Darker than Black

Episodes – 26
Video – 1280×720 @ ~1400 kbps, 1920×1080 @ ~2600 kbps
Audio – 5.1 FLAC
Subs – sudo (Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

164 Responses to Darker than Black

  1. puma99dk| writes:

    Joe Bob it should be Japanese with English Subs, i don’t think CG will do English Audio with English subs ^^;

  2. Owen writes:

    upload status?

  3. tormaid writes:

    Yay, it’s done! I liked the first pic you had better though ^_^

  4. CTS writes:

    Now I curse my sucky net connection. Oh well, one day in the foreseeable future, I’ll get this.

  5. banger writes:

    wow nice such small file sizes for 1080

  6. Mr Lucipher writes:

    Can we get some comparison shots between yours and Thora’s and the 720/1080 versions?

  7. dane writes:

    Amazing size for 1080p. The Grohotun DTB files that i had were huge without FLAC.

  8. Akina writes:

    This might have been posted in previous comments but I am not about to read 115 of them. Is there a comparison between this a THORA?

  9. Sayer writes:

    Oh my bad on the dual audio question. I thought the blurays would of had English audio as well.

  10. Nettosama writes:

    Thx for DDL links!

  11. Nettosama writes:

    Filesize smaller then THORA’s! nice, anyone got a screenshot comparison up yet?

  12. Akina writes:

    I cant do the comparison because my computer monitor shows it up with artifacts and distorts the images, otherwise I would have gladly done it considering I have both THORAs and CGis released downloaded.

  13. bikar writes:

    ^WTF ?

    just run the video and take ss with media player classic home cinema and post it here
    your monitor dosnt matter in this case

  14. RandomEntropy writes:

    Does the audio and video desync for anyone else after the OP/ED finish due to ordered chapters? I’ve had this problem with multiple Coalgirls releases and I’ve never had this problem with other groups who use ordered chapters. IIRC, the only release from CGi with ordered chapters that has worked correctly for me is Haruhi, where it looked like the problem was fixed because someone had brought up there was an issue with ordered chapters in the comments of that release. Any kind of seeking does resync the A/V though.

    Before anyone asks; I am using CCCP with coreavc, and yes, I have the hardware to play 720p video properly.

  15. Akina writes:

    @ bikar
    WTF nothing, my VIDEO PLAYERS is what distorts the video’s images. USING MPC-H. I know what I am talking about. I have to play my vids with DXVA because my pc is old and hard to handle 720p. As I get artifacts from time to time. I tried to take screens for comparisons but my player fucks it up.

  16. S.J. writes:

    awesome, thanks again guys :3

  17. bikar writes:

    never mind then

  18. billy writes:

    DXVA sucks. If the video is not DXVA compliant you will get artifacts sometimes. It’s better to uncheck DXVA filters and just use D3D fullscreen. I got a crappy i3+intel hd laptop and with D3D fullscreen I can playback everything smoothly.

    Remeber ctrl+c to close video
    alt+x to close mpc-hc
    s to change subtitle
    a to change audio
    ctrl+j to show stats

  19. TexKlan-Z- writes:

    Does anyone have problem download the episode 1 (1080p)?

    When I click download, the file is just 67 MB. 😮

  20. bikar writes:

    yea 67.2mb for me too

  21. blackice85 writes:

    Same here. Fileserve reports the correct size, but the actual download is only 67 MB.

  22. puma99dk| writes:


    if u have a Nvidia Graphic with Cuda u can use CoreAVC and no matter if u have Intel Celeron or Atom u can run 1080p i doubt u have less than 16 cuda cores in ur sys ^^;

  23. Akina writes:

    I know DXVA sucks, but it is the only thing that plays my videos watchable in my shitty Intel Celeron 900 @2.20GHz. Nothing I can do about that but buy a new pc which I do and will not have the money for anytime soon.

  24. RR writes:

    This one has better quality than THORA’s relese, but is there excess of audio (~0.5 sec) between beginning and OP? I got it in 2 and 4 series (1080) Its like opening begins, than stop and begins again -_-
    Fail of video cutting?^^

  25. RR writes:

    Same after ending in 2, 4 series-part of main video (last second) before preview

  26. amen665 writes:

    no way…. nothing is darker than black.

    thx 4 the release.

  27. guy writes:

    how about darker than black gaiden ova???

  28. doruchan writes:

    ^check here: /?p=1426
    ovas are included

  29. Zero writes:

    So, how does one get these ordered chapters to play properly? The last frames from before the opening show up after the opening (don’t know if it’s the same with every episode). The only releases using ordered chapters that I’ve ever had this or any other problem with are from Coalgirls and Chihiro. What’s the connection?

