Setup guide for MPC-HC + madVR

Note: This guide is outdated and won’t be updated anymore.
It is recommended to install the Kawaii Codec Pack which does everything automatically. Make sure to follow the directions on their page.

This method will result in significantly more image quality and performance than using CCCP (or anything ffdshow-based, really), so if you’re struggling to play back Hi10P anime, or even regular 1080p, consider trying this. MadVR is updated constantly and uses a very new version of libav for decoding, giving it much more speed than the ridiculously outdated ffdshow-tryouts project, as well as the even more ridiculously CCCP codec pack that is based on it.

Step Zero: Prerequisites

  1. Uninstall ALL instances of MPC-HC, CCCP, ffdshow, madVR, Haali, K-lite, CoreAVC etc. you might have on your system.
    This is a clean guide that requires no other prerequisites to function, and ideally should have none installed either.

Step One: Downloading and Installation

  1. Download and install the latest version of MPC-HC (you want the .exe version for an installer)
    Note: Get the 32-bit version ONLY! The 64-bit version is incompatible with madVR and will not function at all.
  2. Install the LAV Filters. These are necessary for decoding video and audio. Take care while installing to deselect the LAV Splitter:
  3. Obtain and install the latest version of Haali’s Media Splitter
  4. Note: You can skip this step if your PC isn’t very powerful!
    Download the latest version of madVR and extract it anywhere you like. Run install.bat inside the folder. DO NOT DELETE THE FOLDER AFTERWARDS, madVR lives inside it and does not copy itself anywhere else. Move it somewhere sensible before installing, for example C:\Program Files\madVR.
    Note: Make sure you’re logged in as an Administrator when running this! Do not right click and “run as admin”, log in as admin and run it normally!

Step Two: Configuration

  1. Open up MPC-HC’s options menu. Under “Internal Filters”, disable everything. You can leave some of the ones on the left active, but make sure you’ve disabled all of the ones not selected here:
  2. Under Playback, enable “Auto-load subtitles”
  3. Under Subtitles, make sure “Allow animation when buffering” is enabled, and “Maximum texture resolution” is set to “Desktop”:
  4. Under Output, choose “madVR” as renderer.
    Note: If you skipped madVR, or you’re experiencing lagging, frame drops or poor performance in general, set this to “EVR Custom Pres.”, “Haali Renderer” or “VMR-9 (renderless)” instead – try them in that order until you find one that works.
  5. Make sure the LAV Video is selected as default decoder. If in doubt, go to external filters, choose “Add Filter”, select LAV Video Decoder and switch it to “Prefer”:
  6. After making the above changes, restart MPC-HC and play back any file. You should notice the madVR icon in the system tray. Right click this to access the settings:

    Once inside, disable the “fullscreen exclusive mode” under Rendering -> General Settings. I recommend leaving this off unless you are having playback problems, because it prevents you from taking screenshots and makes the transition to fullscreen very ugly (It also messes up MPC-HC’s interface):

Step Three: Confirmation

  1. Play back a Hi10P file and use Ctrl+J to enter the OSD: (If it doesn’t show up or looks completely different, doublecheck output configuration)
  2. Finally, check the “Filters” list (in the right click menu of MPC-HC during playback) and confirm that LAV Video is being used:

Bonus: Adding ffdshow (Optional)

Adding ffdshow will allow you to use its audio decoder (for filters + a more customizable mixer), as well as using it for formats other than AVC1 (H.264), VC1 and MPEG-2. Especially for older 480p and worse content (which isn’t likely to be encoded in AVC1), you can use the ffdshow deblocking or debanding filters to attempt to improve image quality this way.

  1. Install the latest ffdshow-tryouts.
  2. Open ffdshow’s settings dialog (Start -> All Programs -> ffdshow -> Video decoder configuration), under “DirectShow control” set the Merit to normal:
  3. Go back to the internal filters menu of MPC-HC and disable all of the remaining transform filters:
  4. Double check Step Three to make sure ffdshow doesn’t touch your H.264 video.

Enjoy Anime!

