Persona 4 The Animation

Type: Series (25 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: Commie
1080p: Torrent – 01-10, 11-12
720p: Torrent – 01-10, 11-12

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  1. Leanny writes:

    Just found out that I can translate about half of them… But I guess it’s not very helpful because there are still some lines missing.

  2. DarkChaplain writes:

    Thanks for picking it up, didn’t let me down~

  3. piecemealcranky writes:

    Some that I could catch from the clip. In no way do I speak or understand everything fluently. 😀

    (00:02) Dojima: Can you do it by yourself?
    (00:02) Nanako: Yup!
    (00:02) Attendant: Thank you very much!

    (00:19) Dojima: Today is a welcoming party for you, but this is all there is. Well then, cheers!
    (00:32) Dojima: Well, for the time being you’re part of the family, so make yourself at home.
    (00:37) Narukami: Yes.
    (00:41) Dojima: Alright, before the sushi gets cold…
    (00:43) Dojima: , nice timing…
    (00:47) Dojima: It’s Dojima. I see, I’ll be there shortly. I understand.
    (00:57) Dojima: Sorry bout this but please go on first.
    (01:00) Nanako: Dad!
    (01:01) Dojima: I dunno what time I’ll be back.
    (01:05) Dojima: Nanako! It’s pouring outside! Have you took in the clothes?
    (01:08) Nanako: Already!
    (01:10) Dojima: Right then. Okay, I’m off!
    (01:21) Narukami: A detective… is that your father’s job?
    (01:23) Nanako: Yup! It’s always like this, a phone call and he’s gone.
    (01:36) TV: Junes is always thankful for our customers. Come, look and feel. Everyday young life Junes.
    (01:48) Nanako: Everyday young life Junes! You’re not gonna eat?
    (01:58) Narukami: Ittadakimasu!

    (02:01) Narukami: Better to leave him…

    (02:15) Yukiko: Chie you’re being rude.

    (02:16) Chie: That person is Konishi-senpai. Such a pretty person, huh? She’s the daughter of Sakaya from the Shopping District. You thought it’s his girlfriend? Would be wonderful if that was the case. She’s a part-timer here.
    (02:28) Konishi: Hey you!

    I mostly used literal and direct translation. :p

  4. Silver writes:

    Commie’s are the best. However, there’s a mistake in their 7th episode at 0:10/0:12. It’s the Priestess Arcana, not the Empress.

    Just a heads up. I’ll be downloading your release. Thanks.

  5. Clark writes:

    Here’s the timed .ass file:

    I based my subs off of piecemealcranky’s subs above (thanks!), but made corrections and added in the missing lines.

    (00:01) Dojima: Can you go to the bathroom by yourself?
    (00:02) Attendant: Thank you very much!
    (00:03) Nanako: Yup!
    (00:04) Attendant: Are you headed somewhere?
    (00:05) Dojima: Nah, we just went to pick up my nephew.
    (00:08) Dojima: He just moved here from the city.
    (00:09) Attendant: Really?
    (00:10) Dojima: I’ll leave the rest to you.
    (00:11) Dojima: Fill her up all the way.
    (00:14) Attendant: Thank you very much!

    (00:19) Dojima: Well, it’s not much, but I guess this is your welcoming party.
    (00:26) Dojima: Well then, cheers!
    (00:31) Dojima: For the time being you’re part of the family.
    (00:32) Nanako: Itadakimasu!
    (00:34) Dojima: So feel free to make yourself at home.
    (00:37) Narukami: Okay.
    (00:41) Dojima: Alright, let’s eat some sushi…
    (00:43) Dojima: Jeez, why now?
    (00:47) Dojima: It’s Dojima.
    (00:50) Dojima: I see, I’ll be there shortly.
    (00:53) Dojima: Got it.
    (00:57) Dojima: Sorry about this but you guys can start eating without me.
    (01:00) Nanako: Dad!
    (01:01) Dojima: I don’t know when I’ll be back.
    (01:05) Dojima: Nanako! It’s pouring outside! Did you bring in the clothes?
    (01:08) Nanako: Already did!
    (01:10) Dojima: Is that so? Okay, I’m off!
    (01:20) Narukami: Your father… is a detective, right?
    (01:23) Nanako: Yeah. It’s always like this.
    (01:26) There’s a phone call and he’s gone.
    (01:31) TV: After the commercial break is the weather report.
    (01:35) TV: Everyday is Customer Appreciation Day at Junes!
    (01:39) TV: Come, look and feel our products!
    (01:44) TV: Everyday young life, Junes.
    (01:48) Nanako: Everyday young life, Junes!
    (01:54) Nanako: Aren’t you gonna eat?
    (01:57) Narukami: Itadakimasu!

