Ore Twintail ni Narimasu


Episodes – 12
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 15, 1920×1080 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – P (R1, Re-styled)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent

61 Responses to Ore Twintail ni Narimasu

  1. deanzel writes:

    Godly!! AOTS for sure. Coalgirl-Guildy for the win.

  2. Swito writes:

    Thank you!

  3. Assurhaddon writes:

    Thanks a lot, at least for me it’s one of my favorites of the autumn season.

    Hopefully the BD fix some of the awful quality.

  4. Dorksteak writes:

    The power of twintails is here! I enjoyed this as well. Worm-guildy was one of my favorites, next to all the twintails of course.

  5. GirlManga writes:

    Trap Anime?

  6. nishishi writes:

    You didn’t like Xythar’s edits for the Commie release? While they were sometimes too much, I thought they were pretty hilarious overall. Worked well for a show like this. Regardless, this was a good choice!

  7. ALFREDONM writes:


  8. deanzel writes:

    @nishishi This is one case where I definitely wouldn’t mind both subs being available. While a lot of their edits were just horribly memeified and nothing close to the actual dialog, some were legit hilarious (especially Dark Grasper’s robot companion thing). Also, their typesetting was beautiful as well.

  9. anon writes:

    You’re giving credit to the wrong person, most if not all of the “fun” from Commie’s script comes from fnord not Xythar.

  10. coalgirl writes:

    At CGi, we try to present our releases in a professional manner. Memes and inside jokes are not acceptable in any form on any release.

  11. EX-Buster writes:

    Thank you so much for not using commie’s release ^^
    i mean some of their jokes are good but the rest is *&$^%#&
    especially when they change the whole meaning of the conversation like they did in Log Horizon ><
    You're the best ^^

  12. snooze writes:

    Thank you for that comment coalgirl. It’s nice to see that mark of quality in your releases.

  13. boingman writes:

    Thank you. Memes and similar “funny” made up dialogue that is completely different from what is actually said in the orginal should have no place in a good release, no matter what genre.

  14. nx6 writes:

    Fuck yes. That comment is why Coalgirls is my go-to group when I’m looking for BD encodes.

  15. Zalis writes:

    I’ll confess to watching and being entertained by Commie’s release, but I can understand 100% why CGi and other groups wouldn’t want to use their subs. Non-stop memes, stupid subtitle mirror or split-screen \clip effects, racist jive talk, overlocalization, random fabricated references to anything from Pokemon to Power Rangers to James Bond to Titanic… they went at least moderate to heavy troll on this one, no question. (I’d consider their NouCome to be “severe trolling” and the gold standard against which any trolling effort can be measured.) Either way, it’s a “watch the TV version, extract the scripts for future reading lulz, delete the eps, and archive uncensored BD with saner subs” situation.

  16. Anony writes:

    inb4 butthurt commie damage control.

    thanks for the twintails. silver > solar > yellow > chuunimilf > blue

    • coalgirl writes:

      They already are. They’ve started whining on twitter about the accuracy of their subs (protip: they’re not).

  17. Pikminiman writes:

    I’m a little disappointed you’re not using Doki’s subs, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see you picked up this show.

  18. jonwoo writes:

    I enjoyed Doki’s release as well but I wouldn’t be surprised if Doki had plans for their own BD release in the pipeline; having options would be nice.

  19. ZENSX writes:

    Whoa, this is a pleasant surprise.

    Doki’s script was pretty good for me but it won’t hurt to compare them to the R1.

  20. skyhack writes:

    Silliest premise I’ve seen in a while. More.

  21. anon writes:

    the opening song’s scripts are wrong in the R1… but is right in the Doki sub… Starting from the very first line it’s wrong and the doki scripts are far more literal…

  22. Sess writes:

    Damn… 332MB for 1080p with Flac… wow… have to check^^

  23. SU writes:

    Thanks for the quick release. Just a question, why is the filesize that small for a 1080p? Not that I’m complaining, just out of curiosity.

  24. Mehrwerfer writes:

    > Subs – P (R1, Re-styled)
    Why? Srsly, why?
    Just use Commie’s subs and remove the memes instead of using shit subs. Or maybe Doki’s script… better than P ._.

    • coalgirl writes:

      P subs are fine. Stop believing every lie Commie tries to get you to believe.

