The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Type: Movie (2h 42m)
Video: 1920×1080 @ crf 16
1280×720   @ crf 18
Audio: FLAC 5.1
Subs: Mazui (restyled to match series)
1080p: Torrent
720p: Torrent

73 Responses to The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

  1. John writes:

    Here’s the first vote for you to do it anyways. Have a happy christmas.

  2. paul writes:

    “This will only be released if – my encodes are done prior to Mazui’s”
    Mazui released the movie 3 days ago 😛 but only aac.

  3. Orange writes:

    We all need more Nagato. Happy Christmas, Sos Brigade.

  4. NemesiS writes:

    @ paul, their release is based on shareraws raw…no big deal
    here is my vote for your release.

  5. Merushi writes:

    release it anyway
    (like Nicole Kidman says: “What did you expect?”)

  6. 1337 writes:

    @paul they said they will be re-releasing it with a higher quality encode.

  7. kitsune writes:

    I don’t think Mazui will release another one so shortly after they released the shareraw version.
    I’ll be watching your version anyway…

  8. Human writes:

    Please release it anyway. This is one project that truly matters and should get the highest quality treatment. So, for you to not release one of the greatest anime movies of all time would be blasphemy.

  9. tormaid writes:

    I agree with the above, just do it. This was by far the best movie of the year.

  10. Iron Sand G writes:

    I’m a Fan so I’m voting Against doing this if you end up liking Mazui’d Final Version.
    If you like their version then just sit back and watch their release so you can enjoy your Christmas And New Year 😀

  11. Twinkle writes:

    Unneeded remux.

  12. GoldenDarkness writes:

    you guys already doing the seasons why not the movie anyway just do it ^_^

  13. billeke writes:

    What GoldenDarkness said: you’re doing the series anyway, so it would be nice if we could get the complete package by coalgirls 😉

  14. boingman writes:

    If you could produce a nice high video bitrate 1080p version, then I say: Go for it

  15. Lorreth writes:

    Tally me in too, I have the Mazui one and while I am glad to have it, would love to have a higher quality release.

  16. jorma writes:

    movie of the year, we need high quality 1080p release, merry christmas

  17. Clak writes:

    Mazui will probably release their BD rip soon, But it would be great to get the complete collection from you. (When you manage to re-release the corrupt Haruhi episodes that is) Although, If you do release the movie I will download both yours and Mazuis BD release and archive the best quality wise.

  18. LMN writes:

    Go release it anyway.

  19. hiob writes:

    Release it anyway and keep up the great work.

  20. phro writes:

    I vote for you to DO THIS!!

  21. PiPiExMaRiE writes:

    i suggest that you do this project…

  22. saivan writes:

    Aww Damn. I already got tenshi’s 35 gb uncompressed version. Anyway just go for it.

  23. 2Dmit writes:

    I will also download it anyway, never liked Mazui’s rips.

  24. water writes:

    You’re just wasting time, effort and bandwidth. If anyone wanted Disappearance BDrip, they’d choose the very first release. There was sticky on /a/ if you didn’t know.

  25. kalasboll writes:

    NICE, finally a 720p release 😀

  26. gKrow writes:

    The audio in the Mazui release isn’t great. I vote for this.

  27. yo writes:

    I’ll toss in one vote for option 3

  28. becasual writes:

    please, release! i have been waiting!

  29. Fade writes:

    Wow, I was expecting huge sizes for how long is the movie. How was it possible to have it this small?

  30. ChrisK writes:

    Almost no action in the movie and very efficient encoding.

  31. Alex writes:

    0_0 So small… I’ll download it tonight 😀

  32. Bishop.SU writes:

    I’m used to watching anime in 720p because of my monitor, but since the 1080p is that small I guess I’ll get that instead! Kudos.

  33. Ross writes:

    thanks for the upload…. now finish Melancholy S2 please!!!!!1!!11!!


  34. Zod writes:


    /a used the same Share RAW as Mazui did, dimwit.

  35. Pentinor writes:

    Christmas came early <3

  36. Fade writes:

    Asking again: when could we expect a “working” version for the series?

    I really want to start watching everything, but waiting for the batch to be fixed…

  37. Natsu3 writes:

    1080p at a lower crf than the 720p? Don’t you know that crf behaves the other way around?

  38. hikaricore writes:

    Merry christmas you filthy animal. ^_^

  39. oldingt writes:

    Bravo! (Браво!) Waited release from you. Good подпрок under New year! With approaching!!

    Forgive for my english))

  40. Human writes:

    Wow, I was expecting 10GB+ for the 1080p version. Action or no action, nearly 3hrs in 5gb seems kind of small. Compare that with UBW, which is 3x the size and an hour shorter. I guess since it’s Share RAW. Is there going to be a different encode, or is this it for the movie?

    Thanks a lot, regardless 🙂

    ChrisK: UBW has lots of action, this one almost nothing. It obviously makes a difference. And this was encoded directly from BDMV.

  41. Alex writes:

    I doubt its from the Shareraw, I don’t Know how it could be so small either… Even if theres no action, looking at releases of Ponyo in 1080p from all release groups the file was 8GB+. I’m still going to download it and check out the quality for myself though.

  42. tormaid writes:

    Could someone upload screenshots? The pre-encoded raw Mazui used had lots of banding and I just wanted to be sure this encode doesn’t before downloading it.

    ChrisK: There is also some banding in my encode (apparently it was already in the source). If you don’t like that, apply a debanding filter during playback.

  43. retsnom writes:

    I was waiting for the definite version since I heard Mazui’s version didn’t have the best audio so fuck it, I’ll get this one. Can’t wait any longer.

  44. Human writes:

    @ChrisK – yea, I knew it would make a difference, just didn’t think it would be that much of a difference. I appreciate the direct reply.

  45. GoldenDarkness writes:

    loved ur guys 720p release is it me or is the sound kinda low i had to turn my tv up pretty loud to hear it

  46. ChrisK writes:

    That’s normal for Surround Sound.

  47. Alex writes:

    I take back what I said… I just opened the video, and it looks amazing. 😀 I can’t wait to watch this! If people want it I will add comparison pictures between the Mazui’s shareraw and this later tonight.

  48. tormaid writes:

    OK, I wasn’t sure if it was in the source or not, I don’t really like filtering I didn’t know if it was a result of Mazui’s lower bit-rate or not.

  49. Merushi writes:

    Thanks Coalgirls, eventhough Mazui has released countless versions, you’re the one to give the first quality release of the movie.
    After all the waiting (hard to not watch the cam) I can finally enjoy it!

  50. Yami-chan writes:

    Well guys, I finished downloading the movie in DDL (the 720p) and when I want to extract the 2 parts with winrar, it says that the file is corrupt u.u