Shakugan no Shana III (Final)

Type: Series (24 Episodes)
Video: 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: SS-Eclipse
720p: Torrent – 01-09, 10-12

81 Responses to Shakugan no Shana III (Final)

  1. Petrushka writes:

    errr what. it’s already out? lol

  2. someguy writes:

    dam still got to wait 7 more months for rest of BDs.
    nice guy/girl posted the release dates here

  3. Enigmatic writes:

    Thnx, this once need a little love. Btw, I’ve always wondered if there is a way to connect original tv-openings/endings with bluray-episode using ordered chapters…and if so, how?!

  4. Woto writes:

    J.C. Staff?
    J.C. Staff…..
    I was hoping THIS would be good enough, I mean come on, it’s Shakugan no Shana Final, sort your shit out guys

  5. piecemealcranky writes:


    Any video can be used in segment linking, but since every Matroska file is assigned a unique SUID, you need to grab the SUID of a particular video you want to link, extract the chapter file of the episode and edit it (or create ordered chapters for it if haven’t already), and use MKVMerge to save the .xml file to the main Matroska file.

  6. scandilizer writes:

    Does anyone know if season 1+2 BD have been released by anyone? I really want to archive Shana BD. By the way THANK YOU Coalgirls for bringing S3 as well as the Movie out for us! If you happen to change your mind about bringing out S1+S2 BD i would be eternally grateful as im sure others would be too.

  7. q_onii_chan writes:

    is there side-story in this BD version? if any, could you rip it as well?

  8. Daniel writes:

    Why SS-Eclipse, they SUCKED, Commie’s better at this

  9. Pink writes:

    So whose subs did you watch for S1 and S2 if not SS-Eclipse?

  10. Daniel writes:

    I watched SS-Eclipse, because they were the only fansubbers for those seasons, and i read Sage’s review about SS-Eclipses version for this show, and it got a C-, while Commie’s version got a B+

  11. Nuketify writes:

    1 Most people are quite happy with the release… There are many factors here. consistency, loyalty (Their release like Claymore and Clannad is really good). But the point is people are happy, and did not bother some of the minor and major errors.
    2 Nice compliment
    3 Coalgirls – We will do what we want, and do not care about your opinion.
    Looks like you are not lucky enough to have the same opinion

  12. Nuketify writes:

    I dont think Commie subs
    “they SUCKED”
    They good too….

  13. Shandris writes:

    Commie subs are bad. At least in Shana. Thanks for this release <3

  14. fhgjhjghj writes:

    Commie’s subs are slightly worse than Eclipse’s for the first 9 or so episodes when they were translating by themselves. Then NicoNico started simulcasting Shana, and so Commie decided to just edit their subs. 8thSin rates NicoNico’s Shana as A-.

  15. Rai writes:

    I’m guessing by the 720p, once again JC Staff has made the BD blurry as hell?

  16. Shandris writes:

    Anyway Eclipse did 2 previous seasons and did them very well. Thats why most ppl prefer them. I couldn’t bear to watch Shana with “Crimson Denizens” and other stuff.

  17. Shandris writes:

    Btw will there be 1080p later ? Shana deserves it 🙂

  18. Rai writes:

    @Shandris JC Staff is often 720p only by policy, and I see this is no different

  19. Shandris writes:

    Well movie was in 1080p so I asked. Thx for info anyway

  20. biribiri writes:

    … I just checked TV ep. 1 (~320 MB, Hi10P) against the BD with about double that size. Except for the opening scene (which appears way sharper and clearer), I can’t see anything to justify double bitrate. The Opening for example looks even a bit blurrier than TV (a bit of that blur was obviously intended, but still). Of course, I expect BD to be bigger, but also to look better. And if the BD is that bad, how does this manage to blow up the filesize that much?
    Damn JC Staff, Anime in 2011/2012 could really be produced in true HD and released as such.

  21. Shandris writes:

    Well I was downloading it from Doki website. They have both 720p and 1080p

  22. fhgjhjghj writes:


    Doki are also quite bad at everything they do

  23. fulun writes:

    @fhgjhjghj, yet they’re way better than CGi, at least the know how to deband.

  24. fulun writes:


  25. abit writes:

    Skip S1 and S2 blu-ray. Both of them are terrible upscales. Get the DVD versions and save the space for something else.

  26. NemesiS writes:

    WTF, 2011/2012 show only in 720p ?

