Episodes – 13+1
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – R1, Shin_GX (Previews)


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  1. fb writes:

    It’s a Sony!

    …Such a good show. Maybe a donation drive can fund this?

    • coalgirl writes:

      We want to avoid a public donation drive because paypal likes to close out accounts.

  2. AnonWeibo writes:

    Moneybookers then?

  3. BThirster writes:

    It’s only something i remember but isn’t there a lot of BDMV on http://asiandvdclub.org ?
    If i remember correctly i think it was there already.
    I hope it can help you…..

  4. zaockle writes:

    I was planning on getting it.

    Though, it might have to wait since Durarara!! BD box was just announced.

  5. Eclipzee writes:

    i was curious what are good subs for this show

  6. chronos02 writes:

    I already own the original DVDs, and seeing as the release date is in May I doubt I’ll get it then. I will probably buy it around July, if no one gets it for you by then I will gladly provide the BDMVs, but keep in mind my connection sucks balls, it’s 1/10th of what you are asking for. Just think of this as an option D plan, or maybe Z.

  7. chronos02 writes:

    Oh, and have you thought about buying it through amiami and shipping it with SAL (insured)? I’ve shipped with SAL uninsured and insured and I’ve received all the packages without problems up till now, it’s quite cheaper, and it nearly ever goes through customs, thought it is a bit slow, it takes up to 4 weeks to arrive (generally 2~3). The discount on the set isn’t as big as in Amazon Japan, but it’s a nice 10% off that may be increased in the future.

    Oh, and I thought that, seeing as my connection is the pits, maybe sending you 3 BDs with the copied data would be way faster (the set is composed of the 3 BDs).

    Well, keep my option in the backmost place of your mind just in case^^.

  8. TheOtherJN writes:

    Huh, that sucks. I was planning on donating some money.

  9. revo writes:

    do you have something to sell ?

  10. Xanas writes:

    You might want to think about taking bitcoin donations, value is still in flux but it’s doubtful it would be worth nothing at any point. After the crash this summer (during what was very obviously a bubble) it’s got a relatively steady trend. I don’t expect it to keep going up and up since it’s not widely used for real things so there is still too much speculation but it’s unlikely to be worthless at any point.


  11. Kontys writes:

    BakaBt has it up on their site, watched it and it was passable quality at least.

  12. Swaps4 writes:

    @Kontys can’t tell if trolling or stupid. Re-read this post, they want to buy the blu-ray box release that just got announced, not the old shitty DVD release.

  13. iguana writes:

    I think that sending a 1:1 copy of the BD’s would be a good idea too, as chronos suggested. For those with slow upload who don’t necessarily want to give away their copy.

  14. Anoki writes:

    For some reason I really really enjoyed this show and it would be awesome to be able to get BD quality of it. If someone does get it and uploads for you I would just like to thank them and you guys in advance. xD

  15. mascthemoney writes:

    ehhh i dont have much to contribute to this discussion, but thinking “outside the box,” there’s sure to be a legal alternative to fileserve and the like, since the current system blew up. the “industry” of server space isn’t dead, it just needs an alternative way of doing it.

    i’d wait a month or two, and see what new companies come up that offer the same kind of service the other DDL’s offered.

    on another note, whoever can figure out exactly what/how to implement the new “DDL” service…. is the world’s newest multi-millionaire?

  16. psyche writes:

    we are big fans of you guys. post a picture of youurself and sell it for x amount of money. im willing to buy a picture

  17. Andromeda writes:

    I hope they announce a second season to coincide with the release of the BD. :>

  18. uSalt2 writes:

    “. . . with fileserve imploding, we really can’t afford to buy it. ”
    Adf.ly? Linkbucks? (unless you already tried them before and people complained)

  19. Tyler writes:


    They wouldn’t pay anywhere near what fileserve did.

  20. Tatsujin writes:

    http://www.bayfiles.com — try this file host. I’ve already uploaded more than 1GB and I download at max speed. I only registered for free.

  21. choco writes:

    @uSalt2: you make me cry

  22. Edtech writes:

    If the problem is just stocking of the raw file temporary, you could use my server. I have 200GiB free and the connection is 100/100Mbps.

  23. Tyler writes:


    If it was just about storage they could use rapidshare, using fileserve was a good way to pay for server costs and things like buying the anime that they encode.

  24. chronos02 writes:

    shibirian, what’s the point on providing TV raws here? Coalgirl wants to do the BD-BOX which comes out in May of this year. Besides, the TV version was an upscale… the BD-BOX is being “re-composited in HD” for the Blu-ray release, somewhat the same as what they did with the Working! BD-BOX, TV was an SD upscale too.

  25. uSalt2 writes:

    @Tyler: [looks online and finds that Fileserve paid 6.25x more than adf.ly] I see.
    @choco: Sorry about that.

  26. shibirian writes:

    @chronos02: The TV raws are in full 1080p, that’s why I provided the links (even if these look kinda dead somewhat). I just don’t think that there’s so much difference between TV and BR quality that it justifies $400,-…the subbing quality is much much more important to me. 🙂 That’s all.

  27. DmonHiro writes:

    @Shibirian: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Oh, you’re serious? Allow me to laugh harder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  28. CoalFan writes:


    Thats a usual mistake …

    Even a good DVD encode is better than a TV raw.

