Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


Type: Series (24 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
1280×720 @ crf 13 (10 Bit)
Audio: FLAC 2.0 16-bit – Japanese
Subs: Aho-Taku
Torrents: 720p1080p + OST1&2

Finished, changes for the batch are the correction of typesetting on ep2 and adding chapters to ep8. OST#2 is included in the 1080 batch.

168 Responses to Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

  1. hikaru writes:

    waiting for the last Volume 😀

  2. Alexander writes:

    I guess I’ll finally start watching it since everyone keeps telling me how amazing it is. Thanks! ^^

  3. nick writes:

    its not that great but its enough to make me want to watch it alot more than i should

  4. Mechgamer123 writes:

    In episode 21, there’s a spelling error at 21:38.
    Pretty sure it should be “Getting” instead of “gettng”…

  5. Mechgamer123 writes:

    Orz I meant episode 19… -_-

  6. nameless writes:

    nice, a batchuuuu!
    now, the question is, will the fairies be kind and provide patches again?
    let’s hope so 🙂

  7. Xikara writes:

    Hell YEAH ! Thanks for finishing this one 🙂

  8. hikaru writes:

    wow really arigatou gozaimasu !!

  9. GuP writes:

    Thanks but you didn’t fix the video glitch at 18:38 ep. 16 1080p ver.

  10. nameless writes:

    true, the 18:38 video glitch one ep16 stll there…

  11. aonosora writes:

    no patch for epsd 2 and 8?
    thx b4.

  12. Alfredonm writes:

    yes you should check the:

    the 18:38 video glitch one ep16 stll there…

  13. Patchman writes:

    720p patches for episode 2 and 8

  14. nameless writes:

    thanks patchman. now only the patches for 1080pee missing.
    hopefully the video glitch on ep 16 vill be fixed too 🙂

  15. nameless writes:

    mmm, patch of ep8 doesn’t work… prolly I got a different source file. strange.

  16. nameless writes:

    oh, this was tenshi stuff, no wonder the faeries didn’t appear!

  17. Kyu writes:

    Yay! It’s finally done. Thank you! 😀

  18. LM writes:

    Did you rip the OST from CD yourself or was it already on the disc as FLAC?
    I’m asking because – assuming you have the physical audio CD – there’s room for improvement. Proper FLAC rips have *.log and *.cue files and of cause the correct ripping settings.

  19. Nepg34r writes:

    Thank you!

  20. nameless writes:

    “Proper FLAC rips have *.log and *.cue files and of cause the correct ripping settings”
    .cue are needed just in case the tracks aren’t separate, like in mixes, where you rip the CD as a whole and have the cue as… a cuefile, lol.
    .log won’t make the ripped audio sound better, and it’s not a guarantee.
    ripping setting are meaningless too, it’s like asking for the filter chain of the video…
    I could say chcksums would be useful, but flack has internl checksum, so…
    /me ends rant

  21. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    The original “CD” was a flac file with a .cue. I used cuetools to split and name the tracks.

  22. nameless writes:

    hehe, so I suppose you did it right ™, cuetools pretty simple.
    how’s going on the video glitch side? will it be patchable?

  23. LM writes:

    .cue are needed just in case the tracks aren’t separate, like in mixes, where you rip the CD as a whole and have the cue as… a cuefile, lol.”

    Or if you want to burn a bit-exact duplicate of the original CD. This is not possible with just the FLAC files. Information about gap lengths, flags etc. would be lost.

    “.log won’t make the ripped audio sound better, and it’s not a guarantee.”

    True, but it shows the ripping settings and with a proper Test & Copy rip + AccurateRip verification errors are very, very unlikely to go unnoticed.

    “ripping setting are meaningless too, it’s like asking for the filter chain of the video…”
    Yeah, sure. /sarcasm
    So if I rip a CD with an offset of 10000 and the first 9500 samples of the audio are missing because of the wrong offset that’s meaningless? It’s also meaningless if potential read errors have been hidden by the drive caching data or a faulty C2 implementation?
    You clearly have no clue what you’re talking about.

