Kara no Kyoukai

Type: Movie (7 Parts + Epilogue + Remix)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 16
1280×720   @ crf 16
Audio: FLAC 5.1 (24 Bit)
Subs: Track 1: gg-TakaJun (restyled)
Track 2: Retail (restyled)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent


  • I watched it in 1080p, but I can’t really tell if it’s worth the extra space. You decide.
  • If you watch this at normal distance to your TV, you shouldn’t notice most of the crappy parts. Looks quite good actually.
  • Part 5 is a bit huge because the entire movie was plastered with grain.
  • The chronological order of the parts is: 2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 6, (Remix,) 7, Epilogue. Watch it in this order if you want to have an easier understanding of the story. Or just watch the Remix after Part 6.

406 Responses to Kara no Kyoukai

  1. boingman writes:

    Yeah, I already know that GG is also using the official subs. But that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t use them.

  2. banger writes:

    i still don’t understand why you would want to use the gg subs when even they admit its way worse than the official ones…but to each his own

  3. shiro-kun writes:

    You cant always rely on screenshots. A screenshot will always look worse then the moving image. I think we should all wait till the Eps are released then make up our minds on the quality.

  4. Bloodios writes:

    Actually, from what I saw from anoo’s link, some actually did look good, others are kinda iffy but none too shabby (except one but don’t worry about it.) Maybe these screenshots were selected because they didn’t particular look bad, I don’t know, but I supposed the quality isn’t as horrid as I believed (after seeing Coalgirl’s screenshot) it would be. I still think that 720p is the ideal resolution for this series though (except for the epilogue of course.)

  5. Sayer writes:

    ^ I guess it’s just picky, but I would like to get the set in the same res xD

  6. boingman writes:

    Probably because I don’t really trust GG, while I have faith in Takajun, since he already worked on so much Typemoon related stuff. 😀
    And I have yet to see an example for their claim that the official subs are the better choice.

  7. kirito writes:

    Being that it’s official, it will be closer to what they want to convey.

  8. Jumendez-sama writes:

    Well, either way, I don’t think Aniplex is going to put in the effort to fix up the BD quality. But they will offer to fix up your actual box if, you know, you’re totally OCD and notice these things.

  9. SCV writes:

    Can you add both original english and japanese subtitles as well?

  10. Swaps4 writes:

    My body is not ready.

  11. Forelune writes:

    Should we expect the downloads for this today or soon?

  12. Hurp writes:

    600USD box? WTH? o_O

  13. Grizzly writes:

    @Hurp, you read correctly, $600 US dollars equivalent in Japan, and at least $400 here in the states. The series is actually worth buying, but not $400 worth let alone $600. That’s about 75 to 80 dollars per episode… definitely beyond my budget for purchasing

  14. Swaps4 writes:

    Oh, if you guys put this on as statstic recorded (7266), alot of people may seed it for a while. I know I will seed it for a while if you do.

  15. Aki writes:

    Patiently awaiting. XD Refreshing the page too frequently, probably. Haha. 😛

    So maybe not so patiently, I supposeeee…

  16. Cosbuster writes:

    Shit, I’m about to explode from anxiety.

  17. Anonymous writes:

    >gg-TakaJun (restyled), Retail-66 (Epilogue) (restyled)
    So you’re not going to use the retail subs for the theatrical movies? Subtitle consistency is a nice thing to have, you know.

    • ChrisK writes:

      Yes, but gg doesn’t seem to take the Blu-ray re-releases seriously (again..) and I’m unable to OCR the subs myself because suprip keeps crashing. So there’s basically no other way than taking gg-TakaJun’s.

  18. Anonymous writes:

    If you don’t mind me asking, have you tried using bdsup2sub to process the .sup to .idx/.sub, and then performing OCR on said .idx/.sub?

  19. random guy writes:

    OK, question … is this anime really looks like nasty upscale from version of the 480p? Is this anime really looks like it was painted with a brush? I ask because after some time there, in turn, I have seen screenshots from 1080p RAWS. If this anime looks really that ugly as the screens shows it’s probably a pity these 600USD…

  20. Anonymous writes:

    I’m wet with anticipation.

  21. Nameless writes:

    If u mind the artistic style of animes then this is not for you. if Kara no kyoukai were to use the same art concept similar to all other animes like Evangelion, Sola, Air, Macross Frontier, where everything looks crisp, clear tidy, it loses its originality.
    This is supposed to be a dark, misty and with a mystery feel story, and i think that water color based concept fits nicely to the story this anime is trying to potray.
    Are you not looking for an anime with a different vibe from all those ‘commoners’, if not then this download will waste your time.
    This anime stands on its own, similar to Tekkon Kinkreet.

  22. banger writes:

    are you going to do the remix summary movie? is it even in the blu ray package?