  29. Goshtic writes:

    They did re-air Kannagi on BS-i in true HD source (other stations did it in upscale), but the quality was still not the clean “Blu-Ray” quality. The HDTV version was only 720p and no true 1080p source was avaliable. So any release claiming it’s top line quality now will be inferior once the actual blu-ray is released. Just simply because you wouldn’t have annoying broadcast messages scrolling across the screen when watching the show.

  30. CoalFan writes:

    ohh … so the BD has TrueHD audio source ?

    I hope it is include in the encode : )

  31. Tayau writes:

    Hey Coalgirl. I just wanted to thank you ( I can’t thank you enough ) for all the encodes and the effort you put into your releases ( the rest of the team too! ) and whilst I cannot fund all of the $400 for this release, I would very much like to be a long time Donator as a thank you for your services ( Most likely something like £10 or £15 a month depending on how much I have left over ). Once again, I cannot thank you enough for providing such great encodes and I’m doing my best to seed the ones I have downloaded ( over half of them ). Looking forward to this!

  32. Naoto-nyan writes:

    ah~ why not torrent for awhile? xD
    im really looking forward for this project! thank you!

  33. AnimeReference writes:

    >300 kilobytes per second up would be fine
    One can dream

  34. Zalis writes:

    @swaps4: What exactly was “shitty” about the old DVD release, relative to other DVD releases? Not like it magically becomes shitty from the mere existence of Blu-Rays.

    Yeah, I’m not surprised the Japanese otaku wouldn’t buy it and upload it, considering Nagi’s such a slut for daring to have a boyfriend sometime in the last few centuries.

    Assuming the BDMVs become available, which subs would you use? To answer eclipzee’s question, I recommend R1 with corrections for typos and whatever delocalizations you want (though they may already have honorifics). The Shin-GX subs, in addition to being more localized than many would prefer, contain a fair number of mistranslated lines. Some of them may be genuine mistakes, but others are deliberate re-writes. And Ayako is… Ayako.

    If you need the subs, I’ve been meaning to DL Exiled-Destiny’s release for awhile, so I’ll volunteer to post the .srts somewhere.

  35. Spearit writes:

    lol I don’t think you came at the right place to post that.

  36. ZeRO writes:

    While i can’t cover for the whole 400$, i would gladly take part in a public donation drive, be it Bitcoin, PayPal, Moneybookers or any payment service that works for German residents.

  37. AceD writes:

    Good luck getting it, is a great show so i’d like some bds -_-

  38. RockManZero writes:

    *looks at money on the bank* ….. had to replace my old dead computer *cry*, was planning on getting a couple of blu-rays if I have some money gonna set this at the top of the list and hope I have enough money at the 23rd of Februari.

  39. jojo writes:

    You guys going to do the DRRR!! BDs?

  40. DarkChaplain writes:

    Let’s just hope the situation calms down over the next month or so and there’ll be a few more new filehosters on the rise. They’re always coming back, don’t they? The only question is whether they’ll stay or die away.

    I’d certainly be willing to donate, but said Paypal issues are a risk, of course. Sadly no way I could afford a full BD right now, or anytime soon, but if I could I’d pile in a few bucks here and there.

    Oh, and I’d like to support the rather shameless requests for infos on Durarara BDs – I’d be delighted if there was a BD release by you guys since the show was basically the most dropped show of the season back then.

  41. CoalFan writes:

    You Guys/Girls should considered a way to accept donations, they are working very well since the Megaupload shot down, and guess is the best way, or the only, to support a Blu-ray subbing site.

    GoalGirls does a top notch work searching, fixing and troll cleaning subs, a work worth of some $

  42. pengu writes:

    Oh wow, I never knew that blurays were so expensive…
    It’s some time ago, but I enjoyed watching Kannagi so I’d really appreciate the BDs.
    As many other people already said, I’m sure you would be able to gather the money via donations if everybody would give you a little part oft it.
    And I must add I’d also loooove you if you would do the Durarara BDs, it’s one of my favorite series.

  43. Ysman1973 writes:

    Do u guys know about U2 ?

  44. Zalis writes:

    All right, if you or anybody wants them, the R1 Kannagi subs can be found here:


    I ran spellcheck to correct some OCR errors and typos. Some honorifcs are used, though maybe not all. I didn’t come across any instances of full names being used, so I’m not sure if Eastern/Western name order is a factor. Some jokes and terms have short TL notes within the dialogue.

    I am aware of “We will not…” #9, but if you want accurately-translated subs without major editing derps or made-up/misheard lines, I do think the R1 edit is the best way to go.

  45. Baka writes:

    To answer some of your questions.

    Q: Why doesn’t Coalgirls just take donations to buy this?
    A: Most companys that would handle the donations would close the account because sharing blue ray disk rips that have license holders online is in most cases illegal. It used to be a grey zone since most of what fansub groups where doing wasn’t licensed in the states till ages after the content actually was released. Now with official instant online streaming right after many shows come out this doesn’t really apply anymore.

    Q: Why don’t you just torrent for a while rather then DDL
    A: DDL gave them money. Many hosting websites would pay the people that upload high traffic content because it brings more people to the website, and makes more people motivated to buy there premium services. Bandwidth is cheap. Advertising is not.

  46. mascthemoney writes:

    i wouldn’t mind coalgirls selling adspace on their site… just pull the ads off when you reach the target amount.

  47. uSalt2 writes:

    Seems that Whine subs are using SendMyWay.com, and their affiliate program allows people to earn $18-$30 for 450 – 1024 MB files.

  48. sawada writes:

    any news?

  49. Th3avatar writes:

    Kannagi is out at share!