  27. Shandris writes:

    Well most of them don’t deserve anything better anyway.

  28. NemesiS writes:

    Shana is my anime no.1 so i would welcome it in 1080p.
    Weird that it dont deserve 1080p…after all, it is CG anime, not scanned.

  29. Zalis writes:

    @ abit:

    “Skip S1 and S2 blu-ray. Both of them are terrible upscales. Get the DVD versions and save the space for something else.”

    Are there actually any DVD versions of season 2 out there? Other than an upscaled 720placebo raw version, anyway.

    @ Shandris:
    I have to say I much preferred the R1 subs for season 1, since they didn’t have useless “~de arimasukara” and numerous other untranslated words in every other line. As if “Midnight Lost Child” is somehow a uniquely Japanese, untranslatable concept…

    I haven’t seen Commie’s later episodes, but their earlier ones had outright omissions and gross over-simplifications. And despite my annoyance at SS-Eclipse’s fanmade closed captioning for this franchise, I’d still rather have undertranslations than missing translations.

  30. Shandris writes:

    If u want Japanese anime w/o Japanese then yeah you are right 🙂

  31. abit writes:


    I think having a TL note as a quick reminder for untranslated phrases is fine. The de arimasu stuff is excessive, but whatever.

    Also, I don’t know about any DVD rips of S2.

  32. Verix writes:

    This show is eye candy, even in 720p. If you want your placebo 1080p get is elsewhere and mux.

  33. Shahin writes:

    i downloaded shakugan 3 ep 1 hi 10p
    also another file that was 10 bit
    and file size was about 450 m
    and video is sucks….
    the pixles are obvious
    its like watching a flv file with 50 m size
    is it something wrong with my player? using km player
    is every 10 bit have this awfull ql? or it can be solved?

  34. khanmein writes:

    hi guys.. there is no subtitle? correct me if i’m wrong. thanks for sharing coalgirls.

  35. Sess writes:

    720p… I got a 4K projector, damm studio – release shows at least in 1080p

  36. 564564564 writes:

    “Why SS-Eclipse, they SUCKED, Commie’s better at this”



  37. deadman80 writes:

    Can’t DL patches T_T
    Is there any other way to get it besides the rapidshare link?

  38. Shandris writes:


  39. Center Two writes:

    SS-Eclipse for Shana is as it should be. Good subs and any Shana fans would prefer them. Commie as a TL group isn’t that good at all. They had to use Nico’s subs in order to be good. Between Nico and SS-Eclipse, I think the later edges out a bit in some areas, and the former also in other areas. Both are good, so it doesn’t make much different. SS-Eclipse localize less than them, so I prefer them more.

  40. Shandris writes:

    I watched one episode with Nico subs and barely got the point since they translate names really differently. I prefer Eclipse way of subbing, they are just perfect. Nth more to add 😛

  41. Sky Warrior writes:

    Darn J.C. Staff and their non-1080p publications. O well, It still looks great. Thanks coalchicks.

  42. lightning writes:

    this is just a minor thing…
    in the ending, the first sentence, the word “kousai” is missing
    i hope it will be fixed in future releases

  43. Tamade writes:

    i cant seem to patch episode 1-3…maybe coz i downloaded the patched version?mine is currently this:[Coalgirls] _Shakugan _no _Shana _Final _01 _(1280×720 _Blu-ray _FLAC) _[79C5F296]
    [Coalgirls] _Shakugan _no _Shana _Final _02 _(1280×720 _Blu-ray _FLAC) _[0A904FAC]
    [Coalgirls] _Shakugan _no _Shana _Final _03 _(1280×720 _Blu-ray _FLAC) _[B1AC5A8D]

  44. Patrick writes:

    Hi, is there any possibility to Download the Episodes 4-6 without Torrent? Thanks!

  45. Recorder writes:

    What happened to Eclipse beautiful font, and why didn’t you incorporate it in to the release?

  46. Goshtic writes:

    Thanks for the batch release, seem these are new encodes, again.

  47. Shana writes:

    My ISP blocked p2p so I didn’t got fully speed when downloading your release. So, thanks a lot for the ddl links.

  48. Verix writes:

    @Recorder, you can always modify the subtitles yourself, doesn’t take long and is very straightforward, just look up aegisub; demux the fonts from eclipse, edit the ssa and mux it back into coalgirls.