The Borrower Arrietty

Video – 1920×1038 @ ~6080 kbps, 1280×692 @ ~2415 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC (Japanese, 24 bit), 5.1 DTS @ 768 kbps (French, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese)
Subs – R1 (English, French)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

121 Responses to The Borrower Arrietty

  1. Faufnir writes:

    Hmm, ok, but I see jerkiness in the same places on the 1080p version (00:00:20 + 00:02:17), where the 720p version has naught…and my laptop’s definitely powerful enough. Not to seem like I’m nitpicking or anything. Right, I’ll shut up now.

  2. Siva writes:

    @Faufnir: If an Icore7 2.80GH with 4 cores and 6GB ram and 1GB Geforce couldn’t watch this movie in 720p without lag then I have no idea what kind of PC you want me to buy.

  3. coalgirl writes:

    It may be the flac decoder you’re using. I had no desync at all when I watched this.

  4. Siva writes:

    Well after many times of checking it seems like it was due to the horrible animation. Their mouth seems to open much faster than the words actually come out while they end at the same time. Well it isn’t happened all the time but quiet alot at the beginning. You can check by yourself @ 7:09.

    I am not trying to blame on you or anything instead I am appreciate your hard work and thank you.

  5. Fruit writes:


    “Removing the useless French, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and dubs and you get a nice 720p ar 3740. So yeah, 35% of the file is the pointless DTS dubs.”

    Compress the japanese audio to aac/vorbis and you will cut that in half 😉 The flac is bigger than the 1080p video too…

  6. wind3r writes:

    Just finished watching the 1038p version in a core 2 Duo @ 2.2 Ghz, 4Gb Ram and a 512 MB GeForce 8600M GT perfectly without any ‘lag’ problems… Using CCCP and CoreAVC.

    Don’t get what’s with all the drama… D:

  7. Maxxis202 writes:

    lol @ you computerfags no one cares.

  8. ShadowVlican writes:

    @Fruit it’s unfortunate that some people are just so stuck up with FLAC when MP3/AAC/Vorbis are almost just as good (most can’t hear the difference anyways and if you think you can, do an ABX test)

  9. DmonHiro writes:

    Nah, I didn’t bother doing a FLAC to AAC conversion. Yeah, it saves space, but as long as it fits on one DVD, I’m OK with it.

  10. octoberasian writes:

    Thank you Coalgirls for subbing this.

    I have been a big fan of Ghibli fans and this is the one film I wanted to see. It won’t debut in the US until February 2012 and I can’t wait that long. So, I’m very enthusiastic to see this subbed finally.

    I watched it right away and I can say that this is a very good movie especially the music. I have to find the book and re-read it again.

    Again, thank you.

    PS- No playback issues whatsoever.

    System specs:
    MSI HAWK Radeon 5770
    AMD Phenom II 810 X4 @ 2.5 GHz
    8 GB DDR2 800MHz RAM

  11. AvidElite writes:

    I remuxed the file with just the video, Japanese audio, and one subtitle stream. Still left all the fonts in. Brought it down to 4.67 gigs and still looks great.

  12. bikar writes:

    how could it look worse ? LOL

  13. oic writes:

    the little ppl story is a very interesting one, It be much better as a tv series to cover the entire history and development of the little ppl. This movie left me somewhat disappointed

  14. sunfizz98 writes:

    Why so many audio tracks? I thought japanese audio would be enough…

  15. TCM-man writes:

    @ Siva @ ChrisK

    I also notice now that there’s some slight delay of the audio where the mouths of the characters in the movie move before the voices are coming out; and the “sweetspot” is just like ChrisK said around 200ms (delay the audio with 200ms with mkvmerge tool when remuxing). Perhaps there is a really small hitch at the very beginning (at 00:00:20) of the movie which makes the audio out of sync?

    Tested with Potplayer with LAV CUVID (free videodecoder which can decode h.264, xvid/divx, vc1 and mpeg2 in hardware via CUDA Video Decoding API) + ffdshow audio or madFLAC (for the Japanese audio in flac).

  16. TCM-man writes:

    Some correction:

    I mean shifting the audio forward with 200ms (i.e. not delaying), since the voices come later than the movements of the mouths of the characters in the movie.

