The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Episodes – 14 x 2
Video – 1280×720 @ ~2300 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC (English Dub included in Season 1)
Subs – a.f.k. (Season 1), Chihiro (Season 2, Re-styled, modified)


The CRC for The_Melancholy_of_Haruhi_Suzumiya_III is incorrect. Correct CRC is [C80E4042]

Tenshi Note
With season 2, coalgirl didn’t want to do it, so I picked it up.

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  1. Nukel writes:

    Relax dude.

    It isn’t working for me, using the October 9th release of FFDshow, since that’s what is in CCCP.

    Whenever it gets to a chapter change, the image freezes, but the sound goes on. It works with CoreAVC.

  2. Ed writes:

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. skyhack writes:

    So, I have the playback issue with CCCP, but not with Core AVC. I have the latest batch, but these patch files tell me the files do not exist. (CRC portion of filename is different) Did I miss a different patch somewhere?

  4. N writes:

    I was just about to ask about the ordered chapters — I’ve got the 720p Season I files and the OP and ED will not play in episodes. Do I absolutely need to use CoreAVC to get them work correctly?

  5. Coconut Sid writes:

    No dual audio for season 2?

  6. skyhack writes:

    Hmmm. Well,I guess all my CRCs are correct. Must be a tweak on my end.

  7. Awkward Love Song writes:

    There’s a typo in the english subtitles of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu VI, at ~ 10:09.

  8. superweapons writes:


    Oncemore, the patches only bring older versions up to date with the current batch. So, if you already have the latest torrent, then you don’t need it. It’s only for people who’ve downloaded any of the older torrents and want to save some bandwidth/time.

  9. skyhack writes:

    Thank you, sorry for not reading the whole thread.

    I do have the playback issue, though, the audio works in the OP and ED, but the video doesn’t. No big deal,if I click past the OP or ED, the rest of the file plays fine. I probably screwed up the MKV index by messing with the patches. I might try to reorder the chapters in toolnix, or maybe not.

    Thanks again for the release, I appreciate the fact that this was finished, even though Endless Eight has its detractors in your group. I’ll mux in the English audio myself, when I get the season 2 set. (Yeah, I really buy the stuff I like, and I like Endless Eight. Reminds me of working for the government)

  10. korinek writes:

    hi. I’m from Polish, so my English may be weak. I have a little problem with the patch, I can not download or copy to the folder with Haruhi. When I want to do it I got an error “file name specified is invalid or too long, ” I looked at previous posts in search of answers, but English is a barrier not to jump. So please write a step by step what to do. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  11. Psycho writes:

    I’ve already read the comment until page 4 and I think it will be faster if I just asking.
    Is there any megaupload link for this project?

  12. LLy_BosHi writes:

    I have already downloaded the old version of season I

    do you have any patch for it??.. so I don’t have to download the new version..


  13. LLy_BosHi writes:

    ah.. I got patch from superweapon and it’s working…

  14. Clam writes:

    So is this ever going to be officially fixed, or what?

  15. ssjokg writes:

    I have the same problem with the OP and ED.I have download and installed CoreAVC but the video still freezes and only the audio.Can someone tell me what to do?

  16. ssjokg writes:

    nevermind fixed…

  17. Home_Despot writes:

    I’m not on staff, but I think I know the problem:

    File name + folder names must be 256?

    Solution: Unzip patch closer to c:\ (root drive) AND/OR Rename folder for patch to something shorter like TEMP.

    This is a common problem with long patch file names.

    I hope that was what you wanted to know about. If not, try asking again.

    Your English is better than my Polish!

    If however your problem was being unable to download the file from the Internet, that could be a problem with your firewall or security software with files. I just downloaded it a moment ago without a problem.

  18. Home_Despot writes:

    To: korinek from Poland

    Sorry -something messed up my attempt to reply specifically to your note. I’ll leave it here:
    I’m not on staff, but I think I know the problem:

    File name + folder names must be 256?

    “” means “Greater Than”

    So the file name plus the names of the folders involved must be shorter than a certain number of characters (probably 256) in order to be a valid address under certain operating systems.

    Solution: Unzip patch closer to c:\ (root drive) AND/OR Rename folder for patch to something shorter like TEMP.

    If however your problem was being unable to download the file from the Internet, that could be a problem with your firewall or security software with files. I just downloaded it a moment ago without a problem.

  19. Home_Despot writes:

    This idiotic comment system just hacked off one third of my careful explanation to a non-native English speaker right in the middle of a paragraph AGAIN. Do those settings really need to be on?

    Well, sorry Poland. I tried my best TWICE. Not your fault, not my fault, not Coalgirls fault. Whose fault is it? Whoever invented ordered chapters -a frustration to many with minimal benefits in today’s bandwidth and storage worlds.

    (Not really Poland. I just wanted to get that it in.)

  20. Kel writes:

    I’m having the same problem as others have noted: playing back in Media Player Classic HomeCinema, using the latest version of the CCCP, the OP and ED audio plays but there’s no video. This has never happened with any other of your releases and I have no idea what’s causing it. The problem is only with Season 1 and not with Season 2.

  21. Lakan writes:

    I have the same problem as Kel and the others:

    When playing Season 1 with Media Player Home Cinema the OP and ED videos freezes but there’s still audio. I have latest CCCP too with madVR. Although I am sure its not hardware problem because I do play 1080p videos perfectly fine. I also tried playing it under VLC and it still have the problem.

    Any idea what’s wrong?

