Spirited Away


Video – 1920×1038 @ crf 17, 1280×692 @ crf 16
Audio – 6.1 FLAC (24-bit Japanese), 5.1 AC3 @ 448 kbps (English, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Cantonese), 2.0 AC3 @ 192 kbps (Finnish)
Subs – R1 (English, French, German)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

60 Responses to Spirited Away

  1. MisterAlex writes:

    Oh, man. This one’s been ages in coming. Thanks so much!

  2. deanzel writes:

    YES!! Sugoi sugoi.

  3. NamcoPro writes:

    Thanks coalgirl, was a little hyped for this one.

  4. wman writes:

    Any chance for Kaze Tachinu?

  5. jaysaints writes:

    Coalgirl delivers!! Thanks for this! Also, not to sound ungrateful but, can someone seed Tamayura?

  6. fumichan writes:


  7. Araragi Koyomi writes:

    thank you so much for this.. 🙂 have been waiting for this.. <3

  8. Gunshi writes:

    I know this come out of nowhere but can you guys reseed the torrent of Kara no Kyoukai? :\ Thanks for this btw!~

  9. Michiri writes:

    If only there were italian dub ;-;
    Thanks anyway!

  10. hoang writes:

    great guys! i’ve been waiting for this for such a long time! thanks

  11. afafagafad writes:

    I KNEW IT! I had known since they put the count down on Princess Monoke! Great works guys! This is my most favorite Ghibli Work

  12. HamsterCurry writes:

    I jizzed my pants

  13. one.life writes:

    Thanks so much, but are these not the official subtitles from the bluray? Do you know where I can find those if they aren’t?

  14. QUICKSORT writes:

    Is teh 1080p worth it, or just a “bad” upscale?

    • coalgirl writes:

      Ghibli, along with Gundam 00, are so far the only non-debatable 1080p releases. Every other one can have some form of dissent.

  15. hinalover writes:

    THANK YOU one million time !!!!

  16. Axeshizzle writes:


  17. Imran Khan writes:

    Thanku so much. Please also so Wind rises and Only Yesterday and A letter to MOMO and Wolf Children 🙂 Greedy me :’)

  18. Anon writes:

    Does the Blu Ray have the same red tint as the DVD?

  19. artart writes:

    after long days waiting for this BD Anime

    thanks a lot CG

    You Are The Best

  20. Liberty writes:


  21. D0ubleDemon writes:

    THANK GOD! i thought you were REALLY gonna troll us and not upload this. Thanks guy, for all your hard work. Much loved by everyone.

  22. Stickmansam writes:

    Just a quick note

    It’s Cantonese, not Catonese

  23. Hobiron writes:

    Great stuff CGi. What’s next? Should I be expecting more Ghiblis?

  24. ichigo_daisuki writes:

    Thank You!
    Happy Fourth of July / U.S. Independence Day (if you celebrate the holiday) (-^.^-)/

  25. qualityaddict writes:

    Pro work, Thank you very much!

  26. Alter Zero writes:

    Finally, waited for this forever and now is time to weep again, can’t help it!… ^_^

  27. dan writes:


  28. turtle writes:

    thanks! i’ve been waiting for this for ages

  29. Hoover writes:

    What a surprise! And finally a high quality multi-audio. Thanks!

  30. Daniel writes:

    Patiently waited for this, and Coalgirls delivers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  31. James writes:

    Is it me, or is something wrong with the audio for this? When I have it on the 6.1 FLAC Japanese audio, I hear no voices when the characters are saying something. The subtitles are synched properly, but I have that strange audio issue, not sure if it’s out of synch or what. I switched to the English audio and it does the same thing.

  32. jennyoon writes:

    <3<3<3 thanks so much

  33. Serge writes:

    Sugoi! Arigatou!

  34. Serge writes:

    Will you be doing The Wind Rises?

  35. hoongyin writes:


  36. wow4tr5 writes:

    REVO said there is a problem with bluray – http://imgbox.com/XIMcPeL4
    is it true?

    • ChrisK writes:

      Yes and no. The upload on ADC was corrupted, the original one from U2 however was not. Our release is error free.

  37. Zageron writes:

    Oh man thank you! This is incredible. 🙂

  38. revo writes:

    Yes but Coalgirl encoded it with glitch free version so there is no problem with this encode 🙂

  39. Matthew writes:

    I use XBMC media center to play these files, it all works fine. I haven’t tried every track yet, but at least the Japanese 6.1 and English track work perfectly. This is like a definitive digital edition for those of us who need an emancipated copy. Thank you!

  40. Crismas writes:

    Thanks =)

  41. Santa-san writes:

    THANKS!! 😀

  42. akiba-kei writes:

    Holy cow! It’s finished, now downloading… Then I’ll check the Spanish subs to synchronize 😀

  43. Daybe writes:

    Aaaaannnnnd straight to the seedbox !

    /kiss Coalgirls !

    XxX Daybe

  44. ChrisNar2025 writes:

    Thank You!! 😀 (Coalgirls)

    Studio Ghibli: (Films)

  45. Bidum Bidum writes:

    Ghibli uses the weird options when it comes to audio sometimes.

    Mono for The wind Rises. 6.1 for this..

  46. Koby writes:

    Removed all the audio tracks except English & Japanese. Converted FLAC to AAC, and created a signs/song subtitle track and it dropped the final file size down to 4.4 GB

    Thanks CoalGirls.

  47. khamyl writes:

    @koby will you upload your 4.4 gig version? No matter how much I would love to download coalgirls’ version, the net speed in my country is just so pathetic.. 🙁

  48. HokaHoka writes:

    Hello! First I want to thanks a lot for your amazing work and I must say thank you so so much for the awesome release.
    But I would like to request is it possible to make a version JUST with the japanese audio and with the english subtitles?
    I ask this just for the size. If it doesn’t change that much then I think it’s okay… I guess.
    Once again thanks a lot m(_ _ )m truly appreciated.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Sorry, we don’t do requests. You can always use mkvmerge to mux out the audios and subs you don’t like.

  49. kyseka writes:

    finnish dub :DDDDDD
    torilla tavataan

  50. CyberManiac writes:

    It’s a little late. But when I found this out. I died and resurrected after three days.