Ao no Exorcist

Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (24 Bit) – Japanese
Subs: gg
SubDesu (SP1)
Torrent: 1080p720p

Here we are at the final batch.

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  1. /g/ writes:

    Seriously? Xeon CPU’s? People actually still get suckered into buying those crappy things?

    This is 2011, x86 architecture is WAY outdated. You should never put such low RAM limitations on a server of all things (regardless of excuses of “but it only needs to do this”). For about $600 cheaper you could have gotten an i7-990X with way more processing power and the superior x64 architecture.

  2. Anonymous writes:


    x86 is perfectly fine. It provides stability and compatability with way more applications that 64 bit does. Plus on Linux you can use up to 64GB of RAM on x86 which is more than enough for a server.

  3. Olol writes:

    10bit is engineered to save filesize. We don’t care about that here.
    With exception of Cyras, coalgirl and ChrisK.

  4. baka writes:

    windows server? xeon? 8 bit h.264? T_T

  5. Kenshin writes:

    But with 10bit u can save more filesize which u can invest in even more Bitrate lulz.

  6. Z0C writes:

    Hey Kenshin,

    i said it before, i am on a 100mbit fiber line at home, i am already a distributer for other site’s, if you need anything, just contact me

  7. 私はかわいいです writes:

    well if u use something like my spec, u don’t need to think that something wont work!
    i7 CPU 980x @ 4.0GHz | Zalman Reserator XT Hybrid Liquid Cooling System | The Rampage III Black Edition |ASUS ROG MARS II 2-Way | Corsair AX 1200W Professional Series Gold | Corsair Vengeance 24GB 1600MHz (6x4GB) | x3 OCZ 480GB Vertex 2 Series SATA II 3.5″ (SSD) | Lian Li PC-X2000F | 3st BenQ XL2410T | 3D Vision Surround-pack |

  8. Crawn writes:

    Anyone know when E19 is coming? It stops at 18 at nyaaTorrents …

  9. DmonHiro writes:

    Crawn, you are an idiot. First: wrong site. gg is the one who releases the TV version. Second: if it stops at 18, it means that only 18 episodes have aired, you twit. Third: episode 19 was released by gg 5 days ago. Learn to search. Hatsuyuki stopped at 18 thought.

  10. Olol² writes:

    Wow, what a ridiculous “encode”.
    We reached the 3 Gigabyte per Anime Episode age.
    Thanks, 10bit.

  11. Olol² writes:

    “Yo dawg, I see you like Bitrate so we put some Bitrate into your Bitrate”

  12. Olol² writes:

    Don’t get me wrong, this is still better than nothing. Sharing is caring and all.
    It’s just that the rest of Coalgirls continued to evolve and grow up to dish out great releases
    and adapt.

  13. MahaiOne writes:

    Wow, calm down.

  14. mtwini09 writes:

    I feel comforted that Tenshi follows older fashion forms of encoding instead of conforming to the “flash what knick knock” ways of encoding done by others such as Ordered Chapters and 10 bit, both of which I see no point in.

  15. enion writes:

    many people say that gg is bad, but is there someone willing to retime a other groups sub and post a download link here? i know timing is a boring thing, cause i timed a few times, but if gg is realy so bad someone should be so kind and do another sub
    just say gg is bad choise isnt really changing something
    (sry, if my english is bad, but i hope you understand what i want to say)

  16. Grim writes:

    Hi! Really nice job ripping these episodes. Love to watch em on my 55″! Im just wondering if you will do episode 9 soon? =D Can’t start watching em in low quality now that i have started with your awesome quality.

  17. horus writes:

    Yeah… all you folks tripping over the “Xeon” thing? If this is a 7400-series Hexacore, it’s not 32-bit. Oh, and using “x86” to indicate a 32-bit architecture is a bit of a misnomer. The microarchitecture, NOT the instruction set, determines the buss width. The microarchitecture on this particular series is the Penryn, which is a 45 nm “squeeze” on Core, all of which are 64-bit.

    Most of this is tempest in a teapot stuff, anyway, unless you have an OS that can take advantage of it. Y’all chill just a bit, please?

  18. horus writes:

    Yeah… my eyes got crossed following this thread. Just noted that the server has 5650s instead of 7400s. Still a respectable 64-bit system, though, and based on an even more compact Gulftown 32 nm die. Nice hardware for the purpose at hand.

  19. nazarein writes:

    Hiya, are the next episodes going to be up anytime soon?

  20. nazarein writes:

    Awesome job, Thank you very much.

  21. teclas writes:

    Server: Jizz in my pants

    Anyway, thanks for the release ^^
    And 10bit rocks, btw 😀

  22. ZodiaC writes:

    when you’re gonna upload the other episodes ?

  23. nazarein writes:

    ZodiaC probably after there released.

  24. đồ rê mí writes:

    Such a powerful server, far stronger than any Core i7.