    @Tenshi: Thanks, this is the best you can do then.

  24. Harro writes:

    Am I imagining things or is there a glitch at 00:02 of ep 3 1080p, too?

  25. Harro writes:

    Nevermind. The 1080p torrent didn’t finish downloading yet. I was just lucky with the first two eps.

  26. Harro writes:

    But now I found something (small):
    The “Opening” chapter in episode 3 720p has the wrong time stamp.

  27. nameless writes:

    Snake oil, snake oil.

  28. Kyu writes:

    Needs seeders, it only goes 20kb/s. Can someone seed? I really want this. =/

  29. Cjabdo writes:

    Not really an issue or something, but why can’t you make it MP4 or AVI. files rather than MKV.? It saves the pain of converting them so I can play them on my PS3 ;_; Anyway, I enjoy your releases!!!

  30. nameless writes:

    @Cjabdo: I don’t think they will do that. lol. use handbrake.

  31. Alfredonm writes:

    thanks for ep 16 fix

  32. kranu writes:

    New episode 16 doesn’t seem to hash correctly. (Force recheck returns 100%.)

    1BB588CD [Coalgirls]_Sakurasou_no_Pet_na_Kanojo_16_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[4EF7514E].mkv

  33. nameless writes:

    tnx for ep16 fix. dldin now

  34. iocan writes:

    So, will the OVAs be included in the 720p batch, or not? Is everything finalized, or are more patches needed?

  35. Lest We Forget writes:

    Tenshi, cheers again!

    I’m amazed at the file size though, why are they so tiny compared to your usual releases, even though you still used crf 13? Did you do anything special?

    Not complaining, just curious as to why.

  36. nameless writes:

    pngcrush’ed all the frames XD

  37. Kitty writes:

    i sure as hell hope you guys sent all the scripts for editing, because no one at evetaku decided to bother with batching so they never edited their mistakes- oh wait, clearly there are some people who saw there’s errors.

  38. Nand writes:

    episode 5 9:39, with the audio there’s a weird sound whcih I don’t think it should be there

  39. JermZ writes:

    anyone kind enough to give me the link, torrent, etc. of the rori scripts ( whether it is retimed or not) pls ? will mux it.

  40. FonFon writes:

    Episode 3 Opening Chapter is easy to fix

    1.) Download and install “mkvmerge GUI”

    2.) Open “mkvmerge GUI” Click on the “Chapter Editor Tab” Then simply Drag and Drop Episode 3.

    3.) Select the “Opening” Change 00:02:59.054000000 To 00:01:29.132000000

    4.) Click on the Chapter Editor Button (Upper Left Corner) Select “Save to Matroska File” Then finally Select Episode 3 then hit Save and that’s it.

  41. Fergis11 writes:

    @FonFon thanks for the advice really helped me out

    just wondering why no one complained about it yet and it never got fixed by Tenshi

  42. Anon writes:

    In ep19 at 21:38 there is an ‘i’ missing in the subs: “gettng” instead of “getting”.

    Besides that, also thank you very much for another great release.

  43. s45zen2a writes:

    can i just download the 1&2 OST ?
    because i can only afford to download the 720p torrent (slow internet, little disk space)

    sincerely, thanks

  44. kazuchi writes:

    The 720p version of this has disappeared from xdcc hellokitty packlist, can you please put them back thanks.

  45. DiaoLaLa writes:

    Need seeders for 1080 pack,tq

  46. Soluna writes:

    Thanks for the release! 🙂

  47. Murasaki No Koutei writes:

    I am having trouble ripping my DVD set for back up with DVD Decrypter. Is there some unusual security on the 2013-2014 collections? I just wanted a straight copy for back up and playing on HTPC. Will gladly check out and promote your site though!

  48. SciCarrie writes:

    September 2017, no seeds on the 1080 torrent. If anyone out there has this one, reseeding would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  49. Jack writes:

    can someone reupload this on google drive for me? 720p ?

  50. Delgon writes:

    Here you go but on 1fichier as I do not want to put it on my GDrive.