  17. Fruit writes:

    Anime isn’t always properly lipsynced. Actually, it seems to me that it’s almost never. High-profile movies like Ghibli works have higher chance of having this polished, but still.

    IIRC Akira was being praised as an exception, with all the animation being done according to prerecorded voice acting, back in 1988.

  18. Siva writes:


    Nah, I have seen countless new anime since 2007 and they have been doing a really great job at lipsynced which why I barely notice the difference. But in this movie, I noticed it right away on my first time(I didn’t even intentionally to notice it, it was just that I happened to see it). And all I did was to point this out but some people just don’t like it when you say something about their favorite studio.

  19. nwt writes:

    y u no offer non-Japanese dubs as extra files

    Would have made them deselectable and obviously saved a lot of pointless traffic – as for me, one moonspeak is enough.

  20. qdlfqsldf writes:

    Those blue scenes were made very poorly and the glitches were to be expected. It was like that on the BDISO.

    The Ghibli intro screen plays perfectly right on the BD. But I’m pretty sure you decoded it using AVCSource, and this decoder is broken, even on progressive frames. Remux the m2ts to mkv with eac3to and read it with FFVideoSource, it will play fine.

  21. yaro writes:

    wish there was a separate Japanese DTS audiotrack to mux with the file. my system encodes FLAC as standard DD5.1 over TOSlink and does pass through DTS.

  22. WildRock writes:

    Commenting on how the movie is subbed and what you thought of it. Rather then if it played for you or not.
    Sheep I see Sheep

  23. God writes:

    Crazy low bitrate – is this a joke?

  24. oranglewat writes:

    Thank you 😀

  25. Mphn writes:

    I downloaded the DDL 720p because the torrents wouldn’t work for me. I am using Azureus/Vuze. Going to try the 1080p and try the torrents again…

  26. Mphn writes:

    Nvm, I left my client on and it actually completed downloading… It just took a while I guess to connect with the tracker and etc. 🙂 Thanks.

  27. Koby writes:

    I removed the extra subtitle and audio tracks and re-encoded the Japanese Audio to AAC.
    After that the 720p was a mere 1.47 GB in size. O.O Must have been a low bit-rate film.

  28. sgn writes:

    awesome upload.

    best ghibli since “spirited” imho…


  29. mubay writes:

    I would have preferred only Japanese audio and English subs so the movie itself can have a better bitrate and feel more fluid on the reproduction (like your other releases…), I dunno what happened here =S

    BTW. This movie is Awesome and the music ROCKS!


  30. mascthemoney writes:

    ghibli = the only animation studio in japan that makes cats look ugly.

  31. John writes:

    So sad to download the whole thing again…
    But thank you very much for fixing those errors and woot! for 10-bit 🙂

  32. spfleet writes:

    another few gigs of space t.t, i just noticed that my isp (stupid AT&T) has a data limit on the internet that i’m using so i’ll just skip this.
    anyway anyone can upload a A/V sync fix patch for the older 720p version? so i don’t have to re-dl the whole thing, thx.

  33. ಠ_ಠ writes:

    >2 GBs larger than original

    All of my why

    • coalgirl writes:

      The original was bitrate starved in the first place. If I encoded it in 8-bit using the settings I wanted, it’d be 4 GBs larger than the original probably.

  34. nand writes:

    Awesome, now I can delete the THORA piece of shit (disgusting low-bitrate DTS and 8-bit) and watch this instead.

  35. revo writes:


  36. asd writes:

    Probably because you can get better quality?

  37. Gaijin-San writes:

    I agree with mubay, why all those extra languages.

  38. @asd writes:

    All of coalgirls current 10bit releases have been better quality for a lower bitrate.
    so why is this a larger filesize?
    10bit usually results in smaller sizes

  39. Sayer writes:

    Lower file size, equal or greater quality.
    Same file size, greater quality.
    Larger file size, even better quality.


  40. Maiku writes:

    OMG, thank you so much!
    I wanted to watch this movie for so long!

  41. Harry writes:

    Wait a minute Is this a Japanese adaptation of the Borrowers books? I remember (barely) watching the BBC series when I was a kid, so I would be watching a Japanese Anime adaptation of a English Classic. Can’t be worst than the Hollywood adaptation of it I guess.