  25. koi writes:

    so these are gg sub?

  26. —tge— writes:

    when will the batch or next few eps. be released?
    is the series ongoing (like you haven’t gotten the raws for the season yet)
    or is it just the time to encode and the different projects?
    (: thanks
    sorry if i sound like noob

  27. nazarein writes:

    vol 5 was just released on the 26th and could be up any day. visit for release dates.

  28. —tge— writes:

    On episode one, I believe there is a typo? When Yukio is treating Rin’s wounds, he says “It smarts!” ?
    I think it’s “It hurts!”

  29. mascthemoney writes:

    “it smarts” is another way of saying “it hurts”.
    although it’s an outdated way of saying it. conjures up images of “leave it to beaver”.
    i’m guessing english is not your first language. anyways, hope it clears up your confusion.

  30. deadman80 writes:

    If the only changes to Eps. 1-2 in the 1/2way batch are script changes, then is there a chance we can get a patch? ^^;; I’d rather not re-download 1.5gb for a few typo fixes.

  31. Alpaca writes:

    @ /g/:

    You are very misinformed about this computer. This particular Xeon is a Westmere-EP, which is the same architecture as a 980x CPU that you laud. A Xeon X5650 is basically the same as a 980x.

    However, a 980X CPU only has a single QPI link. It does not have dual QPI links like a higher end Xeon. This dual socket LGA 1366 motherboard requires the use of CPUs that have dual QPI links like the Xeon X5650.

    Furthermore, their Noel server appears to be running a 64-bit operating system since it addresses 12GB of ram. You were ranting against x86 and praise x64 on a 980x, yet both a 980x and Xeon X5650 has x86-64 instructions.

    I have an EVGA SR2 motherboard with two Xeon hexcore CPUs.

  32. —tge— writes:

    @mascthemoney –
    thank you, sorry. I’ve never seen “Leave it to beaver”, but now I see. Thanks again.

  33. corocoro writes:

    And the 1080p DDL for the new files – enjoy. ^^

    Fileserve Mirror:

  34. Nettosama writes:

    There’s a couple of 3 liners around the 9 min mark on SP1, when the “doll” starts speaking very fast. One of those is also timed for less than a second, it might need some retiming there.

  35. DsiE writes:

    Pls. seed [Coalgirls]_Ao_no_Exorcist_06-08_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)… thanks

  36. sandoe41 writes:

    I have the Underwater subtitles for Strike Witches with the OP and ED subtitled if Coalgirls is interested. If not please just ignore this post. I only put this up because you used Underwater subtitles for Strike Witches 2.

  37. Teclas writes:

    *Drools all over the new server*

  38. corocoro writes:

    And links for the last two episodes. Took longer than usual because I was mirroring things for the first episodes to the new hosts.
    Anyway, here you go:

    Next up is either Gosick or Dantalian, depending on if I feel masochistic enough to upload 7GB per episode or not. ~_~

  39. Kazy writes:

    Congratulation for new server, good spec but why you use windows? Or may just used for screenshot?

  40. Ty-lor writes:

    Thanks for the release, love your work ^_^

    I can watch 1080p movies and all that on my pc if its using dxva but my cpu can’t handle the goodness of 10bit but i don’t mind the big file size that much( if its a movie )

    I only download movies in 1080p and series i download as 720p, 1080p takes up way to much space for whole series, that would kill me lol

    Also congrats on the new server!!!

  41. tachikoma01 writes:

    *Can’t find the words to describe this server*

  42. Alan writes:

    Any new eps being releases anytime soon? Really love your subbing work! 😀

  43. Ice writes:

    Do we have any ETA on the final eps or batch? is it even being worked on?

  44. Tiber Septim writes:

    What converter should I use so that I can play these files on my Xbox 360 or PS3? (no streaming)

  45. mascthemoney writes:

    @Ice…. uhhhhh anybody with a brain would realize it’s being worked on….

  46. Th3avatar writes:

    @Tiber Septim: If your PS3 is still on 3.55 CFW, you can use Showtime media player to play MKVs natively.

    Otherwise, you can move the video stream from the mkv container to a m4v and convert the audio to something that is supported on the PS3. The only problem would be the subtitles since the m4v has crappy subtitle support.

    An example would be:
    ffmpeg -i input.mkv -vcodec copy -acodec output.m4v

    Also, since the PS3 does not support lossless audio (FLAC/ALAC) the only way to get the lossless audio is to have the LPCM stream from the Blurays and mux the video stream of the mkv with the original audio stream of the BD using tsmuxer or the like.

  47. Ice writes:

    mate you missunterstood me there, what i meant are the new eps being worked on or are they still waiting for the BDMVs like it said some topics up there. But a just saw the release so i guess that anwsers my question.

  48. Psy32 writes:

    episode 18…. 1:70:67 o.o?

    • ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

      You may want to check your files / settings. I am not getting that. Is anyone else having problems?

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