Nisekoi Second Season


Episodes – 12
Video – 1920×1080 @ crf 16, 1280×720 @ crf 15
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (24-bit)
Subs – FFF (Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent


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  1. 123b writes:


  2. Ibi writes:

    Thanks for all the Nisekoi!

  3. alfredonm writes:

    now that was fast, thanks!

  4. Pikminiman writes:

    #TeamKosaki still the only correct answer. Thanks for being right about that.

  5. mangagrill writes:

    Thanks !
    Nice Pic


  6. dan writes:

    #TeamChitoge go!


  7. #TeamChitoge writes:


    PD: #TeamChitoge

  8. Smith writes:

    I have one small question:

    So, FFF seem to be behind in this project (currently they have subbed up to episode 9 while 13 is almost coming out).
    My question is. if you put top priority in this project will that mean that you will sub even new episodes regardless if FFF have already subbed and go with other fansub groups (Commie, HorribleSubs etc etc.) ?

    • coalgirl writes:

      There is no episode 13. It’s a 12 episode series.

      FFF needs to finish episode 10 by late October, and 11/12 by late November. They’re going at a pace where I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

  9. Donnie writes:

    What happened to cross ange?

  10. Kei writes:

    Kita kita kita…
    Thanks Coalgirls

  11. Minisungam writes:

    Thanks for the YOLOs

  12. ichigo writes:

    Thank you, coalgirl!

  13. Eruzo writes:

    You really did mean priority it seems.

    I’ll probably wait for the batch before I download, the late November you mentioned, is that when the last BD volume is released?

  14. ComeAndGetMe writes:

    this is AMAZING!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thank you

  15. poto writes:

    I liked season 1. Season 2 turned out to be rather uninteresting. To be honest, its just a disappointing filler.

  16. TheDiseaseCalledHope writes:



  17. pankekiwaifu writes:

    holy shit thank you so much for uploading nisekoi stuff!!!

  18. Doge writes:

    Is there some problem with subtitle of episode 01 in both 1080p and 720p versions? When I try to compress, resize and burn in subtitles (for my personal usage in order to view from tablet/phone/computer and to save some space from TwonkyServer), HandBrake 0.10.2 crashes at 15,44%. If I don’t include subtitle, coverting works fine.

    I used the following tools to figure out the problem with 720p.
    MKVToolNix -> said everything is ok.

    MKValidator -> says to be valid, but with error
    WRN0D0: There are 5254 bytes of void data

  19. Opa writes:

    where is the first season i can’t seems to find the DL link on here.

  20. hake writes:

    Just to clarify, these will be the same subs as FFF, but with higher source quality available, and different font style? So, if I’m just interested in translation quality, I should go ahead and just watch FFF’s version?

  21. Zalis writes:

    Does this season have nonsensical TV -> BD changes like removed backgrounds and added steam like Season 1 did?

  22. Hubert Spider writes:

    guys. I think u should look at the ED1, whenever I forward part between 00:51 – 01:01 it puts me back to 00:51 or sometimes to 01:01. It doesnt let me go directly to somewhere between that duration. But if I let it play it sometimes stucks for 1second around that part. Please check this stuff . I use CCCP’s media player classic

  23. thescaredwarrior writes:

    Hubert Spider is right. I tried playing it and was able to duplicate the problem so I redownloaded it and the new file’s duration became 01:24. Theres really a problem guys.

  24. thescaredwarrior writes:

    btw I downloaded the 1080p. I assume that HUbert Spider uses 1080p too

  25. thescaredwarrior writes:

    I just noticed that even the season 1’s OP and ED have that problem. maybe I should just leave it like that. But can you pls explain why is it happening and maybe tell us how do we fix them if we want. pls

  26. Men writes:

    Dialogue font not attached for 720p ep4.

  27. Jonesy974 writes:

    Any chance of not using FFF’s subs for this?

    This season they were bad enough to bring people to tears.

  28. pepe writes:

    nisekoi when?

  29. Zac writes:

    Halfway through whoooo


  30. DestinoAzell writes:

    Soldier ON Team: CoalGirls Thank you so much for the release!

  31. Gandeloft writes:


  32. thescaredwarrior writes:

    I learned that the cause of the seeking problems are from the timecodes of the video. fix the timecodes for the future episodes.

  33. 初音ミク writes:

    need more seed for utawarerumono, please………
    the seed is 0, please seeding…………….

  34. Gandeloft writes:

    So, when are the remaining episodes coming out..?

  35. Gandeloft writes:

    Well okay, time to look for the remaining episodes elsewhere.. The time you’re taking to release the remaining ones is ridiculous..

  36. Leviathan13 writes:

    You are a funny person Gandeloft 😀 The remainig episodes were NOT RELEASED on BD yet. So it is impossible to release the rips from it.

  37. Gandeloft writes:

    Well yea, ignorance can be funny from time to time, when it’s in a manner that is innocent enough for it to be so..
    Anyways, I have no idea what BD is but I know that there are other sources for the 2nd season to be downloaded, that’s all I was working with.

    • coalgirl writes:

      This is a Blu-ray group. Blu-rays typically start 3-4 months after the series starts, and releases 2-3 episodes a month.

      Right now, we have up to episode 8 available, and I have released up to episode 6. But I’m moving, so I guess that can explain the slowness.

  38. Leviathan13 writes:

    BD=Bluray Disc -_- Coalgirls releasing bluray editions. The other sources what are you talking about are HDTV rips only.

  39. binjaaaa writes:

    I NEEEEED my nisekoi fixxxxx

  40. MingLee writes:

    I read that FFF used “Miss” instead of “san” and “dearest” instead of “sama” and other bullshit
    Does “restyled” mean you corrected this?

  41. binjaaaa writes:

    Meanwhile its been 3 months since a Nisekoi release

  42. Dood writes:

    We don’t need to download the whole batch again right?

  43. pin writes:

    Thank you very much.
    Merry X-mas to all.

  44. VrA writes:



  45. MADpixel writes:

    This is all of it? AWESOME! thanks for all the hard work! 😀

  46. Kaizer writes:

    Do y0u guys happen to know how to combine the split files into one? Been using MKVToolnix/MKVmerge and it fails to combine the files. I want to combine them so I can then convert into MP4 (viewing purposes) as one file. I have converted all three ep + op + ed seperately as mp4 dumped them in the same folder and the autochapter playing of the op and ed don’t seem to work. At this point i’ve exhausted all my options if you know of an easy way, I’d really appreciate the insight!

  47. Anonymous writes:

    It\’s a Christmas MIRACLE!

  48. Wafflesama writes:

    @Kaizer bro use unlinkMKV

  49. anonymous writes:

    love this late christmas present