Tales of the Abyss

Episodes – 26
Video – 1280×720 @ ~2100 kbps, 1920×1072 @ ~3500 kbps
Audio – 2.0 FLAC
Subs – Abyssal Chronicles (Re-styled)

720p – Torrent

1080p – Torrent


62 Responses to Tales of the Abyss

  1. fagpt writes:

    boring anime dun waste ur time

  2. ChrisK writes:

    Guess what? I’ll watch it anyway.

  3. Lemon writes:

    yay I wanted to the watch Blu-Ray version =)

  4. suiton writes:

    boring anime indeed. i saw episode 1 and stopped.

  5. blargo writes:

    Well, lovely Yukana being in it is a good reason to watch this. 🙂

  6. lvhina writes:

    good anime, but mainly because i loved the game

  7. Anon. writes:

    as @lvhina said:

    good anime, but mainly because i loved the game…

    and looking foward to th next episodes ^^

  8. Bloodios writes:

    Oh ho ho ho, this is unexpected, but I’m grateful since I like this series. It starts out a little slow, but it gets better and better later on.
    By the way, any plan for the “Special Fan Disk”?


  9. BK201 writes:

    It is pretty boring. I agree. I forced myself to finish it from peer pressure.

  10. qaz writes:

    about 500mb per episode, sounds good to me to achieve it.

  11. Redscare writes:

    Good game, bad anime from what I remember but I’m willing to give it another chance since it has been 3-4 years since I had anything to do with TotA. Thanks for your work.

  12. Prim`s writes:

    force myself to download the 1080p version, just because I LOVE the game (the only PS2 RPG i manage to finish) and yes, Tear/Yukana XD

  13. sharm writes:

    does it come with commentary???

  14. =P writes:

    Darker than black Season 1 BDMV is available.


  15. suiton writes:

    The entire series’s BluRay have been available. THORAnime completed Season 1 and they’re planning on doing Season 2.

    And I’m planning to do season 1, and have done season 2.

  16. Zanz writes:

    Assuming this show has already been completely released, is there an ETA on a complete batch ? If it hasn’t been completely released disregard that then..

    It is all released, but I don’t have an ETA. I’m just working one disc at a time since I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

  17. Zanz writes:

    Glad to hear your actually planning things out and not just setting impossible deadlines for yourself. I guess i’ll grab the individual discs then. Thanks for all your work. I’d suggest a show but with Lain, HOTD, this, CCS, SYD and god knows how many other shows your currently working on i’ll leave it for another time.. Keep it up.

  18. coalgirls writes:

    The reality is that my workload is actually going to be a lot less after this month than it has been since July. SyD and Kiddy Girl-and end, and HOTD is nearly 0 effort on my part, since the scripts are already modified and I’ve already seen the series.

  19. Zanz writes:

    So everyone wins :).. We get releases, and you get time off/0 effort shows ?

  20. Moo writes:

    Sounds like win-win x) Guess I’ll download this release as well ^^ another coalgirls into the archives! wiee~~

  21. Misaka writes:

    thanks a ton for these, I love ToA

  22. Bloodios writes:

    Assuming that you’re going to have some free time, I would like to suggest that you pick up Bungaku Shoujo. It’s a pretty nice movie.

  23. scandilizer writes:

    Sweet 1st Tales of Vesperia Movie BD and Now THIS! Love You!

  24. BK201 writes:

    Off topic, but are you doing the Macross movie?

  25. TD writes:

    Hope you guys finish the anime soon want to watch it.

    Thx for the anime.

  26. Iron Sand G writes:

    I’ve been looking for this for a long time and to think CGI would be the ones to do it 😀
    Thanks A Lot 😀

  27. sharm writes:

    Does this come with commentary??? Did it originally come with commentary???

  28. Taytay writes:

    @suiton THORA’s release of Darker than Black S1 is only in 720P. I’m pretty sure the BDMVs aren’t interlaced. Thb I don’t know if they follow the same rules as CG but considering they’re a high quality group as well you would only assume they would.

  29. fann writes:

    thx for the stuff

    can someone please upload the files to MegaUpload. appreciate it thx again.

  30. fireguardiancoty writes:

    AbyssalChronicles have already subbed the whole series.

  31. maidenceres writes:

    They’re re-releasing the AbyssalChronicles translated version with the blu-ray version of the anime in restyled text… lol like it says above. Sheesh.

  32. Bloodios writes:

    Do you guys have any plan to pick up “Tales of Phantasia” or “Tales of Symphonia”? They’re both out on Blu-ray anyway.
    No. And I have no plans for Versperia either.

  33. adf writes:

    anybody else have a problem with the manager being in the concert?

  34. jowny writes:

    moar tales ppllllss 😀

  35. Iron Sand G writes:

    ^CGI said Tales will be resumed after CCS.
    So Let’s Hope CCS gets finished soon 😀

  36. tormaid writes:

    Just saw all 9 BDMV volumes show up today, hope to see more episodes soon!

  37. suiton writes:

    Well, you guys finally put out more episodes..


  38. x3m writes:

    The 720p torrent of episodes 9-11 is pointing to 1080p torrent. And 1080p point to 720p torrent. Nothing serious, but be aware.

  39. Nunya writes:

    I was wondering ,

    will this Awesome release have textless opening and Closing?

  40. Name-kun writes:

    When you’ll encode HotD vol.2?

    When it arrives in the mail.

  41. Eristias writes:

    The DDL links don’t seem to work on the 720… help? ^^;

  42. Eristias writes:

    Sorry. Forgot to add that Episode 12 link for 720 doesn’t work…

  43. ChrisK writes:

    works for me:

  44. Iron Sand G writes:

    Are there any more pictures of Anise like that?
    I really like it since she looks grown up.

  45. Eristias writes:

    It goes 404 – Page not found on me when I try to download.

  46. lonewolf writes:

    hmmm just wondering if you dropped Occult Academy ? Didn’t heard anything about it for quite a bit of time.

    ChrisK: Uhm, no? I released Vol. 3 nine days ago and the post is still on the first page.

  47. tormaid writes:

    Thanks for finishing this so quickly!

  48. muizz93 writes:

    finally .. now u guys can focusing haruhi

  49. fabian writes:

    Am I blind but even the blu ray rip of this still looks like Standard Definition

  50. fabian writes:

    Im still dling it anyway XD