This show is boring the hell out of me. I’d rather concentrate on other projects. Dropped.

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  1. anon writes:

    Do you guys still have some of the DDL for this, I noticed that since the URL change that most shows that had DDL for it are no longer posted.

  2. philip writes:

    i hope they have kobato in HD, that would be awesome.

  3. anon writes:

    Yep noticed that since URL change that most DDL for previous anime just dissappeared!
    Hope they can do them even though it takes time to upload as well.

  4. Mike writes:

    Here you go DDL:


    Tell me if they do/don’t work, because I’m starting to get suspicious about how Megaupload works

  5. Mike writes:

    Does the picking up of the HDTV rips mean we can expect releases at a faster rate than the actual DVD releases?

    Also what’s the current priority list for your projects?

  6. anon writes:

    Thanks for links, also since you guys are doing the HDTV 720p then that means the actual DVD release didn’t have anything extra.

  7. John writes:

    I’d like to know too how is the priority list now because the last time I saw it, it was:
    1. Canaan
    2. White Album
    3. Mai Hime
    4. CCS
    5. Bakemonogatari

    But now that white album, canaan and Mai Hime are finished, there are no updates on CCS, bakemonogatari is in stand-by waiting for Koharubi and qIIq, the missing BDMVs, Mai Otome, Gundam Unicorn, hi-mi-tsu project, Clannad BD soon (yay!) and the other series… well, now I have no idea xD
    I feel like I’m a pain in the butt lol

    Most probably the “hi-mi-tsu~” project is Number 1 on the list, my bet is: True Tears.
    And maybe Mai Otome is number 2.

  8. John writes:

    Oh sorry, I forgot about kobato so:
    I think Kobato, Mai Otome and the hi-mi-tsu~ project are the top 3 in the priority list.

  9. coalgirls writes:

    1. Omamori Himari
    2. Mai Otome
    3. Kobato
    4. CCS
    5. Bakemonogatari

  10. John writes:

    Well, Omamori Himari is the top and I was right about Kobato and Mai Otome.
    2 out of 3 what a lucky shot =3

  11. Sean writes:

    Why don’t you guys just do Kobato on Blu-ray? I hear theres an extra little animation sequence also… and I would deff love to hear Kobato sing in TRUE HD quality!!!

  12. ...what writes:

    The text is HD. FUCK YEAH LET’S MAKE IT 720P

  13. Reikalover writes:

    There are no Kobato blu-ray discs nor an announced release in said format.

    For animation quality complains go to Madhouse and/or the publishing company of the manga that handed out the budget.

  14. blinx01 writes:

    Would have rather had the DVD rips myself since any ‘iffy’ animation always get re-done for a DVD/BD release, plus you don’t have to deal with any of the warnings or crap you have on TV rips.
    Like someone has said, the text seems HD but the actual animation looks very little difference.
    Either way, thanks anyway.

  15. lolwut writes:


    More like lolling at the encoder for upscaling, them claiming it’s not an upscale.

    I am more lolling at you now. You obviously never encoded and have no idea what HD is. Or you are thefluff. 95% of all HD animes have this much of an improvement.

  16. lolwutx2 writes:


    One thing’s for sure, lines in the 720p video clearly look more sharp.

  17. ghantaq writes:

    i was about to say or recommend this. i agree on the move… dropped the dvd version and continue with this 720p release… unless dropping the dvd version is april fool joke. hope not

  18. coalgirls writes:

    It’s still March 31st for me.

  19. TheFluff writes:

    I am TheFluff and I’m not feelin’ that HIGH DEFINITION experience, sis.

  20. Daiz writes:

    Looks like HD credits on an SD show with some LSF/LineDarken applied to me. There’s basically zero difference in the BG texture detail, which is where most notable improvements usually happen.

  21. nicholi writes:

    @thefluff, we can go pretend were someone else if thats what you want. i know jfs’ site too, would that means im jfs?

    anyway, the real thefluff is mia.. so you obviously youre fake and just happen you know his site.

  22. iceman writes:

    @daiz, there is a huge difference between an upscale sd series and a native sd series if theyre watched in big hdtv. go watch both sometimes both on a hdtv (if you owned one). sure you wont any difference if you want them sdtv. samething i can say watching a bluray on a sdtv.

