Hidan no Aria

Episodes – 12+1
Video – 1280×720 @ crf 16
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Chihiro


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  1. IzumiTaka writes:

    oh yeah thanks

  2. someone writes:

    Double Personality, ey?

  3. SirBob writes:

    Should have used gg…

  4. Arran writes:

    really using chihiro subs over utw?

  5. Whatever writes:

    not sure if sarcasm

  6. Baka writes:

    you can just wait for utw to release their own bd. pretty much sure they’ll do.

  7. Noko writes:

    I as well want to know why Chihiro over UTW. While I did not watch the Chihiro subs nor do I hate them for no reason. I just want to know if there was some reason I don’t know about since I’m not watching Chihiro subs atm.

    I will reserve my bitching until I actually watch the series with these subs and see if my doubts are misplaced.

    All in all thanks a lot Kristen for doing this. Saves me the work of doing it myself.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Because I’m OCD about completing stuff. Every single TV version I’ve encoded that got a BD had a BD done by Chihiro. Yet, some circumstances would prevent that unless I did it like this.

      AKA – If I didn’t use Chihiro subs, there’d be no Aria at all from us.

  8. bob barker writes:

    Please define uncensored.

    Are we talking female nipples/bottoms? Or oddly censored panty stuff?

    I never could find a legit reason for censoring panties. You see young girls and older women in everyday newspaper adds for panties. So that is very strange, even for japan.

  9. Noko writes:

    Got it. Thank you for the reply.

    Regardless of subs I will be downloading it anyway because similar to you I’m a archive fag so I have to get like everything I watch in BD or DVD. Some weird habit of mine.

    Once again thanks for doing this.

  10. Noko writes:

    @bob barker While I think you are a pervert I won’t hate.

    Uncensored as in bras and panties etc. I don’t think Aria has any full on nudity that I have seen.

  11. Doc writes:

    Thank you for the BD release!

  12. b writes:

    no 1080p?

  13. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ writes:

    It’s JC Staff, so source probably doesn’t warrant a 1080p.

  14. JoatOrion writes:

    Sheesh. Some people would get a free diamond necklace and complain “What? No matching earrings?”. Be happy for the release as is.

  15. ThumperZ1 writes:

    Why is it that voice doesn’t match lips moving at times? And misspelling “within” you have “withing” as the Instructor is talking to the class.

  16. Noko writes:

    @ThumperZ1 I actually noticed that too. I’m not sure if it is me or what.

  17. coalgirl writes:


  18. Noko writes:

    Seems that way. Its rather hard to tell though since there is a lot of moving. I tried with two flac decoders seems to have a slight delay in both. I’m going to keep testing and try some other players just to be sure.

  19. alex writes:

    ordered chapters can mess with the audio sync, try it with the built in mpc flac filter. It seems to handle them where ffdshow sometimes chokes.

  20. Noko writes:

    While that is true like I said I tried two flac decoders internal and ffd also Mplayer. It is not a huge deal it is still watchable. And just barely there.

    Btw I saw that you have not been using ordered chapters as much lately Kristen. Hope you keep that trend up.

  21. coalgirl writes:

    Just tested it – it works in the suggested settings of using mpc’s internal ffdshow renderer.

    As for OC’s, it’s just the trend of my policy. I do OC’s randomly on TV, and on BD it’s if:
    1. There is a NCOP/NCED available
    2. There is not regular intro music from the episode
    3. The OP/ED doesn’t change each time.

    Lately, a lot of my shows just haven’t had NCOP/NCED, so I didn’t do OCs.

  22. Noko writes:

    Yeah I think it may just be me I’m not completely sure. I think I may just be tired. Even if it is there for me it is so hardly noticeable it won’t matter.

    For the OC’s that is a interesting policy. Not that I am questioning it or anything since you can really do whatever you want. But is a extra 50mb or so per OP and ED a episode really that much more since we are already getting BDs? Most people should expect a decent file size. Once again it really is your call, I was simply wondering this.

    • coalgirl writes:

      That’s the thing – I don’t do it for the filesize. I do it so that I don’t have to spend a really long time trying to get the NCOP/NCED the perfect frame length, and all the audio problems associated with it. Because above all, I want to use the NCOP/NCED if I can.

  23. Noko writes:

    Ah I see. Well that does explain a lot then.

    Thanks for answering my questions Kirsten. Looking forward to more of your releases.