  25. Blasphemor writes:

    I can send you chocolates and stuff if you want XD

  26. Ikaros000 writes:

    Thank you for doing this show 🙂

    Im not sure if this is happening with anyone else but every now and again the words in the subs either overlap each other, making it unreadable, or lose the spacing so it’s one bunched up word

  27. EX-Buster writes:

    I Agree with coalgirl
    Because Doki are gonna do their own BD like usual
    and Commie subs are s**t
    horrible subs are…. well, Horrible XD
    So P Subs are the best choice
    thanks again coalgirl your encodes are the best ^^

  28. nick writes:

    Thanks. Will you guys do Grisaia no Kajitsu too?

  29. GenerlisimoTsundere writes:

    Since I’m commenting here, no way I’d not leave feedback on one of my favorite series this season.
    Glad to see you picked up tWIN Tails. For reasons known only to the gods (It was Tail Blue) I’ve really enjoyed this show. Kinda surprised you’re not using Doki’ subs. But official will do, too, I suppose.


  30. Anon-kun writes:

    Thank you Coalgirls didn’t thought you would pick up this show. I am Looking forward to your releases.

  31. chieftain20 writes:

    Wow, with this kind of compression, looks like I’ll be getting the 1080 XD.

    Loved this series to death.

  32. Zalis writes:


    It’s not as easy as simply “removing the memes.” These kinds of trollsubs also contain more subtle rewrites (not grounded in what characters actually say, but not “obvious meme is obvious” territory) that appear plausible, but require Japanese knowledge to notice and correct. So it’s better to start with subs that are generally accurate and clean up rough edges, rather than trying to de-troll and possibly adding mistakes.

  33. coalgirl writes:

    Moreso than that, I probably wouldn’t use Commie even without the memes. They tend to localize their subs much beyond the point I like. I can localize an unlocalized script to my preferences, but you can’t unlocalize a localized script without complete knowledge of Japanese.
    After all, that is what this group is. I make files that are exactly how I want to see them and put them out so that if you like it that way too, you can download it.

  34. IzayoiSakamaki1994 writes:
  35. niko writes:

    thx based coalgirl you are simply the best <3

  36. Anon writes:

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to the rest of the BD’s.

  37. max writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls! I flat out refuse to watch anything by Commie since they destroy the meanings. It’s great to see you guys doing these BDs!

  38. fewqa writes:

    any plans on using h.265 anytime soon?

  39. Ponsh writes:

    Thank you so much! I was waiting for this!

    Might as well ask: any ETA for Nisekoi OVA 2?

  40. Magnolia writes:

    Thank you so much for doing this show. There’s a noticeable difference in quality from TV and the BD and this needed subs that weren’t memesubs

  41. duck writes:

    Any plans on fixing the TS on this scene? http://a.pomf.se/hsbexj.webm

    • coalgirl writes:

      No. The TS is actually the same as it was on the TV version, but that’s how the typesetter on the TV decided to do it. Could it be better? Sure. But nobody will notice it unless they are specifically trying to find something to whine about in our release. I was actually thinking of just plain deleting the TS in that scene because I knew it was something that the haters would troll me on, but decided to leave it in because screw them. People who actually download and watch competing releases just to find stuff to troll about are sorry people.

  42. Duck writes:

    >The TS is actually the same as it was on the TV version. But the sign changed the direction it moves in the BD?

  43. Excalibur writes:

    Any chance you guys could change “Tailred” to “Tail Red” (like it should’ve been, idk what Funi were thinking!) for the full release? Same for the other 2 tails.

  44. dirr writes:

    If cg stopped following their rules i would stop grabbing their releases. If you want commie subs, grab commie releases, cg is for top notch quality only.

  45. chieftain20 writes:

    I always feel like re-watching this series.

  46. mashingan writes:

    Are episode 1-6 re-encode?

    I already downloaded 1-6 before, (twice actually), and I just want to know whether I should to download those again.


  47. Who's This writes:

    Oh boy, it’s finished! Thank you!

  48. mashingan writes:

    Oh, I just checked the CRC, and it’s only episode 3 🙂


  49. nks writes:

    Thank you CGi! What happened to Cyras though?

  50. Name * writes:

    I don’t understand how people can watch this shit.

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