  23. TheFluff writes:

    whoa there I wasn’t aware I was missing in action

  24. dexelio writes:

    so what are the modifications on the subs? just wondering

  25. Kristen writes:

    We’re playing with a HD comparison tool in my staff channel, so I took your shot and did a comparison.


  26. Daiz writes:

    “HD comparison tool”

    Cool story sis, there’s nothing new about Substract() in AviSynth.

    I watch all my stuff on a 24″ 1920×1200 screen. Encoding this at HD resolution is a waste of space and bitrate since you could just run some sort of sharpening/resizing filter on the SD encode on your end to achieve the same result, all without the need to download notably larger files.

    Disregard the detail loss because this show has HD details and you have it perfect.

  27. iceman writes:

    pretty much all hd series with that size of hdtv don’t really need a hd encode. you could live with sd encode of a hd series.

    however, with a bigger hdtv, there is a huge difference of quality watchin between sd and hd encodes. i own two big hdtv, (40″ ,52″-both 1080p). and watching sd encode is dreadful no matter how gud you encode the sd video since sd video’ resolution will be stretch anyway to the resolution of your hdtv. the sd video cant magically have the pixels it needs to compensate with hd resolution.

  28. DmonHiro writes:

    You fools are arguing with Dazi, the most annoying and thick headed individual on the net. It’s pointless, just a waste of energy. Leave that troll alone.

  29. Daiz writes:

    “Disregard the detail loss because this show has HD details and you have it perfect.”

    The post some comparison shots where we could actually see some of this “HD detail” because there’s none in the comparison you posted.

    @iceman, sorry but, that’s stupid. It’s not the size that matters, it’s the resolution. At the distance you watch stuff on your big HDTVs the perceived quality is probably the same as what I have on my screen. You just need to learn to upscale on playback properly and stop being stupid.

  30. skystrife writes:

    lmao @ you diaz
    come back here some other time to discuss video quality when you own 42″ or bigger hdtv. you admit yourself you only got fckn 22″ hdtv.

    you know why you dont see difference between sd or hd encodes when you watch these on your small dick hdtv and why you prefer sd instead.. simple… you think 720p = 480p videos. that your perception because u own a small hdtv… people got different perception though if they have bigger dick hdtv than yours.

    honestly, ive seen all your hd encodes and i think theyre fckn awful.. my guess… your small hdtv is to blame because you cant see fckn artifacts on the videos youre encoding.

  31. doom8 writes:

    Indeed. I tried to encode a hd movie in my samsung 23″ hdtv which displays full hd. Its fuckin hard to spot artifacts on the video. And after you encoded one and give to your qc guys, theyd bitch that you goof off applying filters.

    thats my 70 cents for the stuff you guys talking about.

  32. answer. writes:

    because they dont have average lcd screens that doesnt display full hd and they may only have 720p resoluton or less. they will surely see any artifacts you missed or thought it wasnt artifacts on your lcd but if this video is seen on their 720p/576p resolution monitors of the qc guys… itd show.

  33. iceman writes:

    diaz, “@iceman
    I watch all my stuff on a 24″ 1920×1200 screen. Encoding this at HD resolution is a waste of space and bitrate since you could just run some sort of sharpening/resizing filter on the SD encode on your end to achieve the same result, all without the need to download notably larger files.
    Disregard the detail loss because this show has HD details and you have it perfect.”

    go show me your skill that you can make the old broadcast of kobato in hd that would look like this hd encode of the new broadcast of kobato. youre crazy to think that you can magically produce pixels that were fcked up or missing.

    you know why people encode bluray and dvds right? because no matter how gud the raw available, the encoder cant produce some pixels that wasnt there in the first.

  34. iceman writes:

    if people were really that gud at encoding shit, they wouldnt bother doing blurayrips anymore because you said avisynth’s filters can solve crappy video and turn into wonderful hq encode. im lmao when you said that.

  35. Daiz writes:

    I own a 22″ HDTV? Learn to read, people.

