Omamori Himari


We will release episodes 5-6 since I just finished subbing them today, and then drop this series. Our sub source dropped. My second option, Ryuumaru, are doing their own DVDs and I do not wish to step on their toes. Since I do not use crunchyroll subs when a legitimate fansub group has subbed it, this means I have no subs to use and will hence drop.

Torrent – Episodes 1-2Episodes 3-4

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  1. philip writes:

    you will not delete this post and you will not act like this project never existed.

  2. vuzedome writes:

    Coalgirls BANZAI!!

  3. ngng writes:

    and please do not go too much into cardcaptor Sakura to forget Kampfer and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. I am not rushing you, but just want to remind that since you take on them, would you please finish them till the end Thanks!

  4. Gaarara writes:

    ^maybe they haven’t gotten the Iso’s yet so that’s why there’s no movement there.

    and there are no plans for Omamori Himari bd’s to be released?

  5. coalgirls writes:

    Gaarara is right. I am having a lot of difficulty attaining the BDMVs. Sora wo Kakeru will be able to be finished but the DL rate is abysmally slow. Kampfer lost its ripper after the PD arrests.

  6. alfred writes:

    cool but dvd wla..

  7. anon writes:

    Hope you do this, been wanting to watch this series but holding out for DVD/BD to see it uncut!!!

  8. Persephone writes:

    Argh no news of Mai-Otome BDMV yet?

  9. John writes:

    What? o.o
    PD arrests?

  10. Gaarara writes:

    ^is there an article somewhere about that issue
    poor guys,I hope they get freed soon and that they don’t get put together with the real bad boys XD

    I hope the iso’s,etc. get out somehow.

  11. Gaarara writes:

    ^I already found an article and read about it.
    this isn’t something to be all that concerned about.

  12. Persephone writes:

    It seems that Mai-Otome Complete Collection is expected to release on March 23, 2010
    From what I see in the YesAsia link. ^
    Includes 26 Episodes and 9 Specials if I’m right.
    Jap Audio and No subs.
    Therefore [LIME] subs come in handy.

  13. Persephone writes:

    ^ Typo error, I mean released on March 26, 2010

  14. John writes:

    Thank you for the information (^_^)b

  15. rds writes:

    1000kbps for a DVD source is not a high quality by any definition… unless it’s a picture drama…

  16. Goroshi-Sama writes:


  17. Underground Meatstick writes:

    Yeah, they should have used 10000000 kb/s because that’ll surely make it super-awesomemly high quality no matter how the sauce looks.

  18. thk writes:

    any DDL please?
    Thanks and i am glad coalgirls group is picking up this series!

  19. Archangel writes:

    Those are some extremely shitty BD raws :O

  20. anon writes:

    Thanks for posting DDL, hope you keep doing them when more eps are released!! 😀

  21. hunter writes:

    One question, is the first episode without opening? Because only in the second appear, but the torrent contains 2 openings.

  22. ss writes:

    Nghia thank you for the mu links, appreciate it. ; )

  23. Narru writes:

    Thanks for the hard work in doing this, finally for some higher quality Omamori Himari.

    Just a slight problem I encounter. The timing of the ordered chapter for the OP seems to be off by 0.5 second.

  24. mr_ark writes:

    @Nghia: thanks for the DDL ^^

  25. wat writes:

    might want to get someone not grammatically challenged to look over ye ol’ English… for example “What sayest thee?” in ep 2 should be “What sayest thou?” (nom thou, poss thy/thine, obj thee)

  26. anon writes:

    Hoping Ep3-4 DVD gets MU links!!! Please post MU links for ep3-4!

  27. suimaru writes:

    finally been waiting for this thanks!

  28. ironlungs writes:

    who cares about ye olde english…. just get the subs from a group that finished it like ryuumaru

    Why? Frostii was by far much better than Ryuumaru and at this rate will be finished before the DVDs finish.

  29. MagusHrist writes:

    @Nghia thanks for the ddl

  30. Please tell us whether this is uncensored.

  31. Nghia writes:

    the thing is we have no idea whether this is uncensored or not because so far it is the same as the TV version, have to wait until episode 5 where Shizuku does the “healing thing” to know for sure.

  32. anon writes:

    Thanks for DDL!! 😀

  33. Anonymous writes:

    Hey guys, I’m not usually one to seed being Australian an all (pretty average Internet) but I’ve been seeding this quite a bit. Episodes 1-2 I have a ratio of 2.0+ on and 3-4 I have a ratio of 1.0 and I’m still seeding.

  34. james writes:

    will you continue Kampfter and Nogizaka? Been a while since you released some episodes.

    These series are entirely dependent on donations since they are not publicly available.

  35. Jack writes:

    Thx as usual.

    I wish there was a second track with or just another sub group’s subs altogether. the “old english” style is really annoying to read.

  36. Persephone writes:

    and … frostii has dropped this

  37. Bloodios writes:

    So does anyone know how Ryuumaru’s translations are? I’m asking so that I can decide whether or not I should keep the six episodes released by Coalgirls (like holding on to some sorts of distant dreams…)

  38. Thyme writes:

    Can’t trust Ryuumaru to finish the DVD

    – But since you’re not using CR subs oh well ~

  39. black writes:

    ryuumaru subs + coalgirls rip would be the perfect combo. too bad they are doing their own. the frostii subs were horrible for this show tho anyways…i just hope ryuumaru finishes their version without releasing gay porn again.

  40. hykzqwmx writes:

    so this is your first project that stopped in the middle,…


  41. Gyzome writes:

    Well, I suppose this simply is decent behaviour to show in such situation. Sub source dropped it, second choice does own DVD’s, swallow pride and make your first drop. Thank you for providing the subs up until now.

  42. bruce writes:

    oh, no…
    why you drop it?
    can you just finish it without depend on frostii.
    though frostii has dropped it.
    please continue this DVD

  43. Gaarara writes:

    ^Ryuumaru’s already doing it.
    so C.G. can’ use their subs and Ryuumaru themselves might request them to stop.

  44. Gaarara writes:

    *can’t use their subs (is what I meant.)

  45. Tredeci writes:

    Where are the episodes 5-6 you just announced…? Link, plz…