Written by nand – 31.07.2011

250 Responses to Setup guide for MPC-HC + madVR

  1. saf85 writes:

    Upon testing more, the above solution, while it fixes the sound output back to 2.0 for 2.0 setups, I have come across another bug/glitch. This one is minor so nothing to be fussed with really but thought I would mention it incase anyone else has it also. When playing back dvd, bdrip etc, I can no longer adjust the volume from mpc-hc. Anime seem to be working normally with the player able to adjust the volume, anything other than anime just plays at the speaker volume level no matter what level I set mpc volume at, even mute does not work lol.
    Like I said not much an issue since I can set speaker to level I want and leave it, but would be pretty crappy for streaming vidoes or using my ps3 remote to control the video on my pc.

  2. ME! :D writes:

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
    It made everything smooth and shiny…finally
    I was haveing issues with Hi10p videos being blockey in spots and ugly.
    I’m glad I gambled on using the coalgirls guide based on your general “who cares about size I want quality!” attitude.
    Thanks guys 😀
    And keep up the awesome work!

  3. Heroic Liar writes:

    Thank you for all of the help. It really improved the viewing quality for all Hi10p videos that I watch. Again thanks.

  4. Jacob writes:

    is there an easy way to switch back from madvr when i want to take a screenshot (since using a printscreen is inconvenient for smaller resolution videos)? i’ve tried going into settings and preferring the ffdshow filters in the external filters menu, but the video still defaults to madvr. any hints?

  5. Serduszko writes:

    “Go back to the internal filters menu of MPC-HC and disable all of the remaining transform filters”
    Only those in red box or ALL of them(even not shown here?)

  6. Serduszko writes:

    Previous one was the last one here is step 2:
    ”Open up MPC-HC’s options menu. Under “Internal Filters”, disable everything. You can leave some of the ones on the left active, but make sure you’ve disabled all of the ones not selected here”
    So I have to disable everything or disable all of the ones not selected there(in the red box)?

    It is so confusing.

  7. Rob writes:

    I believe I’ve followed all directions listed above, but I get no subtitles when using madVR. The video plays perfectly, but no subs. “Auto-load subtitles” is check marked in my options. External filters= LAV audio, LAV video, and DirectVobSub Autoload version.
    I’m forced to output through EVR Custom Pres in order to see subs in any of my anime files. Any ideas? MadVR seems to have better playback quality than my current settings. Thanks in advance!

  8. Yub writes:

    After following this instruction to the letter all of the subtitles are gone in my older 480p Anime… for example Naruto and Bleach from Horriblesubs no longer shows subtitles… I’ve tried changing the output to EVR Custom Pres.”, “Haali Renderer” and “VMR-9 (renderless)” but still no subtitles no matter what I take…

    If I rightclick the MPC window and go to Subtitles it says “Undetermined” where it is supposed to say “English”…

    Your [Coalgirls]_Bakemonogatari_v2_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC) release works fine AND the subtitles work… so how do I get them to work in my other Anime as well?
    Help please!

  9. Yub writes:

    Nevermind, just had to restart the PC and now the subtitles are there >_>

  10. Baka writes:

    So, I followed the tutorial and I managed to get my videos playing perfectly and in great quality, I had a minor problem though in which the video didn’t show up, it was just a black screen. However after setting the output to VMR-9 (Renderless) it worked perfectly. But I have the major problem still of my subtitles not showing up. I’ve tried doing as ‘Yub’ did, but it still didn’t work. When I play a video, and look at the filters while doing so, Haali says that the subtitles are on, but the actual ‘Subtitles’ menu is grayed out. Any ideas/help on fixing this?

  11. Reyna writes:

    Thanks a lot for the great guide! I could play 10bit by using CCCP before but experienced lag and other such pesky problems. This made everything run very smooth and just great! 😉

  12. Jamie writes:

    I just wanted to tell you THANKS!!!!!

    ultimate amazing ultra freddie mercury pose

  13. bonecrusher writes:

    Well, a month later, it seems as if these comments are not staff-monitored when it comes to feedback or responses. Just a place for fans to gripe. I’m not an MPC magician; however, I have no problem following simple instructions. As such, I think I represent most of the users here. Frankly, I feel that my prior complaint (on page 3 of these comments) still stands – why would a subbing group support an MPC setup where taking screencaps is not supported? I’d like some enlightenment on this issue, because it seems like a barbaric flaw. Whether it’s on my end or this group’s configuration has yet to be determined.

