walk on broken eggshells trying to get some info they shouldn’t have to ask for, then are told bullshit like, “CG doesn’t give a crap about you or your opinion” and that you shouldn’t complain over free stuff. LOL, since when is a little common courtesy such a privilege? I’m just glad I didn’t waste my time and bandwidth on this, only to have to go find a different encode in the end anyway.

  29. GurlLikeEggs writes:

    So there is no true hd remaster edition for this? Sad…

  30. HurryUp writes:

    So has this been dropped or what?