Episodes – 12
Video – 1920×1080 @ ~3100 kbps, 1280×720 @ ~1800 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Frostii (Re-styled)

1080p – Torrent

720p – Torrent

52 Responses to RideBack

  1. ChrisK writes:

    We had to mail a hard disk around in Germany and rape a campus connection for three days in order to get ahold of the BDMVs. So you’d better be grateful for this 😀

  2. a_sh writes:

    At last! Thank you!

  3. Meatrose writes:

    Cheers! Nice to see that RideBack is on its way.

  4. tormaid writes:

    That is freaking awesome! I’m surprised that this is getting done so soon. I started watching frosti’s release but now I can finish with yours.

  5. LS writes:

    Very grateful, thank you!

  6. ♦Tenshi♦ writes:

    LOL Chris. Here I thought you guys in Europe had fast net.

  7. esko writes:


  8. IZEROII writes:

    Nice. Very nice

  9. Bloodios writes:

    Ah…hahahaha…I’m so happy that I don’t know what to say…This is awesome!

  10. ano writes:

    Tenshi I was thinking the same thing.

    Especially when he said campus. Uni usually got insane (everything’s relative) speed.


  11. Billy writes:

    pudi pudi

  12. koromo writes:

    I’m so glad that you guys are doing these. Thanks a bunch.

  13. John writes:

    Looks like an interesting series, and since you had quite and odyssey to get it, sounds really awesome.

  14. Ass writes:

    Fucking A.

  15. scandilizer writes:

    ^enough said

  16. Hedd writes:

    Been waiting over a year for this. Pure win.

  17. Anon writes:

    Wow, the encodes doesn’t seem to be bloated this time. Thanks!

  18. telja writes:

    Thank you so much for releasing this.

  19. tormaid writes:

    You know there are 2 opening titles, the second overlays the inside of the engine with the last bit of the first op.

  20. B1 writes:

    I didn’t even know this was a) out on BD and b) that you were doing it. I really liked this show, so very surprised & happy. Thank you.

  21. Ryu writes:

    Thanks for RideBack.
    So with this project done that fast, would you reconsider doing also Railgun?
    Since it got many votes too. Anyway do what you want, I appreciate your work.

  22. Red writes:

    What Tormaid said, there’s 2 opening video version. Would be nice if you could fix that.

  23. coalgirls writes:

    There are 2 opening video versions in the TV series, because it was a case like Bakemonogatari’s ED. They started off with a simpler one until they had the time to finish it. So the “first version” is more the “incomplete version”, which the “second version” is the “complete version”.

    The only one on the BDs is the one with the mechanics, and that is the one used here.

  24. SpL33n writes:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Red writes:

    I see, thanks for the explanation.

  26. tormaid writes:

    Gotcha, thanks. Great release!

  27. BK201 writes:

    Yes! Ordered chapters!

  28. John writes:

    Fastest time between Announce-Release I’ve seen here.
    You really are working 100% hard, just before holidays so time to get a new HDD hell yeah!

  29. Bloodios writes:

    Okay, here are some comparison screenshots between Coalgirls and THORAnime, taken from the OP. These screenshots were captured using ffdshow, they were originally captured as BMP files and converted to JPEG files using PhotoShop CS5 at maximum quality compression (so they looked identical to the BMP files, unless you zoomed in and inspect every pixel or something…)
    Anyway, here they are:
    As you can see, the differences in quality between the two are slight at most. Now, I did notice, after straining my eyes looking at the monitor, that THORA’s version retained more details (well, they should since their release have higher bitrates,) but they are so slight that you will have a hard time spotting them even when you’re looking at still images, which means that there is no way you can see those differences in details during playback.

    Personally, I chose Coalgirl’s release. It has FLAC, it’s not as bloated as THORA’s, and it’s completed.

    Anyway, I’ll go and enjoy RideBack now. Many thanks to Coalgirls.

  30. ChaelMi writes:

    wow, super thanks! you guys are awesome!

  31. tta writes:

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, did I say thank you?

  32. Red writes:

    Is it possible for you to release the Credited OP/ED as well? Personally I like Rideback’s Credited OP more than the Creditless. Thanks.

    No. And I’m not going to release an XviD, I’m not going to release one with commentary, and I’m not going to release one with compressed audio.

    Requests specific to you are exactly that, and you need to do that on your own.

  33. IZEROII writes:

    Thank you!

  34. klaymore writes:

    thx for the 720, this is a very nice series

    are there any specials or bonus materials?

  35. asfaoikj writes:

    Ever heard of PNG? 😉

  36. Bloodios writes:

    Bigger, waste more time to upload, and imageshack tends to compress PNG files, so no. And like I said before, I used PS CS5 to convert the original BMP files to JPEG files at maximum quality compression, you won’t see any differences unless you magnify the image or something.

  37. Xiong Chiamiov writes:

    Don’t use Imageshack*, then. JPEG means they’re pretty much worthless for video comparison purposes.

    * Try, for instance, sadpanda.us or the nifty new min.us.

  38. Bloodios writes:

    ^ Will check those out, but as I was saying, I checked the quality and they look identical to the original. I wouldn’t even bother uploading these images if there were visible differences between the compressed and the original ones, that’ll just make a fool out of myself.

    At first, I uploaded the PNG images (compressed from the original BMP images) on screenshotcomparison but they didn’t show up on the site (maybe glitches or whatever), so I uploaded two more times but the result doesn’t change so I went back, compressed the original BMP files to JPEG and uploaded them on imageshack.

  39. Kiwi writes:

    Thank you so much. I was watching this Anime last year from other web site. Somehow, they only made 1-5 episode and stopped, and couldn’t found anywhere for the rest of the 1080p version. Wow, you made my dream come true 🙂

  40. asgiov writes:


    Thanks for the comparison shots…
    I would personally choose FLAC audio in this case…. it just sounds SO much better.

  41. Moreira writes:

    It looks great, but in the 1st ep in the 1080 batch the audio is out of synch. Are you going to fix this or is it just me?

  42. Sayer writes:

    ^For some reason when I play with MPC I get the same syncing problems as Moreira stated, but when I play the file with KMPlayer it runs fine. It’s the first time it’s ever happened to me in MPC.

    Overall I don’t think there is anything wrong with the files.

  43. coalgirls writes:

    Disable FFDShow FLAC.

  44. ghg writes:

    cannot play,with cccp…:(

  45. kill3st writes:

    This was one of the best anime series I have seen.
    The characters were solid, the story was engaging, and the only thing missing was a little romance.
    Thx for bringing us such a great anime!

  46. Sahna writes:

    Do you girls think you’d be able to get this dual audio sometime in the near future I’m going nuts trying to find it but there are no torrents anywhere for it, and I really love this series!
    Thanks in advance!!!

  47. duel audio is for faggots writes:

    ^ why would you want duel audio bigger file sizes and most of the time people just reuse the english subs from the BD which suck

  48. LM writes:

    I guess there’s no way you’d put up the BDMVs as DDL?

  49. dude writes:

    awesome release!!! thanks coalgirls!

    anyway, why do you use the creditless op ed as the op ed in the episode? this is the first time i’ve seen a release using creditless op ed for the episode’s op ed.

  50. Shandris writes:

    Didn’t expect it to be that good after watching first episode I could force my self to stop till I’ve watch it all. Nothing special but it was pleasant to watch. Awesome release, thanks.

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