  14. Bashy writes:

    #Play back a Hi10P file and use Ctrl+J to enter the OSD: (If it doesn’t show up or looks completely different, doublecheck output configuration)

    Just a few questions, in the instructions in this step to confirm if the setup has worked we are being told to play a hi10p file(Basically, Hi10P is just an H.264 profile which uses 10 bits of information to represent color)
    for example what should the osd look like when i playback an 8bit file?

    My stupid question is, what of files that are not in 10 bit?
    I know alot of stuff these days are, but how does all of this affect for example 8 bit files?
    will there be a significant increase in quality for whatever is being played may it be 8 bit 10 bit or w/e?
    Im sorry if im being an idiot, but having a 10 bit file only to confirm if the settings i made worked or not made me confused in which other files are affected by using this guide…

    If it at all makes it easier to answer just answer me this yes or no, by using this guide will it increase the quality of whatever hi-res video files i choose to playback?

  15. Focuscar writes:

    yeah nice, thx a lot.
    I really did not expect anything from this – but was very impressed with the result. Nice guide, great work, keep it on. Thx.

  16. Name writes:

    This guide is to watch anime: not to take screencaps that you end up using as reaction images on 4chan.
    If you insist on screen caps; use IrfanView.

  17. Takashi writes:

    I followed all of the steps as mentioned and MPC plays Hi10p content correctly without buffering when it’s not on “full screen” but when I put it in “full screen” the video buffers. I also changed the output from madVR to EVR Custom Pres, Haali Renderer and VMR-9 (renderless) and still nothing the video still buffers. Any ideas?

  18. Dammy writes:

    when i watch video there 2 icons in tray, one is madVR and another is Haali splitter. is that supposed to be ? or they conflict each other

    3) Obtain and install the latest version of Haali’s Media Splitter
    4) Download the latest version of madVR

    i mean this

  19. 10-bit youkai writes:

    Best way to play videos on Windows, but with xy-VSFilter there’s better performance than with mpc-hc internal subs renderer

  20. miracles writes:

    I look at step three of you have reclock filter, how do I set reclock to work properly or correctly?

    I just bought 5.1channel speaker how to set up so that I can play the file correctly 5.1channel, I have installed ffdshow.

  21. gary writes:

    will the videos i converted into mp4 for psp will come out clear and no buggy glitches?

  22. Tilpo writes:

    Whenever I’m playing videos with my torrent client turned on, I get chokes every 10 minutes or so. CPU and GPU usage drop to zero for about 10 seconds, and playback is paused. There seems to be no correlation between video quality or rendered used and the frequency in which this phenomenon occurs.

    I think it is related to the video somehow running out of buffer, since it only occurs when I’m seeding torrents, which uses my HDD quite a lot.

    Would somebody here know how to fix this issue?

  23. chipo writes:

    The link to LAV filters is obsolete: current version is o.48.

  24. Floriano Fonseca writes:

    thanks to you, my anime isn’t choppy anymore

  25. bonecrusher writes:


    Then what good is this setup for? Taking screencaps is an essential part of watching anime regardless of where they end up.

  26. Mercury writes:

    Eh, when I open up a file to play, it says, “Cannot render the file.” Is there anything that can help with this?

  27. Maav writes:

    What hardware should I need for playing back 1080p decently with any of those? o_o
    I’m running an Athlon 64 x2 4600+ @2.4GHz, 4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM and a GeForce 8400GS, under Windows 7. It lags under any of the settings.

  28. Psychz writes:

    I followed your instructions to thee letter , but unfortunately I’m still experiencing lagging while playing anime, Fairy Tail specifically, even though I own a high performance gaming laptop (Asus’ G74SX , but not the A1 , slightly modified for the better) , and I’m getting really tired and frustrated about this issue .If you could help me I’d greatly appreciate it. =]

  29. Terf writes:

    At step 2 part 6 in Madvr
    “Once inside, disable the “fullscreen exclusive mode” under Rendering -> General Settings. I recommend leaving this off unless you are having playback problems, because it prevents you from taking screenshots and makes the transition to fullscreen very ugly (It also messes up MPC-HC’s interface):”

    Dont have those settings, anything else i should dl to get it? Right now the interface is messed up.

  30. wisdom writes:

    Just brilliant. No more lags on blu-ray and 1080p vidoes. The Quality also improved. The installation guide couldn’t be simpler.
    Thanks for the guide!