  22. incko writes:

    same problem here,
    I would really be happy to read about a solution 🙁

  23. Gigi writes:

    “The CRC for The_Melancholy_of_Haruhi_Suzumiya_III is incorrect. Correct CRC is [C80E4042]”

    Ok is this for season 1 or season 2 that I have to change the CRC?

  24. radionerd writes:

    I’m debating on buying the box set as I don’t really want to buy the DVD edition of Season 2. ChrisK, or anybody else, do you know for sure if the official subs and English dub are on all episodes of the series or just on the Season 1 episodes.

  25. fb456 writes:

    well the season 1 files were fixed, i can only hope the season 2 files/ batch will be also…

    I haven’t seen any other groups planning on doing this, and none would probably have the sense to use a.f.k’s subs.

  26. akiba-kei writes:

    Grr. >.<

    Repacked and fixed:
    what does that patch do? I've downloaded the season 1 via torrent and I don't know if I need this patch

  27. akiba-kei writes:

    and sorry for ask this but… what about Hare Hare Yukai ED?
    where can I get the dance in HD via DDL?

  28. icepick314 writes:

    “akiba-kei says:

    and sorry for ask this but… what about Hare Hare Yukai ED?
    where can I get the dance in HD via DDL?”

    I was thinking the same thing…

    were all the extras included in the batch torrent?

    did the blu-ray include the dance ending?

    it would be very strange if it didn’t….

  29. icepick314 writes:

    also what happened to all the next episode previews?

  30. simo writes:

    the fileserve link for s2 is 404ing, not sure if that’s a temporary thing or not but you might want to look into it

  31. FatPanda writes:

    Thought I’d let you know, there’s a timing error in Endless Eight 1 (B6970F3C) at around 17:18.

    I’ve changed it to this:

    Dialogue: 0,0:17:18.55,0:17:21.10,Haruhi,,0000,0000,0000,,{\be1}I think I'll decorate the club room with this frog in commemoration!
    Dialogue: 0,0:17:21.50,0:17:24.52,Haruhi,,0000,0000,0000,,{\be1}Mikuru-chan, you can wear this whenever feel like it.

    I’ve only started to watch it so I don’t know if there are any other errors in the latter episodes.

  32. Sirlock writes:

    I was wondering if there were any legitimate seeds on this because I have been downloading this for 19 hours and I only have it 25% done,I know my download speed is way faster than that.

  33. Ruly writes:

    Very good release, but its a shame that it doesnt have the Special Ending Version and the next episode previews

  34. Kanji writes:

    I am having problems with the ordered chapters. When I open either play all season 1 file media player classic crashes on chapter changes. I get a windows error notifying me of this. I have the most updated version of CCCP. I can manually select different chapters with Haali Media Splitter.

    Is this a problem with Media Player Classic not handling file linking properly? It looks as though I am not the only person having this problem, could it be the file linking is not done correctly? Do I just need to wait for Media Player Classic to be updated to handle file linking completely up to spec?

  35. ussjtrunks writes:

    the season 1 chapters bug is fixed with the latest ffdshow and hali 🙂

  36. pinhd writes:

    Anyone know If dual audio patch is coming for s2 or I shouldn’t hope for any?

  37. Ricardo writes:

    I am sorry to me so dumb, but i downloaded yesterday the torrent for Season 1 and I still get the error in the OP and ED parts, which is when I play it; it just plays the audio but it gives me a black screen in each part respectively. I downloaded one of the patches, but it isn’t working or maybe I am not doing it right, can you please let me know how to do it? Or how to fix it.

  38. Ricardo writes:

    Never mind I got it working now thanks to ussjtrunks indirectly.

    @ussjtrunks Thanks that solved my problem. ( or everyones )

  39. zrb writes:

    For all of you who’re having problems playing 1080P-try the Daum Pot Player, it blows everything else out of the water.

  40. jonas writes:

    I’m having problems with the files in season 2 starting from the “sigh of suzumiya I to VI”. I can’t seem to open/rename/delete the files. Is this some kind of a virus? I’ve researched what might caused it, but it says that filename was too long that’s why it cannot be open/renamed/deleted. What should I do then?

  41. jonas writes:

    sorry, my bad. it was just an error on my part. But GREAT POSTS! thanks coalgirls.

  42. lilly_938 writes:

    Thanks for your work!
    But I was wondering: I already have the haruhi releases available in dvd (including the limited editions), are the BDs that much better in quality to warrant my double-dipping and spending $400 on the BD box set (and are the specials/extras subbed)?

  43. Joe writes:

    I’m having an error with the audio of s1 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I
    I have all the latest software installed and what not..I’m encoding the FLAC tracks to ACC with Megui and the audio starts to trail off after 2:31. I’ve tried using delay but it doesn’t seem to help any..none of the other episodes I’ve re-encoded had this problem…might I be doing something wrong during the process? This is the only episode out of all your other releases I’ve bad trouble with using the same process of encoding

  44. castor212 writes:

    Do you use ordered chapter for both season?

  45. yesman104 writes:

    >no S2 dub

  46. luizk writes:

    thank u so much

  47. luizk writes:

    i love that.. thank so much

  48. Noodles writes:

    I have no idea if it’s just me or not, but I tried encoding half the stuff with VidCoder…. half of it isn’t scanning and when I try to encode with Handbrake….. no subs or audio. This occurs with:






    Please help T_T!

  49. Noodles writes:

    Alright, so I’ve read the past comments and saw the batches to fix the episodes…. though I only encode from MKV to mp4 so I’m not sure what to do this the file from mediafire posted by superweapons….