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20 Responses to DSC_3940

  1. Haary Pooter writes:

    You’re going to be an IT product review blog now?

  2. xenonzer writes:

    whoa! that’s 72 cores in total! now if we put all those horsepower into encoding anime…

  3. Eruzo writes:

    That is a lot of computer power you got there

  4. marcgii writes:

    I’m guessing you plan to have 3 workstations encoding at once? With that kind of hardware, I’d consider trying a high quality x265 encode.

  5. coalogfan writes:

    could this really be the return?!

  6. dswjk writes:

    wow $6000 dollar of cpu. no way you got that just for fan subing. whats your day job??????
    oh and im very happy you might be subbing again

  7. GregtheMad writes:

    If you don’t build this beast for encoding anime, … what *are* you building it for? Do you want to run Crysis in VR?

  8. DarmanSejuk writes:

    Heh reminds me of when i rebuilt a server cabinet.

  9. Kalcipher writes:

    I like your hobbies..!

  10. Coalgirls fan writes:

    So hype always been a HUGE fan of all of your work, hope this means coalgirls will be returning!!
    Although still totally respect the decision to stop if it’s messing with your life <3 <3

  11. I have friend I swear writes:

    Now we can all watch Monogatari Series with Ultra 4000K resolution subtitles .

  12. alan writes:

    hory sheeet

  13. Naysian writes:

    i love how those cpus are made in my country, its so unexpected.

  14. futagen writes:


  15. Woof Woof writes:


  16. Darkflamemaster writes:

    Yo is this comeback time

  17. Akira writes:

    Don’t drop it!

  18. skyhack writes:

    You are a true geek. My meager AIX machines pale in comparison.

  19. Nort writes:

    What you using those for o _o

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