  24. Andromeda writes:

    I’ve always wondered about that as well. Good to know.

  25. Gaka writes:

    HnA makes no sense without gg subs ;<.

  26. Cloud668 writes:

    /me facepalms at people who don’t know why she used Chihiro’s subs.

  27. AxDna writes:

    Yeah, HnA gg’s subs are excellent to learn japanese ¬¬’


  28. miracles writes:

    What it’s OCD means?

    Curious to know 😀

  29. Mr.Bushido writes:

    missing fonts and styles in the sub files making the op and ed look bad so made patches for both eps 2 and 3.

    ep 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?u99709z2c2zhz0d

    ep 3 http://www.mediafire.com/?gb5mv4p1w1ii064

  30. Alucryd writes:

    There is an error in episode 5, around 12:14, “gauge” is misspelled “guage” thought I’d let you know since no one did. Thx for doing this great show!

  31. fallton13 writes:

    For those who have griped about not using gg subs, I’d like to know when they got their translations for HnA adapted to proper English. I watch a couple of episodes when they happened to release quicker than the others and the subs were hardcore raw translations, which made it pretty tough to read. Did they v2 them? I was quite happy with UTW and Chihiro.

    Thanks Coalgirls for the great releases.

  32. DmonHiro writes:

    You continue your quest to make me run out of HDD space. And I love you for it.

  33. Mr.Bushido writes:

    missing fonts and styles in the subtitle for the episodes in the new batch yet again.

    OP/ED file works fine http://i.imgur.com/4DLrq.jpg

    While playing in the episode http://i.imgur.com/uNLEU.jpg

  34. Blackstar writes:

    I was just wondering if there really is an extra episode. I have looked around to see if there was more of Aria but I thought it ended at 12.

  35. Mr.Bushido writes:

    Unofficial patch for eps 6 and 7 having issue with the op and ed fonts.
    Extract in the same folder as the episodes and run autopatch.
    The 2 new files would be [Coalgirls-Chihiro]_Hidan_no_Aria_06_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[B5202B98].mkv and [Coalgirls-Chihiro]_Hidan_no_Aria_07_(1280x720_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[23935F4D].mkv

  36. banger writes:

    does playing a 10-bit encode require a better pc than playing an 8-bit one? just wondering if i got a crappy pc if i should just keep the old 8-bit versions if they might play more smoothly

  37. Mr.Bushido writes:

    @banger: kinda hard to tell with old pcs. best thing to do would be like get the OP or ED and see if it plays fine.

  38. bowwow writes:

    Ya relasing so much stuff lately but whats with infinite stratos? :O

  39. raddy writes:

    @banger, most likely. It seems that it requires a bit more cpu power to begin with, and in
    addition there doesn’t seem to be any gpu acceleration or hardwarebased decoding (as those
    supports 8bit only, at least for the latter).

  40. EVA-01 writes:

    Now that you’ve re-encoded Hidan no Aria, Ano Hana and Madoka into 10 bit, does that mean that Stein’s Gate and Hanasaku Iroha are likely to get the same treatment? 🙂

    Since both shows BD releases will go on for months…

  41. lancer writes:

    I am downloading the torrent and am having lots of trouble with video glitches. Is anyone else having this problem. I am using the latest k-lite pack and have tried several players.

  42. xor writes:

    One of the things they say about 10bit is that it yields smaller files for the same quality etc.
    So my question is, how come the new encodes are ~100MB larger than the 8bit ones?
    I mean, both are flac, so that’s not the reason.

  43. Mr.Bushido writes:

    yea, these new encodes look way better than the 8bit one. thanks for re-doing it in 10bit!

  44. Zoom909 writes:

    If blu ray video encoding is 8 bits per channel, then why use 10 bits to transcode it?
    (Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere, just point me to it, please. Thank you.)

  45. Oniichan writes:

    I am finding the white balance on the 10bit to be much more on the yellow tint then the 8bit one. Anybody else noticing this?

  46. castor212 writes:

    is it just me, or ep 6 and 7 subs’ position for karaoke is too up?

  47. Sky writes:

    So, when is the next batch of episodes coming? (:

  48. Julio writes:

    I hate order chapters and clean OP/ED on the actual episodes.

  49. Mr.Bushido writes:

    i wish you guys would at least check the files before releasing it. screwed up with the chapter file of episode 8 this time. here’s an unofficial fix/patch http://www.mediafire.com/?1dahdmvuij1ffzz

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