This show is boring the hell out of me. I’d rather concentrate on other projects. Dropped.

57 Responses to Kobato

  1. philip writes:

    that picture is so deceiving lol… I have never seen Loryogi so happy.

  2. MikeP writes:

    Megaupload folder containing 720p DDL links :

  3. John writes:

    FML if you drop this.

  4. Trevor writes:

    Nooo! Damn it. I was finally gonna watch this since you guys were doing it. I hope someone gives you the transport streams.

  5. Daiz writes:

    BG, stop being stupid. I said in the end that it looks fine enough for 720p, I was mainly complaining because CoalGirls used a Share/PD raw screencap for the example, which threw me off-track about the actual quality of the transport streams.

    Of course I could have encoded those filtered ones too, but it’d have been quite pointless since I didn’t have transport streams to work with (only screenshots). With x264, you can get quite the transparent encodes these days, especially on scenes like this.

  6. blarg writes:

    I was gonna actually watch it since it was being released here…….

  7. sharm writes:

    NOOO! I can’t believe this is dropped…