    (02:02) Narukami: Better leave him be…

    (02:05) Chie: So you’re only gonna be here for the next year, huh?
    (02:08) Chie: And you’re here because of your parents’ jobs.
    (02:10) Chie: Here I was thinking it was something more serious.
    (02:14) Yukiko: Chie, you’re being rude.

    (02:16) Chie: That person is Konishi-senpai.
    (02:18) Chie: She’s pretty, isn’t she?
    (02:20) Chie: She’s the daughter of liquor store in the Shopping District.
    (02:23) Narukami: Really?
    (02:24) Chie: Did you think she was his girlfriend?
    (02:27) Chie: Would be nice if that was the case.
    (02:28: Chie: I think she’s a part-timer here.
    (02:28) Konishi: Hey you!

    Now, back to Thanksgiving. 🙂

  6. Fai-kun writes:

    Thanks for the release! By the way, does this anime really have 25 episodes? I checked on the ANN and it says 12… :S

  7. Petrushka writes:

    the earliest BD release i’ve ever seen o.O

  8. Silver writes:

    Also, I noticed those missing lines translations I see over there say “Every day young life Junes” (jap version), while commie’s release has been using the dialogue from the english version of the game, which is “Everyday’s great at your Junes”.

    Which one are you guys gonna use for your release?

  9. mascthemoney writes:

    lol what an awesome volume 1.

  10. Nettosama writes:

    Thanks for the release, but you didn’t sub the lines where they say Itadakimasu, both Narukami and Nanako.

  11. Aryle writes:

    So fast.. Anyway, thanks for taking this BD. Although I’m pretty sure there is 26 episodes based on the numbers of dots on the stat at the middle part..

  12. Anonymous writes:

    Sorry but i wanna know if there’s anybody who have a problem with accessing nyaatorrents right now .

  13. PB Curious writes:

    Everyone’s having trouble accessing nyaa right now. No one can access any of the groups for which nyaa was providing hosting as well such as commiesubs and horriblesubs.

    Whatever is going on, I won’t speculate. I will point out that the BT tracker seems to still be running (owned and located by the same entity which owns nyaa). At least Static Subs seems to have no problem posting new torrents to it.

    Instead, I’d like to sincerely thank Coalgirls for no longer relying on nyaa for hosting or tracking.



  14. LaduLaser writes:

    Am I the only one getting horrible color and trace effects in this clip? It has been the same in Howl’s Moving Castle and Legends from Earthsea, both in the Thora and Coalgirls releases. Other clips still look just fine though. New codec implementation?

  15. piecemealcranky writes:


    Update your codecs to 10-bit H264.

  16. castor212 writes:

    Is this on 10bit? just asking

  17. Moonlight of the night writes:

    I hope u guys will release the next episodes as soon as u can !

  18. Richardtc writes:

    ah.. i have a cuestion… whats the difference between the tv version and the BD version other than the quality??

  19. Nettosama writes:

    @Richardtc: At least for EP1, there was like 2-3 minutes of extra scenes, thou they didn’t add much to the history. But yeah mainly its the quality, being a AVC encoded BD.

  20. fateforever writes:

    Hi peeps at Coalgirls, I hope you get this –

    Wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

  21. Richardtc writes:

    @Nettosama mmm then its like Oreimo that have a few minutes extra too, well if its confirmed the 25 episodes maybe i dwnld this series xD

  22. Goobgobber writes:

    Thanks for the release!

  23. Epidermis writes:

    Noticed that episodes 2-4 have crackling audio when it is loud or there is alot of strain on the highs, where as episode 1 does not.

  24. AceJayce writes:

    Noticed one thing: the ending credit is a bit different for each episode – the floating tarot card has a different arcana per episode, usually following the Social Link event(s) during it: ep 1 is Fool (none for the TV release), ep 2 the Magician, ep 3 is the Chariot (the TV release had it mirrored so it read IIV instead of VII) and none for 4th ep. But all the eps I got here had the Fool arcana in the ending credits.

    Anyway, incredible quality – and thanks for the uploads!

  25. Genha writes:

    Why your guys changed the opening and ending?
    Any plan on releasing the episode 1 (non extended)(it have an different opening)?

    Sorry for my poor English.

  26. JOHN writes:

    Why you dropped Steins Gate??? just asking

  27. Genha writes:

    @AceJayce: Coalgirls replaced the OP/ED.
    Instead the normal OP/ED, they put the same creditless OP/ED on all episodes…

    Sorry for my poor English.

  28. Tyler writes:


    They said they lost interest in it, which i find ridiculous since its one of the best animes in a long time.

  29. yuri writes:

    Thank you for this. But might I ask why you replaced the different OP(well the episodes which have it)/Ed’s of the episodes with the same one? More so with the ending as AceJaype pointed out with the ED’s.

