Mawaru Penguindrum

Type: Series (24 Episodes)
Video: 1920×1080, 1280×720
Audio: FLAC 2.0 (Japanese)
Subs: gg (Modified)
Torrent: 1080p720p

202 Responses to Mawaru Penguindrum

  1. Eri writes:

    Cyras, you just made my week.

  2. ene13 writes:



  3. skyhack writes:

    Much love.

  4. EroAlphonse writes:

    Thank you Cyras.

  5. jdranzer writes:

    Manly tears spilled from my eyes…

  6. confused otaku writes:

    err … i know it’s unrelated with penguindrum … but your banner says coilgirls instead of coalgirls, is this intended?

  7. anim3spy writes:

    @confused otaku
    i think its intended.
    whats the name of the show in the banner?

  8. anim3spy writes:

    Dennou Coilgirls

  9. amen665 writes:

    yes, you are THE man cyras, thx 4 picking it up.

  10. donadams writes:

    I love you

  11. Eddy writes:

    Thanks for not dropping this

  12. Orcaz writes:

    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks


  13. Marcus writes:

    This is awesome. Nice to see you picked it up again. Subtitles have a few mistakes but it’s no that bad. Thanks as always for your dedicated work.

  14. confused otaku writes:

    @anim3spy: oh, I see. That’s genious, thanks for the info XD

  15. thanks.
    i love u guys 😀

  16. Void-eater writes:

    *me sad about dropping of Steins;Gate* Could yo please reconsider, or can either ChrisK or Coalgirl pick it up *hopefull glare*

  17. anotherAzn writes:

    ^totally agree =D

    However, thanks for the release!!! I’ve stopped myself from watching this so that I can watch it in beautiful Blu-ray. We’ll see how long I can last like this.

  18. kyuzo writes:

    Hi Cyras and merry Xmas, I want Steins;Gate 14-26 re-continued as a Christmas present 😀

  19. UnderminE writes:

    oh my god.

  20. Radu writes:

    Is there anything noticeably different in the BD release, compared to what was aired?

  21. banger writes:

    can anyone comment on any differences between the originally released eps 1-3 and the ones from when cyras picked it up? is that video problem still there, or has anything else changed?

  22. ene13 writes:

    This series, man, I am impressed beyond belief. Gripping, awesome animation.

    And to think only CG is doing the subbing… shame on all other fansubbers

  23. Curtis writes:

    Credit where credit is due. Coalgirls isn’t subbing (read: translating) anything. The translator is gg who subbed the series as it aired. However, Coalgirls has done a fantastic job encoding the BDs and de-trolling the gg subs.

  24. ene13 writes:

    Oh I am sorry bro, I really didnt think I was reading GG subs as I was watching this show.

    Oh lol, I see now, it makes sense, they changed their usual junk to make it more professional!

    Thanks GG AND Thanks CG!

  25. Crisx3 writes:

    This anime is fucking amazing so far. Thanks so much for doing this one. <3

  26. jdranzer writes:

    @banger: the stuttering issue is solved in Cyras encoding, so let’s destiny!

    I was wondering when the episodes +12 is realeased, it will includes the ED creditless in case the BD includes it or not. Also, in 2nd OP there are some differences in several sequences that will help to comprehend the behavior of plot. Thus, I hope you guys will take account of this in a future episode release.

  27. jdranzer writes:

    Sorry, I forgot to mentionate that episodes +12 have different ED each one and same OP with different motion sequences between episodes.

  28. Steins-Fan writes:

    I have to agree with Void-eater and kyuzo, it would be awesome if anyone could continue with Steins;Gate

  29. kyuzo writes:

    I don kare bout some spinning penjuin n whatnot. I wanmai Steins 1080p CG quality I’m Soooo not deleting the 1-13 parts fear me!! hahahahaaaa uhhumm sorry.

  30. Unbef writes:

    can’t wait for vol.4 to come.

  31. Arjen writes:

    Can you update the episodes with the batch GG released of Mawaru Penguindrum?

  32. Nettosama writes:

    What Arjen said, and update the already released ones in the final batch.

  33. Arjen writes:

    And I mean the subs from the batch of course.

  34. Speedmetalotaku writes:

    Thanks for this glorious rip of the new masterpiece of Kunihiko Ikuhara, the best shoujo since Utena 🙂

  35. petran writes:

    Best shoujo is Haikara-san ga Tooru. Utena and MWD are much more than a shoujo.

  36. Nettosama writes:

    Some of the signs in ep11 aren’t styled, and they look out of place. Could be improved in the final batch.

  37. holybit writes:

    thanks for the premium encode;

    why are you using FLAC btw, instead of high bitrate AAC, or similar?

  38. Tyciol writes:

    I already have GG’s episodes hm… am thinking I should have waited.

    Screw it from now on I should focus on getting all CG’s completed before starting new shows.

  39. reikkeñ writes:

    re-dropped, or just delayed?

  40. Yumizuka Satsuki writes:

    Volume 5: Episodes 13-15 – 2012/02/22
    It might take a while…

  41. an-lz writes:


  42. skyhack writes:

    Coalgirl, my love, O, Isis of Anime, and bringer of Good Things.

    Do you know of (and would you be interested in doing) Blurays for Hidamari Sketch?

    I humbly wait in anticipation.

  43. Nisos writes:

    YES! I was waiting for this! Thanks for Vol 5! \(-ㅂ-)/

  44. sei. writes:

    Yes!! Thank you~ ♥ ♥ ♥

  45. damedame writes:

    What was causing the encoding issue anyway?

  46. UnderminE writes:

    new episodes ;_;

  47. Dusk252 writes:

    I don’t mind waiting. Not at the slightest. But I’d like to be assured that… you won’t drop this, will you?
    Anyway, thanks for the great job so far^^

  48. Yuhan writes:

    Waiting patiently ^.^

  49. confused otaku writes:

    waiting anxiously >.<

  50. Himari fans writes:

    BD vol 7 is out >.<

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