  23. Jeffrey writes:

    Can’t wait for it 🙂 Love what you are doing!

  24. tormaid writes:

    ChrisK, I’ve had the same issues with suprip, it gets to a point that (I think) is corrupted and crashes. I’d try re-extracting the .sup and if that doesn’t work… all you can do is practice your speed clicking. Going through one line at a time is a pain in the ass but it doesn’t crash that way, when it gets to one of the sticky areas it gives you a warning that you can ignore.

  25. tormaid writes:

    Sorry for the double post. If you want, email me the .sup files and I’ll help out with the OCR.

  26. Cosmico writes:


    Hi, I have converted all Retail Subs of Kara no Kyoukai into .srt format for you. I only took a short look on them but as far as I can tell they contain nearly if not none mistakes because of the OCR process. The reason why I have done this is the last comment posted on gg’s website.

    Status of KnK BDs and Star Driver BDs
    Posted on February 16, 2011 by koda

    Status: Playing RIFT
    “Re-releases are always backburner and are never a top priority. ”

    And this pisses me really off. They say their own subs are shit but a re – release is not necessary even if there is no decent version around. So feel free to use my subs and I hope they will made it into your release with a decent styling. Keep up the good work ChrisK & Coalgirls.

    Download: http://www.multiupload.com/9J023RFJET

    Greets Cosmico

  27. tormaid writes:

    LOL, guess Cosmico beat me to it 😛 (1min later)

  28. Cosmico writes:

    Sorry tormaid I haven’t read your comment. Oh and the problem with suprip is not that the .sup is corrupted. There are two different versions of sup – files. One for BD and another for HD-DVD.
    Suprip has really problems with the BD format, so just convert the files to the HD format and you will never get a problem.

  29. ChrisK writes:

    Thank you very much!

  30. Cosmico writes:

    I’m glad that at least once I can contribute something back. If you ever could need a software related advice or maybe a little help I will see what I can do. Altough I think you are too experienced for that.

  31. Lord Toff of the Manor Green writes:

    Here Here, I’m looking forward to this. Good show, ChrisK, Good Show M’boy.

  32. Lord Toff of the Manor Green writes:



  33. Anonymous writes:

    @Cosmico: You forgot the Gate of Seventh Heaven subs.

  34. DustZ writes:

    Here are some subs for the Gate of Seventh Heaven:

    Also be aware that SupRip sometimes has problems with italics. I know that gg’s subs for the epilogue didn’t do italics for Shiki (Akasha) despite the italics being in the official subs and the OCR being perfect in every other way.

  35. Cosmico writes:

    @ ChrisK

    For the .sup conversion you can use Supread: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/SUPread
    Just check under options HD – DVD format and then Export sup. Under SupRip you will notice that the amount of subtitle lines is about five the times than normally. This is because the HD format stores the same line several times for different screen resolutions. But that’s not a problem since SupRip combines identical lines automatically.

    Another alternative is Subtitle Edit: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/Subtitle_Edit
    It can OCR Vobsub and BD-sup directly. But I have not much experience with this program so I cannot say how good it is.

    So I hope this will help.

    The title says “Type:Movie (7 Parts + Epilogue)”. And that’s exactly what I have provided, so I haven’t forgotten anything.

  36. Tsubasaki writes:

    can anyone tell me what crf 16 means? or what crf alone means o_o

  37. banger writes:

    does anyone know if the 7th heaven remix movie and epilogue ever came out on dvd format?

  38. J.m. Kerkdijk writes:

    Just wondering, been following this since it started, any hope that it might be released this week?

    I love you all, and don’t want to push.. I’m just wondering 🙂

  39. Anon writes:

    What is the expected size (in GB) of the releases?

  40. Tsubasaki writes:

    1 movie in 1080p is 50gb or is that in total?

  41. Anon writes:

    50 gb is obviously the total size.

  42. chris writes:

    The series is worth it :>

    thank’s alot guys

  43. TexKlan-Z- writes:

    Will this be released by this weekend? Just wondering. I can wait no matter how long it’s going to be.

    Thanks, ChrisK. ^_^

  44. Fore writes:

    winterbreaks starting so I need this soon!

  45. Cosbuster writes:

    Wow, 25 gigs?!

    Well worth it I say!!!

  46. LLy_BosHi writes:

    I wonder.. if it’s still worth to download 1080p even it’s upscale..

  47. Bloodios writes:

    Yes! It will be anytime now…

  48. Eiposu_no_Tenshi writes:

    . . . and after ~250GB of peer 2 peer seeding while downloading. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  49. Aki writes:

    Getting anxious haha. So close, yet so far… I almost want to download the 720p version first, but that would entirely defeat the purpose of my downloading the 1080p to watch!