    BTW: Wow, this is the best quality Blu-Ray rip I have ever seen, excellent job CG, thank you very much. Will be even better after I remux it without the other soundtracks.

  42. Crimson writes:

    Had someones release with a bug at the beginning. Don’t know whose it was. Used MPC-HC x86 (internal audio decoer) and latest ffdshow to compare with yours. And I’m kinda dissapointed. I have stereo speakers btw.

    Unknown release:
    H264 1280×688 23.98fps (High@L4.0, ~3Mbps, juicy colors, normal contrast)
    DTS 48Khz 6ch (CBR, 1518Kbps, loud enough, didn’t touch volume control)
    Total: 2Gb (video) + 1Gb (audio)

    Your release:
    H264 1280×692 23.98fps (High 10@L5.0, lower contrast, dry colors)
    FLAC 48000Hz 6ch (VBR, ~6912Kbps, NOT loud enough, had to turn “Normalize” on)
    Total: 1.5Gb (video) + 2.5Gb (*one* Japanese audiotrack)
    (audio track is 1Gb bigger than video? WTF?)

    In comparsion, you sacrificed a bit of color and contrast, won ~500mb with 10bit profile and wasted it on much quieter FLAC track. Why are you so obsessed with it? It’s obviously not worth it.

  43. AlpacasDanceAtNight writes:

    I watch Coalgirl releases on my computer with mplayer2. This new format is good for me. Better quality and generally less disk space. Coalgirl releases for their own enjoyment out of their own time. People should just have accept that.

  44. Crimson writes:

    It’s not like I want them to do as I say (they won’t do so anyway). I’m just interested if they encode BD’s like that intentionaly (3:5 video:audio proportion is weird, really) or just “click Start to rip with default settings” without any understanding.

    • coalgirl writes:

      Here’s a lot of things.

      1. There is a bit of color change from 8-bit to 10-bit. This is an encoder error which has not quite been fixed yet. However, this color change is placebo. Only direct comparisons show any difference. Watching it regularly will still look the same.
      What you are probably watching is a raw encoded by a japanese encoder and muxed. Japanese encoders have a very nasty tendency to over-saturate and over-sharpen everything, resulting in lost details and splotchy details. The color differences are probably that – unnatural changes. I prefer to be closer to the source, so this isn’t for here.
      2. My goal with audio is to give what’s on the disc in a lossless format. That is one of our raison d’etre. It sometimes (rarely) results in the audio being the same size, or twice the size as the video. If you do not like it, you’re just DLing from the wrong group.

  45. pedro writes:

    What are you guys using to play this? I seem to be having problems with V2. I could play your original release perfectly fine, but V2 doesn’t seem to load on WMP and on media player classic the video is slightly distorted. I use the CCCP codecs.

  46. NakkiNyan writes:

    You need the newest version of CCCP (7/30/2011) and you need to let it reset your settings or manually change the FFMPEG settings to 10bit.

  47. octoberasian writes:


    You didn’t configure MPC HomeCinema correctly, plus you shouldn’t be using Windows Media Player FOR ANYTHING. Period. It has poor video codec support that’s outside of some MP4, AVI and anything Microsoft-related videos– ASF, ASX, WMV, WMA.

    There is a guide here on CoalGirls to configure MPC-HC with madVR, which is the setup I’m using and it plays 10-bit video FLAWLESSLY.

    Guide is here:

    Also, if the video is stuttering, get a faster CPU. Anything slower than 2.0 GHz you will have problems. I recommend something faster like 2.5 GHz or more, but 2.0 GHz should suffice.

  48. Pedro writes:

    Thanks for all the advice! Usually have no problems playing anything normally. Haven’t updated the codecs for a while so better do it now!
    PC is pretty good, so I know my hardware isn’t a problem (Specs: Quad core 2.8GHz, GTX 570 etc). I rarely play around with settings on the codecs so the stuff you mentioned is pretty useful! Thanks!

  49. Tsunade201 writes:

    hmm is it just me or can more ppl only see a green screen? (I can hear everything)

    I liked the movie so I was very happy to download

  50. mascthemoney writes:

    can somebody please seed? my download is stuck at 91.5% for the past 20 hours…. thanks.