  30. ChaosUndivided writes:

    ep6 timestamp 17:27
    outweighs (not outweights…)

  31. Jumendez writes:

    I’m wondering why Episodes 08-10 haven’t been done yet, as Volume 4 is already out…though I’m not seeing it on PD. Is there no copy of it on Share too? Or are irl issues in the way?

  32. mascthemoney writes:

    the coalgirls group is actually a japanese robot that pumps out fansubs. thanks for another release.

  33. Oblivion writes:

    Were there some changes made in episodes 1-7?

  34. Nettosama writes:

    Any chance of editing Commie’s overlocalization in some lines? “This is going to facebook”, etc.

  35. Jumendez writes:

    I think “Let’s go steady” is much more of a thing to worry about when it comes to overlocalization than “This is going to facebook”… They didn’t fix the former of the two, so I imagine Coalgirls doesn’t change the script at all.

  36. MattS02 writes:

    Thanks for Eps 11-12, deleting my commie eps as you release and am replacing with yours lol

  37. Dave Justice writes:

    Sup, mates!

    Commie, being the untrustworthy Ruskie faggots we all love to hate, have now unleashed their Persona 4 batch upon an unsuspecting world and V2’D ALL THE THINGS!

    Stalin and his mustache approve!

    Could I perhaps trouble you to update your eps. with the new subs, please? Like all animufags I require MAXIMUM FABULOUSITY ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ☆

  38. Dave Justice writes:

    I require information! First off, when you released your new versions of 1-10 a couple weeks ago did you use the v2 scripts from the earlier Commie Persona 1-13 batch in February or the v1 scripts that you started out with? Because the v2s of 1-13 in both batches are the same, matching CRCs and all. Their new Persona batch is simply a compilation of the earlier batch with their new v2s of 14-25.

    So, if you did the former and have already updated the subs for your new encodes of Persona 1-10 (and 11-12 after that) with the Feb batch scripts then it’s all gravy, all the way! Possibly even to the bank. Not to mention, you can now use the v2 scripts for 14-25 for your future releases. THAT’S what Charlie Sheen calls bi-winning! *firm nod*

    However, if you’ve done the latter, have taken the low road and somehow ended up in Scotland before me then I shall try to get that list of changes from Commie. I don’t know if I’ll have much luck since Commie, much like it’s founder Russia, is surrounded by an obfuscating veil of secrecy and cock jokes. Also, they just plain don’t answer my questions most of the time. But for an optimal Persona 4 bluray experience, I shall brave this Dragon and rescue that princess! Provided she is not in another castle! ┐(´д`)┌

    • Cyras writes:


      Your comment alone convinced me to take care of this.
      Since I found it doesn’t require as much work as I thought, you can expect a new, mid-way, batch coming soon.

  39. brainchild writes:

    The v2s fix typos and some other derps, and the typesetting for 19 has been drastically improved. Two examples of major fixes would be changing Jack Frost to Black Frost and the Empress Arcana (in the earlier episodes) to the Priestess. And if it makes anyone feel better, the Facebook line was changed to an appropriate translation. 🙂

  40. Dave Justice writes:


    *celebratory fist pump*

    Heh, score one for verbal diarrhoea. My word barrage pierced Cyras’ walls of apathy and HIT HIS WEAK POINT FOR MAXIMUM DAMAGE refilled his long depleted store of Fucks.

    Rejoice! For Fucks can now be given once again! ☆ヽ(^◡◡^)ノ☆

    On an unrelated note, I’m glad Commie de-derpified their v2s. As a man who loved the game long long time, each mistake was like nails down my soul and in Persona souls are SERIOUS BUSINESS.

  41. VGJunky writes:

    So does anybody else have any playback issues with the 1080p episode previews besides me?

  42. yuri writes:

    JUST GREAT. Read that the true ending OVA will be released in five months. FIVE MONTHS. What the actual F. I don’t understand why they didn’t increase the show to 26 episodes and use the true ending as the final episode. Chuffed to bits 🙁

    Oh well, waited half a year, what’s another 5 months.

  43. VGJunky writes:

    tbf the true ending is pretty out there and detached from the mystery that the rest of the show concerns itself with

  44. 5thDan writes:

    @VGJunky No it doesn’t, not in the sense of Persona’s way of doing things. They’ve done stuff like this in probably every persona, hell even in the main Shin Megami Tensei Games.

  45. nikz writes:

    hello, please seed..^^ thanks and good bless..

  46. nikz writes:

    i mean god bless

  47. yuri writes:

    Soooo, what is the release date for the True End OVA? October?

  48. Linkmstr writes:

    Just wondering… Are you using commie’s v2 subs that they released in their Persona 4 The Animation TV Batch?

  49. DJ-Slush writes:

    So… no more Persona 4 or what?

  50. donssama writes:

    @Yuri: Pretty sure it’s in August, 22th or something like that.