  30. amen665 writes:

    @zero~ i get the same thing for ep 1 and 2… 3 is ok.

    on another note, im tying to change the op font. the blue in it is not to my liking. but when i remux it and play. i get small fonts XD i gave up. can anyone help me? i gave up on google. it keeps taking me to The Fluff>>

  31. Meatrose writes:

    amen665; did you attach the new font to all involved mkvs when you remuxed?

    Also, be sure to give the new OP mkv the exact same SUID (segment unique ID) as the old one or the segment linking won’t work.

  32. amen665 writes:

    @meatrose~ yeah.. i got the SUID in there so its linked together. i only worked with OP1 and EP2. i put the fonts in both files also. when i play OP1 by itself the fonts show up. but when i play with the whole video the default fonts show up in the OP. I used the Haali DS Mux and Mkvmerge….. nothing. maybe i need to put in the Previous SUID and Next SUID in? XD

  33. Meatrose writes:

    Yeah well the new font needs to be added as an attachment to the actual episode as well.

  34. Meatrose writes:

    Edit: Oh, I read “EP2” as “ED2” for some reason. Sorry about that.

  35. Meatrose writes:

    (WTB an edit-button)

    Did you save your new style after having created it? Your new style also has to be included in the subtitle files for both the OP and the episode itself.

    Open up your OP subs in Aegisub and go Subtitles>Styles Manager. There you’ll see two categories; “Storage” and “Current script”. If your new style that you created for the OP is not in the “Storage”, select it from your current script and click “<- Copy to storage". Now, open up your episode subs, go to the styles manager and make sure to copy your style from the storage to the current script. Exit the styles manager, save changes before exiting Aegisub and finally remux the mkvs using the new files. The subs should now be displayed properly, all according to keikaku.

    Here's a quick comparison…

    Style only present in the OP's subtitle file:

    Style present in both subtitle files (OP + actual episode):

  36. amen665 writes:

    @meatrose~ its saved in my storage. i put the fonts in the actual episode also. still nothing. imma try with some other shows. idk if its just this one in particular, but thx. ^^

  37. amen665 writes:

    @meatrose~ lol…. i got it. thx 4 your advice. it was the aegisubs… had to add style change the actual episode also ^^ thx.

    here’s the change btw if you wanna see.

  38. rawrs writes:

    just wondering…I see there’s two editions encoded in some of the episode, like ep 11

    whats the difference between the two if you mind me asking?

  39. khlae writes:

    for those like me that are irritated out of of watching this unadjusted by the ntsc line scan noise in some of the voice actors microphones, the frequency is about 15734, and can be passably knocked out with ffdshows “FIR filter” with the following parameters:
    number of taps: 256
    type: bandstop
    frequency: 15734
    width: 200
    window: kaiser
    beta: 1

  40. Crawn writes:

    Jesuscrist the seeders are afk 13seeders = 30kB/s, my mum seeds better than that, and the site that the ddl’s are sucks to only get 300kb/s and u can only download one file every 15 mins, why not upload ddls on megaupload or filehost i usually get 800kB/s and u can download as many u wish for…

  41. Alex writes:

    Thank you very much!

  42. CJAnti writes:

    720p DDL all links down, except EP15 and EP23

  43. Vallewida writes:

    Is it only me or there’s something wrong with the 720p? I have downloaded many series from Coalgirls and am proud to say they always do a fantastic job though this time I’m encountering a problem playing this series… It the video flashes green and pixels and whatnot, opening stops playing, etc.
    It goes for every episode…

    Please help me. I really want to watch this show and Coalgirls is the best provider for me.

  44. JohnDoe writes:

    I doubt anyone will reply but I’ll give it a go. Why use creditless OP and ED in the ordered chapters instead of the original OP and ED? The creditless versions could have been included as an extra.

    @ Vallewida
    I have no problems with the 720p version. Using MPC-HC with Haali splitter.

  45. zeruffyo writes:

    Can someone please reupload the OST flac 5.1 torrent?
    It’s also nice to place a Link on this site “Darker than Black” so everyone can see it.

    thx in advance

  46. RG writes:

    why’s there’s no OP or EP in the video file>

  47. Erranty writes:

    Ya know, most of these posts kinda suck. You need to make it clear what audio tracks are available on your torrents. Specifically labeling it Jap on here, and Jap+Eng on others to reduce confusion.

    I deleted a perfectly nice Dual Audio 720 version of Darker than Black because I thought this 1080 was Dual Audio aswell.

  48. Hunterevz writes:

    Could you guys seed this for awhile?

  49. zeruffyo writes:

    As I ask before, is it possible for someone to reupload this torrent:

    It would be also nice to put a link to this side to find this torrent.

  50. Aqua Cyclone writes:

    Am I correct in that the font you guys use is Montara Gothic? I”m trying out a MKV to AVI converter to add anime to my XBOX and while I love the MKV quality on my computer the Xbox 360 can’t play them so I’m trying to see if a conversion is anywhere near the quality. I’m trying to match your subtitle font as well.