    I have a 24″ PC monitor. It has a 1920×1200 resolution. Since PC monitors are generally viewed from a closer distance than HDTVs, it’s perfectly capable for judging and comparing videos of Full HD resolution and smaller. If you think this is wrong, I’d like to you take a look at this:


    I view my screen from about 1 meter, thus ~3ft. As you can see from this graph, it means that I could notice the benefits of 1440p on my screen if it was capable of showing such resolutions. Thus I am perfectly qualified of making claims regarding videos with resolution of 1080p and smaller.

  36. Daiz writes:

    So then, some comparisons. I have to admit that this broadcast indeed looks better than the initial NHK-BS2 broadcast, but I’d say this still isn’t HD.

    This is what I could make of the original broadcast (from gg’s ep4):

    But then, this is what I made from the 720p->480p->720p linked above:

    Hell, I’d say save for the credits that looks sharper than the original “720p” linked in the opening post. Though since I used LSF, it wouldn’t really be usable on playback, so here’s something that would be:


    I’d argue that even this looks sharper and could be done realtime in playback.

    So bottom line: Looks better than the original NHK-BS2 broadcast, but not HD.

  37. coalgirls writes:

    No Daiz. Your credits don’t look sharper. They look blurry and ugly and upscaled.

  38. hohum writes:

    > No Daiz. Your credits don’t look sharper. They look blurry and ugly and upscaled.

    Since when do HD credits mean it’s an HD show, coalgirls?

  39. Daiz writes:

    I was talking about the actual show. Obviously the credits don’t look sharper because they’re the only thing actually HD about this broadcast. By that logic Naruto would be an HD show too because it has HD credits.

  40. coalgirls writes:


    NARUTO -ナルト- 疾風伝, 1106, テレビ東京, HV, 16:9, コンポーネント, , HV化タイミング不明 — GORRY 2010-04-08 19:30:07 (木)

  41. Daiz writes:

    “Bright as day”? The lines are like so minimally blurrier in the “720p”->480p->720p shots that any postprocessing sharpener would make it look sharper and more detailed than the original image. Besides that, the backgrounds are so ridiculously blurry and undetailed that you could probably downscale them even smaller than 480p without losing any detail.


    Maybe it’s not that the show isn’t in HD as much as it is that you should simply download SD because almost all shows have that much to gain in HD form.

  42. Daiz writes:

    http://underwater.nyaatorrents.org/bin/comparison/original.png (720p, no sharpening applied in filtering at all)

    See that small thing on the on the phone, with two lines extremely close to each other? They get blurred into one when downscaled to 480p. Upscaled back to 720p (downscaled.png) the lineart is notably blurrier. Then no matter what kind of sharpening you try to pull, you can’t get those two lines back (see sharpened.png).

    Find me something similar in Kobato, mmkay?

    Look at the furthest strand of hair to the right. Notice how it merges together in upscaled and separates in native?

  43. Daiz writes:

    What strand exactly?

  44. coalgirls writes:

    Closest to the cup sleeve of her shirt on the viewer’s right, to the far right.

  45. Daiz writes:

    Well, it does seem to get a bit merged at the end there. Difference is nowhere near as drastic and notable as in my example, though.

    Well, whatever. Since it’s Madhouse, you might as well release it in 720p. The texture detail still looks lower than what you’d expect from an HD show (and a Madhouse HD show), though. Could be just the filtering, in which case you should do something about it. And speaking of that, your logo removal really shows and it looks ugly.

  46. coalgirls writes:

    What I posted was off of a random share raw I used to test before the transport stream downloaded. This is the actual encode.


  47. Daiz writes:

    Well no fucking wonder the comparison shot in the post looked worse, then. Next time post your comparison shots from the .ts/final encode and not from a random Share raw ( ´_ゝ`)

  48. DmonHiro writes:

    …so…you were bickering…but you BOTH were right? Nice…

  49. BG writes:

    daiz, those are fckn screenshots from non-encoded videos. (sure you applied filters on it and took screenshots but did you really encoded to the end like a true encoder do his work. applied filters are useless if it cant be seen in finished product. what you see in .avs is not always what you see on finished .h264 videos

    let me check some screenshots from encoded videos or stop wasting people time with your stupid effort of convincing CG to stop encoding the series in 720p. go do your own fckn encodes if you dont like other works.. you lil piece of shit.

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