  31. robban writes:

    Nice guide but i do have a question about the MPC + madvr setup… When i switched into this setup from MPC 64x + CCCP the videos (10 and 8-bit) now seem to have less contrast but about same quality. I changed my monitor’s contrast a bit higher to compensate it but i was just wondering if this is supposed to happen?

  32. Badger writes:

    So long CCCP! Hello amazing 1080p video with my old Core2 Duo!
    I thought my CPU was at the end of its life, but it looks like I can wait to replace.


  33. nico writes:

    hey coalgirls! i just followed these directions because i’ve been getting a lot of tears and discoloration the anime i’ve been downloading (i used to run CCCP and coreAVC). the video quality has improved dramatically! thank you very much for your hard work. you guys are awesome!

  34. renano writes:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I can play other video files well except for the 10-bit. Now, I know exactly what I did wr0ng.

    Keep up the wonderful work coalgirls. We all appreciate it!

  35. BRmaniac writes:

    So I DLd everything but Madvr and I messed around with the output and can only choose Haali or else an error screen will pop up if I am trying to play anything. The thing is with Haali, I’m only getting audio and not video. Any fix for this?

  36. sylvain writes:

    i think u dont know yourself how do a good set up guys :))

  37. sylvain writes:

    hehehe in begening its complex , its normal coz u must do adjustement for your system, not same way to use a program like power dvd and els. but i can tell u madvr is verry good quality picture ; skin better, more natural color, black is nice and most of digital noise desapear, its great improvement over the other program 🙂

  38. everyman writes:

    Thanks for making this guide. Had a bit of a problem with mpc+madvr.
    The subtitles were offscreen in some anime like Eu’s signs in Kore wa Zombie desu ka,
    reinstalling everything according to this guide helped.

  39. Bambooman writes:

    THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I have been searching the internet for AGES trying to find a solution to my videos not playing properly and was resorting to using lower quality videos in order for it to work! This however, solved the problem completely. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  40. AbioJ writes:

    Nice guide! Although CCCP does include the LAV splitter for some time, and I don’t consider ffdshow optional with its magnificent powers. and both are kept recent. but I see how this process would simplify things.

  41. Neil writes:

    you honestly expect people to go through all this BULLSHIT to be able to play your files?
    why can’t you use NORMAL CODECS????????
    people have been watching them just fine for many years now. H264 looks just fine.
    I even looked at a comparison screenshot, there is NO DIFFERENCE.

  42. Jack writes:

    Neil, don’t be mad because you’re a n00b with a crappy monitor. And how do you define normal codecs? would those be the INFERIOR ones used in VLC?

  43. mewpraew writes:

    \o/ omg im sooo glad i came across this page! At first I wasnt sure whether if I should try this out since im so bad with computer and programs but the guide was really easy! (the best part is that you provide all the download link which I am really grateful for it coz I have no idea about anything about video setting)

    Before I try this, I used to have a bit of delay when I try to skip or when I watch video but all the probs r gone! thank you so much for making this guide, it was really useful to me~

  44. ChicagoPiano writes:

    It lags. I didn’t know my PC was this shit that it can’t even run anime smoothly.

  45. Genius writes:

    How to Uninstall this all? It’s lag for me to watch the animes so something. It also make my hard disk running fast and become HOT!! 🙁

  46. Mercury writes:

    Can somebody help..? The subtitles won’t show up for some reason. I made sure the subtitles were switched on but it’s not showing. I went to Navigate -> Subtitle Language -> S: English [English]. There’s a check mark there. I’ve even tried uninstalling MPC-HC, madVR, LAV Filters, and everything so I can reinstall everything but the subtitles still won’t show up. Please help..?

  47. Bob writes:

    How do I get from h264, 8-bit, 4:2:0 -> YV12, 8-bit, 4:2:0 to h264, 10-bit, 4:2:0 -> P010. 10-bit, 4:2:0? I’ve already installed madVR and do the configuration properly according to coalgirls’ set-up guide.

  48. PedroZeck writes:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial, I was looking for one that was neat and had images like this one, it helped me a lot ^^ It works perfectly well

  49. kordex writes:


    I would be delighted to see also the instructions for how to add reclock ( here as this seems to be a guide for perfect video. It would provide perfect a/v sync.

    Br and thank you for your subs,

  50. kordex writes: this is for the wasapi version, the one on the previous link provides only kernel streaming.